Easy Steps To Fix Nintendo Switch Docking Problem

Nintendo Switch Docking Problem

Many Nintendo Switch owners have noticed a flashing green light whenever they plug their console into the TV dock. Even if users charge the battery, the Dock will still flash green. Sometimes the console will not turn on when placed on the Dock.

The negative reception of Wii-U was a major reason why no one expected the Switch to be a success when it launched in 2017. Although the Switch doesn’t have as much power as Xbox or Playstation, Switch fans love it for its portability and usability.

You might have some issues with your console and Dock. The constantly flashing green light could be one of them. Let’s discuss the reasons for this issue and how to Fix Nintendo Switch Docking Problem. Let’s Start!

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How Do I Connect Nintendo Switch To My TV?

Easy Steps To Fix Nintendo Switch Docking Problem

The Nintendo Switch includes a dock, AC adapter and HDMI cable. This allows you to show the console’s games on any TV or other display. These are the steps to connect your Nintendo Switch with a TV.

  • Grab the Dock and open the side panel.
  • The HDMI cable should be plugged into one end of your monitor or TV and the other into the Dock. You may have to move the Dock closer or farther from the TV, depending on the length of the HDMI cable.
  • Plug the adapter end of the power cable into a power socket and the USB-C end into your Dock.
  • The image from the Switch will appear on your TV or other display after a few seconds.

Why Does Nintendo Flash Green?

Easy Steps To Fix Nintendo Switch Docking Problem

The following could explain why your Nintendo Switch dock flashes green:

  • The Nintendo Switch dock is currently in error.
  • The cables have been plugged into the Dock in an incorrect order.
  • The Nintendo Switch power cable does not provide enough juice for the peripheral.
  • The HDMI cable is not correctly attached, or it is defective.
  • The AC adapter should not be plugged directly into a power socket.
  • The pins at the Dock and the console ports are bent.
  • The Nintendo Switch dock has a problem and must be repaired.

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How Can I Fix Nintendo Switch Docking Problem?

If your Switch Dock blinks rapidly, doesn’t turn on or displays nothing, you can try the following steps.

Change power outlet

The AC adapter must have sufficient power to allow the Dock to charge the console and display images smoothly on the monitor. If your power outlet is not working properly, the Dock may blink green to indicate an issue with its power supply. Try plugging the AC adapter from the Dock into another outlet to see if it fixes the problem.

Make sure to check the AC adapter cable.

The Switch dock does not have batteries. An AC adapter is required to provide power to the Dock. The adapter that connects to the Dock and your power outlet may be working fine. If the problem persists, try replacing the cable.

Troubleshooting HDMI cables

Easy Steps To Fix Nintendo Switch Docking Problem

The HDMI cable connects your TV and Switch Dock. A flashing green light may appear on your Dock to indicate an issue with your HDMI cable. Connect your TV to another device, such as a laptop or computer, via the HDMI cable.

You have probably found the problem. After replacing it with the HDMI cable, plug the Nintendo Switch into the Dock and reconnect all cables.

Power cycle all the components

If the green light on your Nintendo Switch dock does not turn off, you can back up any data and then power cycle your entire system in this way.

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  • Unplug both the HDMI cable and the power cable from the Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Next, hold down the Switch power button and wait for 15-20 seconds until it turns off.
  • Wait for 30-45 seconds. During this time, turn on your TV or monitor.
  • Plug the HDMI cable and power cable into the Dock and plug them back into the TV. Check to see if the green light blinks or not.

You might try another dock.

If none of these troubleshooting steps works, you should check if your Nintendo Switch Dock is defective. The Switch Dock often malfunctions due to problems with its internal hardware components. You won’t be capable of making the Dock work in this situation.

You can confirm your suspicions by borrowing another Dock from a friend or family member and plugging in your Nintendo Switch. If the Dock you borrowed doesn’t flash green, you will need to replace it.

Make sure you check the Dock and console ports.

Grab a magnifying lens and carefully inspect the Dock’s USB C port before sending it in for repairs. The pins inside the Dock’s port should not be bent or damaged.

To straighten bent pins yourself, you can use an object. After completing the repair, turn off the Switch and place it on the Dock. Repairs you make yourself are risky. You can’t reattach any pins if one is missing, and you will need to have an engineer replace the entire port.

If you still see the Dock’s green light, you might need to troubleshoot your console’s hardware.


We hope this guide has helped you resolve the blinking green light problem on your Nintendo Switch Dock. Before troubleshooting, make sure all cables are securely connected to the TV/Dock. If the problem persists, contact Nintendo Switch support to discuss your situation.

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