Easy Guide: How to Fix HBO Error Code 955 on Your Device

How to Fix HBO Error Code 955

Are you having trouble with the How to Fix HBO Error Code 955? Are you frustrated by the video lagging problem and don’t know how to fix it? We’ll show you how to fix the error message that your streaming device displays.

HBO Max is a video streaming service that’s popular and available on-demand. It has a huge library of TV shows and movies and Max originals. HBO Max is only available in the United States and other US territories.

Many people have been experiencing the error 905 code in the HBO Max app. Let’s look at the error message you receive and the possible solutions.

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What is Reason I Get A HBO Error Code 955?

Easy Guide: How to Fix HBO Error Code 955 on Your Device

Here are some common reasons why the HBO Max app displays the 905 error.

  • HBO Max is experiencing service outages in your area
  • You are currently using an older version of the HBO Max app
  • A bug has corrupted the HBO Max app
  • To stream videos, you can use HBO Max from outside the US. You can also use a VPN.
  • It is possible to stream HBO Max videos using a weak or unstable internet connection.

How to Fix HBO Error Code 955?

Easy Guide: How to Fix HBO Error Code 955 on Your Device

The following steps can be used to fix the HBO error code 905:

Check the status of your HBO Max server.

First, check to see if HBO streaming is down in your region. To check for an increase in errors reported by users, you can use Downdetector or another third-party website. Wait until the HBO service engineers find the cause of the outage. Then, you can return to normal.

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Why does HBO Max not work?

Easy Guide: How to Fix HBO Error Code 955 on Your Device

The HBO Max app may play tricks on your system and stop working properly due to corrupted or cache issues. These two issues can be fixed.

Clear HBO Max app Cache

Clearing the HBO Max app cache can be done on a mobile device, AndroidTV. To do this:

  1. Go to the Apps section.
  2. Select the HBO Max app.
  3. Click on Clear data and Clear cache.

Reinstall the HBO Max app

Sometimes, the HBO Max files can be corrupted by viruses. The apps may malfunction and throw many error codes. This can be fixed by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it to fix the problem.


This guide should have helped you understand the causes of the HBO error code 905. You should now have the error code fixed using the fixes mentioned above. If you still see the error code, please contact HBO Max support to report it to them. They will be able to provide technical solutions to your problem with the HBO Max application.

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