My Roku Won’t Connect To Internet: Fix Your Device With Easy Guide

Roku Won't Connect To Internet

Are your home network connections robust and stable? However, your Roku isn’t able to be able to connect the Internet?

If the Roku device isn’t able to connect to the Internet, it won’t be capable of accessing streaming services such as Netflix and the Roku exclusive streaming content.

The settings to connect your network on the Roku device could change to “wired” instead of “wireless,” or the Roku device is experiencing an issue with its software that has hindered it from being capable of connecting with the Internet.

There are many reasons why Roku Won’t Connect To Internet.

This guide has been published to understand why this problem has arisen and offers 5 simple solutions to ensure that your Roku will remain connected.

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What’s wrong? Why Roku Won’t Connect To Internet or WiFi?

My Roku Won't Connect To Internet: Fix Your Device With Easy Guide

Your Roku cannot join the web if settings on your device are set to wired connection while you’re using a wireless connection.

Reason 1. Incorrect network settings

During the initial setup phase of your Roku setup phase, you’ll be offered the option of choosing whether your device will be connected by cable (ethernet cable) or wireless (Wifi) network.

If you’ve chosen the wrong choice, then your Roku won’t be capable of connecting.

You can “Check Your Connection,” which will allow you to find out whether the Roku connects or is not.

Go to ‘Settings’ > Network > Check Connection

Choosing “Check Connection” will be impossible if your Roku isn’t connected to your network. Instead, you’ll only be able to select the ‘Set up Connection’ option.

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Reason 2. It appears that your router was upgraded

Others owners of the Roku owners reported that their devices had stopped connecting to the Internet when their wireless routers received an update.

The update altered the router’s settings, which led to the previously connected Roku device being disconnected from the current connection.

Reason 3. Poor Internet

My Roku Won't Connect To Internet: Fix Your Device With Easy Guide

Insufficient connectivity to the Internet is often the primary reason behind your Roku having issues connecting. The device won’t connect if the signal strength is low.

Roku requires sufficient internet speed for streaming without freezing or buffering.

  • 1.5Mbps is required for streaming standard
  • 3.0Mbps for High Definition

You can test your internet speeds by clicking here.

Reason 4. Roku software requires updating

The software running on your Roku might be due to an update.

The operating system could not be compatible with your device’s general settings when it’s running old versions.

How do you solve a Roku that can’t connect to the Internet?

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The first step to fixing the issue that is preventing your Roku issue of being unable to connect to the Internet is to verify network configurations.

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Fix 1. Verify Your Roku network settings

Step 1. Click on the “Home” button

Step 2. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘Network’

Step 4. Now press “Set Up Connection.”

step 5. Make sure you have chosen “Wireless.”

You’ll be able to select your network and type in your password to connect to your Roku.

When your Roku is connected, you are in a position to click “Check Connection” in the “Settings” tab.

Fix 2. Reset wifi router

My Roku Won't Connect To Internet: Fix Your Device With Easy Guide

If your router was upgraded, you might need to reset your router’s Power.

If your service provider was experiencing intermittent interruptions, restarting your router is beneficial in refreshing your connection.

Step 1. Unplug your router from the mains (remember to turn the router off)

Step 2. Wait for a few minutes before plugging it back into

Step 3. Once you have connected it again and turned it back to on

NOTE: If your internet provider changed and certain settings were changed that you aren’t able to modify, you’ll be required to contact your Internet service provider.

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Fix 3. Update Roku software

The Roku software will be automatically updated, but the previous update may be delayed, or the software was corrupted in updating.

You can verify an update by hand;

Step 1. Click on the “Home” icon on your remote

Step 2. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘System’ followed by the ‘System Update.’

Your Roku device is now checking for an updated manual after pressing “Check Now.’ If an update is available, you must wait for it to be installed.

Note that the Roku will reboot itself upon it has completed.

Fix 4. Restart Roku system

If you decide to reboot your Roku device, you’ll have to reconnect your Roku gadget to the network.

On a Roku TV:

Step 1. Select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on Power and then “Power.”

Step 3. Now confirm by selecting “Restart System.’

On a Roku device:

Step 1. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’

Step 3. Confirm by pressing “Restart System.’

(Did you know that you can also use your mobile as a remote whenever you are using Roku when you download the application to your phone. )

Fix 5. Set your Roku to factory default. Roku

Resetting your factory settings is the only option to fix your Roku.

If you decide to go through this reset, bear in mind:

  • All data saved will be destroyed
  • Your Roku Account and your device won’t be connected anymore
  • The settings you have chosen will be deleted
  • The initial setup stage will have to be completed once more

Step 1. Click on the “Home” option on the remote

Step 2. Find and select “Settings.”

Step 3. Press ‘System’

Step 4. Choose ‘Advanced System Settings

5. Click on “Factory Reset” then “Factory Reset Everything.”

Now, you must follow the steps that are displayed in your display.


In this article, we can determine that the primary reason your Roku is having trouble connecting to the Internet is that your settings are not correct on your Roku, and there are issues with the internet connection.

In addition to the causes being discussed, we hope that the suggestions we’ve provided will help you fix your Roku issue of not being able to connect online.

If, however, you’re having problems with your Roku connecting or want to inquire about any other issues you might have, visit their online help page.

You can also reach their customer service team. There, one of their experts will reply to your inquiry.

Roku has a page for support via Twitter where you can keep abreast of the most recent information and updates to the software.

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