Do you Earn Cashback at Walmart and Other Locations in 2022

Do you Earn Cashback at Walmart and Other Locations

Chime Spot Me is a free overdraft service provided by Chime that grows in popularity with the minute. If the question is in your head: is it possible to earn Cashback from Chime Spot Me? The answer is yes. T

his guide will provide the entire details of how to earn Earn Cashback at Walmart using Chime Spot Me, where you can get the Cashback, including Walmart and other locations, and the process.

Chime Spot Me. Chime Spot Me, you can overdraw your account until the Spot Me Limit. Spot Me Limit is a limit that you can overdraw. Spot Me can range from $20 to up to $200. Your Spot Me Limit can be the maximum amount that you are allowed to overdraw. It is determined by Chime and then notifies you via the app.

To be eligible for Chime Spot Me, it is necessary to make an account with a direct deposit of at least $200 into the Chime Spending Account.

In the past, Chime Spot Me was purely an overdraft service that allowed purchases made with Chime Debit Cards, i.e. grocery purchases, gas, rentals etc.

However, the best part is that Chime Spot Me allows users to find funds at an ATM and the retail stores that support it, such as Walmart, Dollar General, CVS 7 eleven, Walgreen etc.

With Chime Spot Me, you can now cash out without costs at their network of 60,000 ATMs and 40 more retail locations simply by tapping the Chime Debit Card.

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Earn Cashback at Walmart and Other Locations in 2022

Do you Earn Cashback at Walmart and Other Locations in 2022

If you’re trying to withdraw money from an ATM by using Chime Spot Me, you should read this post about this subject: Chime Spot Me is a service that handles ATM withdraws.

Chime Spot Me is a free service. Chime Spot Me works without charges; it’s similar to cash advance applications and certainly a better choice than banks that offer overdrafts with hefty charges that can go upwards of $35 for each transaction. This makes it a fantastic alternative to meet cash needs.

Many calls Chime the most delicious thing since bread slices. This is a very good decision that was made in July 2021.

However, there are some details to consider in using Chime Spot Me. Keep reading to expand your knowledge about Chime Spot Me Cashback.

Are You able to Earn Cash Back through Chime Spot Me?

Yes, you can earn Cashback using Chime Spot Me at 40,000and more retail stores. If you purchase with the Chime debit card at any retail establishment and the Chime account gets a negative side, you will get Cashback in the amount up to your Limit of Spot Me. Limit.

Does Chime Spot Me offer Cash Refunds at Walmart?

Chime is a good choice. Chime has a cashback offer at Walmart to purchase items at self-checkout. Cash-back can also be redeemed in prominent retail outlets such as Dollar General, Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, Target etc.


How can I earn Cash returned through Chime Spot me [Steps for Walmart and other stores]

Do you Earn Cashback at Walmart and Other Locations in 2022

Follow these steps

  1. Stop by any Walmart store or another retail store.
  2. Choose the product you wish to purchase (you may purchase something affordable, even if you’re in a deficit, to receive the most Cashback)
  3. Visit Self Checkout at the Self Checkout register.
  4. Take a look at the items.
  5. Hit the play button
  6. Insert your Chime debit card into the POS Machine
  7. You will be offered the alternative “Would you prefer cash to be returned?”
  8. Accept and select your Amount of Cashback (within the Spot Me Limit)
  9. Enter your Chime card’s PIN
  10. Cash-out your money from the machine

Things to Take Note of

  • Check that you’ve got Chime Spot On Chime Spot On Feature turned on in your Chime app prior to attempting for Cashback in a store.
  • Make sure you are aware of the current Spot Me Limit. This may be modified by Chime periodically by your Chime use and activity frequency. Sometimes, there are promotional offers that could increase the Limit of Spot Me Limit.
  • Consider the implications of any transaction when you’ve already dipped into your current account’s Spot Me balance. Your transaction may be rejected if you buy or ask for Cashback in an amount higher than the Limit on your Spot Me limit. If you have the SpotMe limitation of $50 and you demand Cashback of $80 at Walmart, the transaction will fail.
  • The Cash Back option might not be activated if your transaction is covered in your current balance and does not result in negative balances on your account. It is recommended to make purchases for a very small amount that results in your account being negative to avail cashback, e.g. If you have $2 in your account balance and try make to make a purchase that is $3, it might cause the cashback feature to be activated.

Chime Cash Back Cash Spot Problems with the App

  • You’ve over the Chime Spot Me Limit. This could be a cash transaction where you’re asking for Cashback in an amount higher than your Spot Me Balance.
  • Cashback options may not work when you’re Chime account balance is positive.
  • The transaction exceeds the Cashback from the retailer store limit when you request Cashback.
  • You might have accidentally turned off SpotMe in the Chime App.
  • The Chime debit card isn’t activated for transactions.

Let’s explore the causes in depth.

Chime SpotMe limits are over.

This could be the reason your Cashback wasn’t working. Many possibilities could trigger you to have your Spot Me Limit overridden.

  • The Chime could have reduced your Spot Me limit, and this could cause it to exceed
  • You may have used a part or all of Spot Me Limit in some other way, thus reducing the amount of money available to allow Cash to be returned.

This article discusses a few options you can think about that could assist in increasing the Chime Spot Me Limit.

The Cash Back Benefit is not activated due to a positive balance

In many instances, it is the case that the Chime cashback feature is often not shown because the Chime accounts balance remains enough for the amount of your purchase. When the purchase amount results in your Chime balance falling negative, it will trigger the option to claim Cashback.

This is that you’ll find Chime members who have a near-zero balance on their accounts while trying to get a cashback. This will allow you to receive the maximum amount of Cashback, especially when you purchase extremely cheap items.

E.g. If you have $10 in your Chime balance and decide to buy an item, say for $8, it will not activate the cashback option since the balance is enough to cover the purchase. If you have just 50 cents in your account and then purchase an inexpensive item, say 2 dollars, it could cause Chime to offer a cashback option.

The transaction is over the store cashback limit when you’re requesting Cashback.

It could be a different problem that arises and is not directly connected to Chime. Certain stores have limits on Cashback that could be lower than the Spot Me Limit.

E.g. Walmart’s Cashback limit is $100.

You may have deactivated the Chime Spot Me option in the app.

The reason for this, although rare, is possible. You might have mistakenly disabled this Chime Spot Me option in the application. Check to make sure it is enabled within Chime App-> Settings. Chime App-> Settings

Your Chime debit card isn’t capable of making transactions

Another possible reason you aren’t in a position to use Chime Spot Me. If you’ve just received your Chime card, there could be a possibility that it did not have it activated in the app so that you can make purchases as well as get Cashback.

Wrapping Up

The Chime Spot Me cashback feature is worth looking for when you need Cash. It may prove to be a better alternative to withdrawing Cash from ATMs that could be subject to charges (i.e., if the ATM is not part of the Chime Network).

Can Venmo integrate into conjunction with Apple Pay [Explained]

Venmo, along with Apple Pay, is two incredibly well-known payment options. It’s not unusual to ask if Venmo integrates into conjunction with Apple Pay and gets the most benefit of both. In this article, we will look at whether this is feasible.

The answer to this will be that Venmo is not able to provide a connection directly that is directly compatible with Apple Pay. However, there are straightforward ways to use Venmo in conjunction with Apple Pay and move funds between both apps, which we’ll discuss in depth.

The first step is to establish some information about the relationship between the two companies to identify the root cause of this problem.

Although Apple Pay is iPhone exclusive, Venmo is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Apple Pay allows you to add all credit and debit cards to your bank account and their payment method, “Apple Cash”, which functions similarly to the debit card. Venmo allows you to include multiple payment options like your credit or debit card. It can also function as a wallet for your Cash and provide the option of a Venmo debit card that is linked to a Venmo balance.

Therefore, they are competitors with similar offerings, and this could represent one of the major reasons why Venmo doesn’t work together with Apple Pay.

Venmo cards can be integrated into each Google Pay and Samsung Pay. However, Apple Pay does not support Venmo cards as of yet; however, it allows you to only link debit cards from banks and cash cards like the Cash App Card.

We are hoping that this issue will be addressed shortly. But, until then, you can learn more about how to deal with it for the time.

Can I utilize Venmo in conjunction with Apple Pay? No, Venmo does not allow direct integration with Apple Pay, and it is impossible to add Venmo’s Venmo Debit Card to Apple Pay. Apple Pay also does not permit you to use a Venmo credit card.

However, you can use some tricks to connect your Venmo to Apple Pay.

Another way to accomplish this is by connecting your debit cards to both apps separately, which will act as a middleman for the transfer of funds between Venmo or Apple Pay. Apple Pay. e.g. If you own such a Chase Debit Card, you could add it to either Venmo or Apple Pay.

It is necessary to leap through hoops to achieve this, but it accomplishes the desired result. If you’d like to transfer your Venmo balance to Apple Pay, Cash out your Venmo balance to a debit card (which is possible to do in a matter of minutes with 1.5 per cent fees, up to 15dollars) and then utilize Apple Pay in the normal manner by transferring money directly from the Chase credit card. (Detailed steps to do this are given below.)

The typical concerns might pop into mind regarding the compatibility between Venmo and Apple Pay.

Can I use Venmo Card to pay with Apple Pay?

You cannot utilize Venmo debit cards in Apple Pay. Venmo debit card with Apple Pay. Apple Pay also does not allow you to use a Venmo credit card right now.

Are you able to add Apple Card to Venmo?

No, Venmo does not support Apple Card as a payment method.

Methods to transfer funds across Venmo or Apple Pay

1. Link to a standard debit card for banks that is used in both apps for use as an intermediary

It is possible to the debit card of your Bank to both your Venmo and Apple Pay Accounts. When you wish to transfer Cash to Venmo to transfer them into Apple Pay or Vice versa, you simply transfer the funds through Venmo (or Apple Pay) to your debit card first. This is a quick transaction (but with 1.5 per cent fees and a maximum of 15dollars). The funds will then be accessible in the second application since both apps let you pay using an associated debit card.

If you don’t feel there is an urgency to move funds, you could connect the bank account directly on both apps. You can then make an ordinary transfer through Venmo to a bank account (which is completely free but takes about 1-3 days) and then pay using Apple Pay using the bank account’s funds, or vice reverse.

Venmo and Apple Pay both support instant cashouts to debit cards linked with a 1.5 per cent cost (Minimum 0.25USD, Max $15).

How do I add an ATM credit card into Venmo as well as cash-out

  1. Log into Venmo App
  2. Then, tap”You” to open the “You” tab (single person icon )
  3. Then tap the Settings (gear icon) and choose “Payment Methods.”
  4. Next, click on “Add to a bank account or credit card” …” or card” and choose “Card.”
  5. You can enter your bank account details either manually or through the camera on your phone.

How to cash out Venmo money to a debit card that is linked to it

  • Log into Venmo App
  • Then navigate to next to the “You” Tab (single user icon )
  • Next, press next to the “Add or Transfer” button beneath the profile photo.
  • Next screen, type in the amount you want be transferring to the Bank of your choice.
  • Choose “Instant” (for an additional cost) as well as “1-3 Biz Days” (for free), depending on the requirements.
  • Select the bank account you prefer or debit card
  • Check and confirm that the transfer details are correct
  • Then, tap the “Transfer” button.

Apple Pay also supports you transfer funds to your Wallet, i.e. Apple Cash Card, to your Bank Debit Card.

How to add a debit card and cash-out funds via Apple Pay

  • Start your Wallet application on your iPhone.
  • Then tap on then your Apple cash card (which is located at the top, with an apple icon)
  • Click to reveal the More icon (three dots)
  • Click transfer for Bank (on the left side, right under the card image)
  • Then type in the amount you wish to transfer, then click next.
  • Choose an Instant Transfer, and you will need to add your debit card when you are prompted(again, the fee here is 1.5 per cent, minimum 0.25dollars, Max-1.5$ same as Venmo) either 3 to 7 completely free Business Days, and you need to connect the bank account.

2. Alternate method- If you do not want to use a debit card from a bank.

Another alternative option to consider if you are using Cash App you can add your Cash App card to Apple Pay. Connect your Venmo card to Cash App. This will allow you to connect the funds you have from Venmo to the Cash App by using your linked credit card (again, it is subject to 1.5 per cent instant transfer charges). This YouTube video will explain how to do it.

Then, you can use Apple Pay for making payments using the Cash App Card. But, this isn’t the most secure method, and it’s not usually recommended to connect two fintech since long-term compatibility is always a problem due to the increasing competition between the two.


We know it’s not an easy process, and you must jump through hoops should you wish to transfer money across Apple Pay and Venmo. We’re hoping this will be fixed over time. At present, you can handle the transfer through the two apps, Apple Pay and Venmo, with an ordinary debit card or bank account as an intermediary between the two apps.

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