Dubai 12 Most Popular Makeup Artists Beauty Blogger Dubai

Dubai 12 Most Popular Makeup Artists Beauty Blogger Dubai

Do you love beauty as much as most people around the world? Are you looking to be a well-respected makeup artist? Then take inspiration from these top make up artists beauty bloggers Dubai.

We have also listed 12 make-up artists or influencers that use social media to showcase their talents.

These makeup artists are closely associated with the beauty industry and have visited Dubai to experiment with makeup on the faces of beauty queens. You want to learn the names of these famous artisans? Here are the names of these famous artisans:

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Dubai 12 Most Popular Makeup Artists Beauty Blogger Dubai

1. Najla Gun

Are you curious about Dubai’s makeup artist and travel blogger, She can give her clients unmatched makeup looks. Well! Najla Gun is the one, his cultivated appearance is simple but flattering.

Dubai’s beauty blogger and make-up artist, this Dubai make-up artist has been in the industry for many years. You can see her efforts in both printed patterns and online. She is a veteran of over 10 years and has worked with both Abu Dhabi royalty and regional personalities.

2. Caren William:

Another distinguished young artist is this beauty blogger, cum makeup lady, based out of Dubai. She turns on everyone with her ingeniousness and natural talent towards art.

Caren William, a passionate makeup artist and entrepreneur, began uploading tutorials to her Instagram account in 2017 after her family and friends supported her.

Her innovative makeup tutorials earned her an international following. We are proud to have her as our guest, especially because of the Essence campaign that she launched in Spring 2019.

3. Huda Kattan:

Huda Kattan is considered one of Dubai’s most prominent makeup artists and an beauty influentialr worldwide. People know her better than Huda Beauty (Her Beauty Brand).

Her Instagram account (Huda) currently has 43 million followers and fans. Her creativity and the social media community are just insane.

At her Dubai home, she is also accompanied at the time by her husband ( Chris Goncalo), and her daughter ( Nour Giselle). Huda beauty is her makeup and skincare line.

4. Sondos Alqattan:

Sondos Alqattan, another makeup artist in Dubai has also made a name for herself in the beauty industry. She is a wealth of experience and expertise.

Although she is a Kuwaiti make-up artist, she now dominates the beauty industry in Dubai. She shares her beauty routine and makeup tips. Her fans also get valuable advice on a variety of makeup techniques.

Many admire her unique and modern makeup looks. Her signature makeup looks for Arabian brides are black eyeliner and contemporary smoky eye makeup.

5. Judy Poulos:

Although she is a Syrian-born make-up artist, this Dubai travel blogger cum makeup artist lives in Abu Dhabi. Her speciality in makeup is to reflect the culture and heritage of her country.

Her enthusiasm for artistry helped her make her a better makeup artist. She started sharing her work on Instagram and began posting videos.

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6. Aliya Fatima:

Want to know more about a Dubai-based beauty blogger who is self-taught in make-up? Next, learn about Aliya Fatima.

Although she is just 21 years old, this make-up artist and beauty blogger Dubai has achieved fame and glory throughout her entire life. She is a senior lady at the University and has been involved in the beauty community for many years.

After realizing that beauty was her true passion, she set out to establish herself in this industry. Aliya Fatima also collaborated with Huda Kattan, another eminent artist.

7. The Tezzy Files:

Tezzy, another well-known Dubai makeup artist, is warm and fuzzy. She feels the inborn writer within herself resurfaces whenever she is loved and supported by her family.

Despite being genetically Indian, she spent many years in Kuwait and New Zealand. She lives a happy and fulfilled life in Dubai with her husband.

She helps her fans create beautiful makeup looks and teaches them how to use her unique techniques. She also teaches them about different products, styles and accessories.

8. Diana Chipar:

Diana Chipar is an ex-celebrity stylist and travel blogger. She is also a makeup artist cum travel blogger Dubai. In 2007, she moved to Dubai and her career has been in aviation.

She is also a model for many big brands, and has been booked to appear in numerous TV commercials. She is a model for many big brands and has been booked for numerous television commercials.

You will be amazed at her creativity when you see some of her creations. Her Instagram account is where she shares her work to inspire her followers so they can follow their dreams.

9. Miss Mulberry:

Have you heard of Miss Mulberry, the beauty blogger? Well! Mulberry’s fashion and lifestyle blog website is run by her. She is a strong advocate for the art and craft of clothing. She enjoys writing essays about many topics, including styling and traveling abroad.

Joelle Mardinian is a well-known makeup artist and TV host. She even took selfies with her. They share a love for makeup and have become friends.

10. Mona Kattan:

Mona Kattan, Huda Beauty’s global President, is also the cofounder of Huda Beauty with Alya Kattan and her Huda Kattan sisters. She has contributed enough to the brand’s success.

She drives the brand forward with her infectious passion for beauty. She oversees Huda Beauty’s strategies and brand upliftment.

11. Befrenshee:

Befrenshee is another makeup artist and French YouTuber. She loves to chat about fashion and cosmetics. This artisan, who currently resides in Dubai, shares her passion for beauty and glamour with her followers and audience.

She provides them with clear instructions and appraisals. She loves trying new products so she started a YouTube channel to inform her followers about the latest cosmetics trends.

12. Mohammed Hindash:

The beauty blogger and makeup artist, cum from Dubai, is a true UAE beauty inspiration. His fans are constantly given his suggestions for perfect beauty looks and product reviews.

His tutorials on eyeliner, and eyeshadow are his most well-known works. His branded eyeliner, the Hindash X Wow, is a very popular product on the market.

End of the story

Which of these beauty bloggers has made magic in your life? Which makeup looks and creativeness do you love the most?

Let us know, and we’ll bring you more beauty blogs from your favorite artisans.

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