Does Zoe Saldana Know Italian? Can She Paint or Draw in Real Life?

Does Zoe Saldana Know Italian? Can She Paint or Draw in Real Life?

Netflix’s “From Scratch” follows Amy’s life, who decides to leave behind what’s thought to be a safe and secure job to pursue her dream in a foreign country. Amy was going to be a lawyer however, her passion for art made her decide to relocate into Florence for a short period of time and then pursue it. There, she not just is determined to commit herself to the field of artist, but she also finds her true love who’s art is displayed in the dishes he creates.

It’s not just her skill to use paintbrushes and pencils that distinguishes her but we also see her learning Italian in the course of many years. The role of someone with these skills demanded an actress of a similar quality. Could this mean the actress Zoe Saldana is a close friend of Amy? Let’s see.

Do you know if Zoe Saldana Speak Italian? Can she paint in real Life?

Because of Lino’s Italian roots, a large portion of the conversations in ‘From Scratch’ are conducted in Italian. During a few seasons, Amy also becomes fluent in Italian and speaks with her husband and spouses in the same way. This meant that the actor in the role she was playing was required to speak fluent Italian, and Zoe Saldana has this talent for languages.

The father of Saldana is born in The Dominican Republic while her mother is from Costa Rica. She was raised in a country with Spanish as her primary language and grew up in America, making her proficient in English. French was also part of her home language when she was a kid; her proficiency in French and Spanish helped her comprehend Italian and Portuguese. However, this isn’t the place where Saldana’s love for Italian is over.

Like her character in From Scratch, Saldana is also connected to Italy through her marriage. The man she is married to Marco Perego, an Italian artist. He was a professional footballer however, an injury to his leg forced him to give it up. After that, he relocated into New York to pursue a career in the art of sculpting and painting and, soon after, his career was taking off. He and Saldana were married in 2013 and took the same last name. The couple has three children and they are aiming to have their children multi-lingual. Both are fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English at their home.

In Saldana’s eyes, this means much more than just enhancing her children’s skills in language. It’s about the importance and respect for the various traditions they are a part of. “It is essential for us to nurture our children in our ancestral culture to be able to communicate to their parents, and in addition, to develop a sense of empathy for other human beings who are not like them, are not like them in sound and don’t smell like their scent,” she said.

To Reese Witherspoon Saldana’s persona and Italian connection were the main reason to play Amy. They were dining at a restaurant in which Saldana is with her spouse. The couple switched between languages while speaking to each other. Witherspoon noticed the ease the ease with which they could do this. She noticed several similarities between Amy and Saldana and offered her the part.

While Saldana’s ability to speak Italian definitely helped her in Amy’s character, it’s unclear if she has the same talents in art with her on-screen character. If she is gifted to draw or paint but hasn’t shown it outside of her personal life. But, since her husband is a skilled artist, it is likely that she learned some tricks from him on how to portray Amy’s artistic side on her show.

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