Does the Ps5 come with HDMI 2.1 Cable?

Does the Ps5 come with HDMI 2.1 Cable

PlayStation 5 (PS5) is an home video game console designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The console was first announced in 2019, for its successor to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, the PS5 was launched on the 12th of November and 12, 2020 with release dates in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North America, and South Korea, with worldwide launch coming a week after. This PS5 comes from the 9th generation of video game consoles and the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, which were released that same month.

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Does the Ps5 come with Hdmi 2.1 Cable

Right out of the box, the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with an HDMI 2.1 port at the back of the console and an appropriate cable.

In the meantime, you should keep in mind that the TV’s capabilities’ll limit you. If your TV can’t support resolutions of 4K, like you’ll be unable to enjoy PS5 game in the 4K resolution with any speed, you’ll most likely have to settle for HD. It will require an 8K television to play 8K games, too although there aren’t many 8K PS5 games on the horizon (at at the very least for now) which means it’s an issue to be dealt with in the future.

HDMI 2.1 cables are still working with HDMI 2.0 ports however they are not compatible with HDMI 2.0 ports, which means you’ll be able to connect your PS5 into a standard HDMI port and receive images on your screen, though not at its maximum capabilities.

Since the PS5 does not support 1440p resolution, which is the resolution of most gamers’ monitors and projectors, graphics will likely default to 1080p. This implies that the PS5 will not benefit greatly with a higher resolution 1440p display or screen.

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HDMI 2.1 Vs HDMI 2.0

Simply put, the different HDMI standards allow for the transmission of different amounts of data per second which is why video and audio quality can differ between them.

The differences in quality between HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 is noticeable also. A PS5 game playing in 4K at 60fps (or 120fps) will play and look beautifully compared to 4K running at 30 frames per second.

PS5 HDMI connectivity

As we’ve already mentioned, PlayStation 5’s HDMI connection and cable support an HDMI 2.1 standard, which means that the cable can transfer data faster than a standard HDMI port.

To go into the details here, this means that on the technical side, Sony’s 2.1 HDMI has a bandwidth of 48Gbps. That’s three times greater than the standard 2.0b.

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HDMI-enabled TVs

If you’re not using CRTs from the late 90s, the chances are that your TV is equipped with the HDMI port.

It’s important to keep in mind that even though the latest consoles are using HDMI 2.1 as their connection, that does not mean that your television must support HDMI 2.1.

Only new, brand-new televisions and monitors are equipped using HDMI 2.1 compatibility. Moreover, they’re expensive and difficult to locate. All 8K TVs come with the latest HDMI standard, however this support is different in 4K TVs. Every Samsung QLED TV that comes out in 2020 has a single HDMI 2.1 ports, while the latest LG OLED TVs have the four HDMI 2.1 ports.

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What type of HDMI cable is the PS5 include?

A small detail you should keep in mind when you open your PS5 next month It’s that the HDMI cable the console ships equipped with has actually HDMI 2.1 This means that it can support 120Hz resolution in 4K. (yep it’s identical to that of the Xbox Series X).

Are HDMI 2.1 required to play PS5?

In addition with HDMI 2.1 it’s impossible to play VRR on PS5 as opposed to Xbox consoles, which can allow it via HDMI 2.0. This is a major issue when you want the most smooth game experience, with the least amount of tears.

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