Does Snapchat Notify When You Screen Record a Story?

Does Snapchat Notify When You Screen Record a Story?

Are you looking to record a story or chat on Snapchat without their knowing? Are you worried you’ll get an alert from Snapchat when you screen-record something? We’ll give you the truth.

The easy answer to the inquiry will be ” Yes.” Snapchat sends an instant message to the user every time you screen-record your Story or video chat.

Snapchat also sends a message to the user whenever you record the Story or chat.

Let’s look at how we might prevent ourselves from being found guilty. We’ll continue to screen-record it, even when Snapchat is monitoring us. We’ll. Without letting them know! Let’s see the best way to do it.

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Can I screen record on Snapchat Without letting them know?

Yes, it is possible to. Snapchat will send a brief alert to the user when it detects you recording or screenshotting anything. However, we have more effective solutions to combat this.

It is impossible to prove a program, regardless of its popularity. This is especially true for Snapchat and its theft-alert system. There are ways to record screen recordings on Snapchat without being discovered by another user. Find out more below about what they are.

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Method 1: Film a Screen Story – Without Knowing

Here’s a short, easy-to-follow, layman’s way of screen recording a story that other users don’t see:

  1. First, you must turn on airplane mode. You must turn on the airplane mode of your iPhone and Android device. Be sure to disable the internet connection when you open Snapchat.
  2. Now, Simply go to the Story and capture it. Snapchat cannot send a message to the other user since you’re not online.
  3. Cleanse Snapchat’s memory in Snapchat from the app’s settings and then close the application.
  4. Switch off airplane mode.

The method is easy and universal. It is compatible with nearly every platform since it switches you off by cutting off your Internet connection.


Don’t turn off the internet until you clean the cache and quit the application. As soon as you do this, Snapchat will detect your online presence and information from other users. After completing the job, you must quit the app and switch off Airplane Mode.

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Method 2: Screen Recording using an external Screen Recorder

Another great method of recording a Snapchat story without Snapchat, not even an external screen recorder. A screen recorder externally is a screen recording application that can be installed on your smartphone manually.

Certain devices do not include a built-in screen recorder within theirs. All users can use this feature. However, there’s one limitation. Certain screen recording applications may not be able to block Snapchat from being able to detect you.

Another issue with screen-recording apps is that they place watermarks on the videos that you screen-record using the apps. They require you to buy the high-end (paid) packages or upgrade to remove the watermark.

Here’s some great news. We’ve discovered an application for you that can solve these two issues. In addition, this application doesn’t cost anything. It’s a free tool for recording screens.

AZ Screen Recorder

The app is referred to as screen recorder AZ. You can download it to your Android device and iPhone user. After you have downloaded the application, follow these easy procedures for recording a Snapchat screen record on Snapchat:

  1. Start the Screen Recorder application on your smartphone. You will see an icon floating across the screen.
  2. Start Snapchat. Snapchatapp.
  3. Simply click on the floating icon, and you’ll find various options.
  4. Click on the camera icon to begin taking a screen recording. The whole screen will begin recording once you tap on this icon.
  5. Start Chat or Story you want to record on-screen without notifying the user. The chat or Story that you open will be recorded since the recording is already taking place.
  6. When you’re finished, then pull off the bar that displays notifications. Then, end the recording by tapping the Stop button.

Important Information

It is also possible to reduce the video recorded in AZ Screen Recorder’s built-in image editor for free. Snapchat does not notify the user of the other user that you’ve recorded a screen with this program.


Thus, these two methods have been proven to record screen-based the Story or chats on Snapchat without the other user knowing. Snapchat does not send a notification or notification to another user regardless of what number of times you capture the app using this or that method.

They also allow taking screenshots without having to notify the next user.

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