Does Live Wallpaper Drain Battery on Your Devices?

Live Wallpaper Drain Battery

Live wallpapers are becoming the choice of more and more people because of their lively and interactive nature. For example, the open nature of Android allows users amazing control over adding several appealing live wallpapers to freshen things up.

But does Live Wallpaper Drain Battery? The answer to the question is not that simple.

In this article, we will discuss how live wallpapers affect the battery life of your device.

Does Live Wallpaper Drain Battery?

Most of the live wallpapers are well optimized and coded. But, they consume device batteries because they rely on your device’s GPU and CPU. There is a popular belief that such appealing items on your device result in more battery consumption during their active stage. The more you look at your home screen, the more the battery drain. 

The consumption could be a little more if wallpapers use an accelerometer. Live wallpapers on your Mac devices can be quite exciting but could potentially kill your battery. It may affect the charging by making your phone’s processor perform constant action and can also enhance the brightness of the photos by increasing the display. 

Using a live wallpaper app to create an animated background is a major issue, particularly if your Mac has a charging problem. If you are dealing with battery issues on your computer, you should read on available sources online to learn more about potential solutions.

Does Using Static Wallpaper Help?

Some of the users consider using the dynamic wallpaper to prevent their Macs from battery drainage. But, this is not the reality as charging patterns are not affected by applying dynamic wallpaper. macOS allows the use of dynamic wallpapers using third-party software. 

You can choose dynamic wallpaper that changes according to location and a lock screen/desktop image that changes over time. As mentioned above, most of the live wallpapers are well optimized and properly coded. But, it is not confirmed that all the wallpapers floating around the Play Store are optimized for better use.

Wallpapers with low-quality graphics are also available. So, avoid installing them as they can make your system slow down and consume your device battery. Even the default live wallpaper of Google can slow down things.  

How to Prevent Battery Drainage?

The amount of battery consumption depends on the live wallpaper you are adding to your device screen. Some wallpapers beat up the battery more significantly. The most recommended wallpapers don’t consume more than 2% of your device battery. 

To check how much battery your live wallpaper uses, go to Settings and click the About option. Next, select Battery and then Battery Use. There is nothing to worry about if it juices less than 5%. To prevent live wallpapers from consuming the battery, figure out which apps are taking up the most charging. 

For this, go to the setting menu. Immediately uninstall the application if it is draining more than 5% of the battery. If you’re downloading an app for an Android phone, then make sure it has low battery consumption. If it is of high consumption, you can choose the live or static version of your favorite live wallpaper.

Use Dynamic Wallpaper That Doesn’t Drain Battery

<strong>Does Live Wallpaper Drain Battery on Your Devices?</strong>

If your device battery is draining quickly after installing dynamic wallpaper, change the settings section. Try to use wallpaper with limited colors and images. Install an app that better optimizes your phone’s performance.

Keep your screen brightness low. Turn off the auto-brightness option. Avoid putting your phone near the heat sources; instead, keep it at a cooler temperature.

Set Low Power Mode

Hopefully, now you got the answer to the question of does live wallpaper drain battery. You can prevent this by setting a low power mode on your device. This setting helps in avoiding the constant display of a white background as it is highly responsible for battery consumption. 

Don’t let such wallpapers run for a long time, especially when you’re not using your device screen. So, set your device screen to close when not in use. You may need to check the connectivity ports on the laptop regularly. 

Can I Use Live Wallpaper on a Laptop?

Several Desktop Live Wallpaper apps are available on the Microsoft Store. Also, you can download and use live wallpaper from any free video file by going to ‘Help’ and ‘About’. But, remember that they could also use the battery on your laptop just like mobile phones. 

This will consume approximately 2% to 4% of your system battery which is quite controllable in terms of battery drainage.

The Conclusion

Concluding everything, it is confirmed that live wallpaper consumes battery juice. But, it doesn’t take up a considerable amount of battery that you have to stop using them. Modern devices feature the best configuration, so battery draining is not an issue. 

Thus, there is nothing wrong with using optimized wallpapers. Read users’ comments and reviews over a specific live wallpaper in the Play Store.

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