Does KeyBank Have Zelle | Detailed Review

Does KeyBank Have Zelle

If you use Zelle and have recently created an account in KeyBank, you must be having this question “Does KeyBank have Zelle?”. Right? If you are looking for its answer then we will tell you whether do KeyBank have Zelle or not. 

A lot of people are creating their accounts on KeyBank, a regional bank that is KeyCorp’s primary subsidiary. The good part is, just like other major banks, KeyBanks also has its own mobile app through which you can operate and check the transactions of your KeyBank account. 

Now that you already use Zelle, most of your online transactions are made via Zelle only. If this is the case, you would wish if KeyBank also support Zelle.  

Does KeyBank support Zelle? Does KeyBank offer Zelle? If these questions are on your mind then now will be the end to your curiosity as we will tell you whether KeyBank use Zelle or not. 

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Does KeyBank Have Zelle?

Does KeyBank Have Zelle

Does KeyBank use Zelle? The good news is, YES! It does. You can easily send money to someone on Zelle linking it to your KeyBank online banking mobile app. 

How To Set Up Zelle With KeyBank?

Linking your Zelle account with your KeyBank is really easy and a simple task. Still, you would need step-wise guidance to it and for this, you can refer to the simplified steps mentioned below. 

  1. Launch the KeyBank mobile banking application on your mobile phone. 
  2. Sign on to the online banking on your KeyBank account. 
  3. Now, select the “Send Money With Zelle” option. 
  4. Register your Zelle account over there by entering the information you will be asked for. 
  5. Now you can select your recipient by entering their phone number or email ID. 
  6. Enter the amount of money you have to pay to the user. 
  7. You can also add a note along with the payment. 
  8. Recheck all the details entered and then tap on the “Send” button. 

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How To Use KeyBank To Send Money On Zelle?

Does KeyBank Have Zelle

If you want to send money to someone via Zelle and KeyBank, all you need is a mobile phone in which you have Zelle and KeyBank mobile app and both the accounts linked to each other. So, once these conditions are fulfilled, all you will require to send money is the U.S. phone number or the email address of the recipient. 

You can select the recipient and send them money on Zelle and the transaction made will be taken from your KeyBank account. 

How To Receive Money Through Zelle Keybank?

If you are about to receive money on Zelle and want it to go to your KeyBank account, it can be done. Here are the steps in which you can start receiving money on Zelle Keybank. 

  1. As soon as someone sends you money on your Zelle account, you will receive an email or a notification on your mobile number via text, depending on what you have linked to your Zelle account. 
  2. When you receive the link or a text, tap on it. 
  3. You will be directed to your Zelle app. If you have not installed it, then you will be directed to your device’s App Store where you can download it from. 
  4. Open the app and tap on “Get Started”.
  5. Enter the same mobile number or email address to which you received the notification that someone has sent you money. 
  6. Tap on “Continue”. 
  7. Mark a tick on the box with the data and privacy policy. Tap on “Continue”.
  8. You will see the “Find Your Bank” screen, search your bank over there(KeyBank).
  9. You will be at the “Add Debit Card” screen, where you have to enter the Debit card details. Tap on Continue. 
  10. Now, add your billing address and again tap on “Continue”. 

That’s all, once you are done with this procedure, you are all set to use your KeyBank to receive your Zelle payments. All the payments you receive on Zelle will be transferred directly to your KeyBank account linked with it. 

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What Is The Zelle KeyBank Limit?

Does KeyBank Have Zelle

As the daily transaction limit of KeyBank is not more than $500, you cannot send more than $500 via your KeyBank account. So, if you have your Zelle account linked to your KeyBank, you will not be allowed to make transactions of more than $500 for a day. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know that KeyBank supports Zelle and hence, you can now connect your Zelle account and your KeyBank account to each other and enjoy the services provided by both of them and make your online bank transactions right from your mobile phones. 

If there is any doubt or query related to Zelle and KeyBank, you can feel free to tell us in the comments section anytime and we will try our best to sort out any issue you are facing with using Zelle with KeyBan

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