Does Cronus Zen Work On Ps5

Does Cronus Zen Work On Ps5

The Cronus Zen can be described as a tiny device that allows gamers to connect their controllers or computers. It can be connected to virtually any controller or console and lets players alter their gaming equipment in order to provide them with an advantage when playing. After being connected, players can add scripts to their Cronus, providing in-game advantages.

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Does Cronus Zen Work On Ps5?

This is the person using Zen.

Cronus Zen doesn’t work with PS5 in any way in conjunction with Destiny 2. Witch Queen and this is very disappointing. The dispositive has become useless since Sony removed the use of controllers that were used on the PS4 in Ps5 and collective minds has not provided any solutions or firmware updates after the release of Ps5 to circumvent this limitation.

Now I can only imagine that if you cannot use Cronus Zen in Battlefield 2042 Fifa 22 or at all Destiny 2, its a possibility to claim warranty and get a refund. We can all agree to release an update to the firmware as soon as possible.

Is a Cronus Zen detectable?

Conversation. Fortnite is announcing a brand new limited hardware ban to fight cheating devices like those that use the Cronus Zen and the Cronus Max. Players will be given an in-game message to disable the restricted hardware when one is discovered. Any attempts to bypass this could be punished with an immediate ban.

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What kind of mods can the Cronus Zen have?

Mods For Beginners – Cronus Zen GamePacks. Includes a new Active Fire Mod System, Aim-Assist, Anti-Recoil, Burst Fire, Shot Mods, Auto Sprint and Hair Triggers. All layouts for buttons as well as Stick Layouts.

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