Does Chime work with Cash App? Easy & Helpful Guide

Chime work with Cash App

Chime and Cash App are two extremely popular apps for young people. But did you know there’s a way for Chime work with Cash App in tandem?

It is possible to connect and transfer your funds between Chime and Cash App accounts.

This article will walk through the steps required to connect your Cash App account to your Chime accounts and transfer money and the reverse.

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Understanding Chime and Cash App Compatibility

Chime work with Cash App

Chime provides online-only banking with no fees via its mobile application (it isn’t an actual bank but rather a Fintech company that works in partnership with The Bancorp Bank and Strides Bank, NA). Chime offers direct debit mobile check deposits, high-interest rates on savings accounts etc.

Chime service is similar to a bank that does not have physical branches and utilizes technology to provide most banking services.

In contrast, Cash App is a cash management application that offers an ever-growing array of financial options, including options for investing in crypto and the well-known boost offers, which makes it an ideal method to manage and pay your money.

Cash App comes with a few benefits similar to banks, similar to having a debit card and the capability to transfer money and pay for transactions.

Therefore, they’re not rivals and could be compatible.

This is why you’ll see that Cash App offers a way to connect to or add the bank account of your choice or your debit card. You can transfer money into Cash App when needed or even transfer the current Cash App funds to such a linked account or card.

The most popular bank that you can connect or link to your Cash Account is Chime bank. By using this method, you can link to both your Chime and Cash App accounts.

Let us now address the most important question about connecting Chime to Cash App and sending money between the two apps.

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Does Chime work with Cash App? How do I connect Chime accounts to the cash app?

Chime work with Cash App

Yes, you can utilize Chime using the Cash App by connecting to your Chime Credit Card and your Chime Bank Account to the Cash App. Cash App lets you link your bank account to your debit card to be used as an option for payment through a verification.

If you are a member of a Chime Bank account, a Chime Bank account, or a Chime debit card, you can add the account to your Cash App by verifying the information.

This allows you to transfer funds into or out of Chime Account into the Cash App.

Connecting your Chime Debit Card to Cash App is the preferred method. In this way, you’ll be able to instantly move funds directly from Chime Cash App to the Cash app, or vice versa- by using the transfer option that is instant from the bank account (which is only available on debit cards)

While you must pay charges @1.5 per cent on Cash App for immediate transfer, the transfer is a PERMANENT transfer.

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It is also possible to connect your Chime account to Venmo.

However, if you’re looking to save money and time is not a problem, it is possible to use the option of connecting Chime accounts to your bank (which utilizes Plaid security). It can take up to approximately 1-3 business days to complete the transfer from the Cash app to Chime; however, it is completely absolutely free.

A crucial aspect of being aware of the Cash App is that the app permits users to connect only one banking account and only one debit at any moment in time.

In case you’ve linked a credit card from a bank to the Cash App, You still have the option of replacing your debit card with a Chime one.

If you’ve linked your bank account with online credentials but not the Bank debit card, you can join the Chime Debit Card to Cash application.

Another question you could ask is whether Chime can work in conjunction with money transfer Zelle. This can be a little more complex. This is covered in this article on whether it’s possible to utilize Chime in conjunction with Zelle.

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Method 1: Link Chime to the Cash App (using Chime Debit CardChime Debit Card

Chime work with Cash App

Following the instructions below, you can connect your Chime to the Cash App:

Step 1. Open The Cash App, and sign in.

Step 2. On the home screen, tap the Bank icon located in the bottom left corner.

Step 3. Click next on the option ” Link Bank” or “Add Bank”, displayed next to the Cash App Balance.

Step 4. (If you already have an account with a bank or credit card and have added a bank or card, you will see an alternative “Linked Accounts” instead. Select this option and select “Link debit card” on the next screen. If you have a debit card linked to it, just tap on the debit card’s number. to show an option on the next screen to substitute it with a different bank debit card.)

Step 5. Then enter your complete Chime Bank debit card no. When you are prompted to ” Add a Bank Account using the debit card you have,”.

Step 6. Then, enter the details of your Chime debit card, such as CVV number, expiry date, and ZIP code associated with the card.

Step 7. When you input the information and press continue, it will indicate that your debit card was linked to the debit card.

That’s it. Now you connected your Chime Account directly to the Cash App via it being linked to your debit card.

Method 2: How to connect the Chime account to the Cash App [without debit card[Without debit card]

Follow the steps below to connect your Chime account with Cash App:

  1. On your Cash App home screen, click on the Bank icon in the lower-left
  2. You will see the current balance of your Cash App. Select”Link Bank,” “Link Bank”, or “Add Bank” below this balance.
  3. (If you’ve already added an account with a bank or credit card and already added a bank or card, you will see an alternative “Linked Accounts” instead. Select this option and select “Link Bank” on the next screen. If you already have an active account at a bank linked, tap on the active bank’s name to see an option to substitute it with another one. )
  4. This will offer you the possibility of adding your bank account to your debit card. If you don’t wish to use the Bank debit card, click on the “No Card” option on the left-hand side.
  5. On the Next Screen, You will have the option to connect to your bank account by using the username you have chosen and your password. Select “Continue” Here.
  6. Then, you will need to select Chime bank from the list of banks shown.
  7. Then it will prompt for your Chime bank account’s online credentials, such as user name and password, and then click “Submit.”
  8. The next step is to verify your Bank Account by entering a two-factor credential, i.e. code that you send to your mobile phone number via text message.
  9. After entering the code, click continues, and it will inform you that the Chime bank is linked successfully.

The Benefits of Chime & Cash App

The cash in your Chime app accounts will be FDIC insured (through collaboration that you have with The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, which also are FDIC Members), and you can also earn interest on the funds. Although Cash App does not offer identical FDIC insurance, it does offer the opportunity to earn interest on the amount you have within Cash App.

Another advantage for non-tech-savvy individuals is transferring cash into the Chime Account by entering a network of retail stores (more than 90,000.) such as 7-Eleven, Walmart, Speedway and more with fees. You can also withdraw money at ATMs


It is possible to join the Chime Bank Account to Cash App. My preferred method is to connect my Chime Debit Card to Cash App, which can be used to pull funds and cash out. So, you’ll be able to reap the advantages of moving money between these applications.

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