Do You Need to Remove Elara App? How do You Remove the App in Easy Steps?

Do You Need to Remove Elara App? How do You Remove the App?

Many Windows users have discovered that the Elara application is causing numerous system issues. They claim that the application has prevented users from shutting off their computers or logging out.

Many people have asked questions about “ApntEX.exe” The file was located within the task manager. We are certain that the process was a component of the Elara application.

If you’ve faced the same issue, you’re in the right spot since we will discuss ways to get rid of the Elara application.

What exactly is the Elara Application?

Do You Need to Remove Elara App? How do You Remove the App?

Elara application is a pre-installed touchpad driver application that is typically found on Dell, Toshiba, and Sony laptops. This program is only available on laptops since its main function is to maintain the functions of a touchscreen.

The company that developed this application is a Japanese electronic firm called Alps Electric Co. The company also offers a variety of equipment that is sold to Sony, Dell, and Toshiba.

The core program is run in the background under the name Apntex.exe. It is an executable in a distinct directory of the drive system, usually at C: Program FilesApoint2k.

The task manager is located on the left. You can locate it under the tab for processes.

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Does the Elara application malware?

The primary goal of this application is to facilitate the driver’s operation of touchpads. However, since this application is creating a weird shutdown/login-logout preventing the issue, people tend to believe it is a virus.

The other reason for this is that the procedure is running in the background, and there isn’t any GUI interface for this program. This is why people are often confused about the source of this program and are afraid of their laptops being affected.

Although it is true that the original Elara application isn’t an infection and is mostly used to help support the touchscreen. There is a chance that the application could be infected or replaced by malware. This occurs after you install the executable files from third-party sources.

Therefore, it’s important to determine if you’re using the legitimate Elara application or malware.

Important note:

When you turn on Windows security enabled, your PC will be more secure and keep you updated on any suspicious files, including the app Elara.

Recently, Microsoft worked hard to improve Windows Defender, and there are many reasons to love this antivirus that is included in the OS.

A real-time security system, firewall, and cloud-based security do well in protecting your PC from being affected by malware.

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Are you not convinced by Windows Defender?

Do You Need to Remove Elara App? How do You Remove the App?

If you believe that Windows defense is not enough to safeguard your computer from malware and viruses, I suggest examining the TotalAV.

TotalAV is an easy-to-use antivirus that offers the latest protection against malware. It’s a no-cost antivirus that offers nearly all the features of Windows Defender but without real-time protection.

The Premium version comes with total protection and is superior to windows defender. The premium upgrade costs about $70-$90 and comes with different options.

Why does the Elara app prevent windows from shutting down?   

Users running an Elara software running behind the scenes may encounter issues during shutdown or login-logout times.

We can’t claim that the Elara application is the cause of this error. The errors could result from installing untrusted applications or minor hardware issues, outdated drivers, and many other issues.

There is a chance that windows won’t be able to close Elara’s background processes during the shutdown and could be a factor in the prevention of shutdown.

In general, if a program is deemed vulnerable to attack by the operating system, it will not allow your windows to close. The OS will notify users of the risky background task in this scenario.

It’s not the Elara app; as per the suggestions of your operating system, you must turn off this Elara driver or update it to the most recent version. If the issue continues, you should uninstall the Elara application and observe the changes.

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Is it possible to deactivate the Elara application?

Do You Need to Remove Elara App? How do You Remove the App?

Let me inform you that you can disable/delete the Elara application. However, this removal could result in your laptop’s touchpad malfunctioning.

Instead, adhere to the registry modification instructions I have provided in this article. Users of Manu tried this method and are still happy with the results of resolving this issue.

You can also take out the Elara application completely from your computer and check if the touchpad functions correctly or not. If you experience any problems with your touchpad, restart the drivers and restore everything.

Remove the app called Elara from your device.

To eliminate the app Elara from your system:

  1. Navigate through the controls on the menu bar at the top—select features and programs.
  2. Find the Elara application program in the list of programs installed.
  3. If the program is installed, choose it and click to uninstall.

If you are unable to locate the Elara application on the list of programs that are installed, then look into these three possible solutions to Elara application removal:

  • Temporary suspension for Elara application.
  • Configure the Elara application to remove automatically.
  • Update driver for the touchpad.
  • The complete demise of the Elara application.

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How do I temporarily end the Elara app?

It is necessary to follow the easy steps for you to interrupt the Elara app from running temporarily.

It’s still worth it to determine if Elara or another program is hindering the Windows shutdown process from happening.

Follow the steps below;

  • Open Task Manager Click “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”
  • Select”Process” under the ” Process” tab to display the list of applications running within the background.
  • Choose ” ApntEX.exe” from that list.
  • Select ” End Task” to end the Elara application temporarily.

How do I Set Elara to Auto-remove?

It is possible to automatically set your computer to remove the Elara application with the aid of an editor for the registry. It’s not a safe option, but it will automatically allow the entire procedure to eliminate the apps that hinder your PC from closing down.

It is essential to have an archive of your Windows registry before making any modifications. The errors can be corrected. However, if you don’t want to alter your registry, it will increase your workload.

It’s a high-risk, high-return method to remove viruses off your PC. This process requires system scans using an antivirus program that is reputable, like Windows Defender, TotalAV, and Avast, to just a few.

  • Click on the ” Run” dialog box (Windows + R)
  • Enter ” Regedit” and then press enter or click ” OK.”
  • The registry editor should be on the current user’s “Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” address.
  • You need to navigate to this address ” HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.”
  • You can right-click on the left panel and choose the New tab when you are there. Then select DWORD (32-bit). Then, right-click on the panel and select New >> DWORD (32 bit.
  • Set the value name to AutoEndTasks and the Value data to 1.
  • Maintain the radio button base in Hexadecimal.
  • Then, click “OK.”.

Then, that’s it. Shut down the Windows registry editor and verify if the fix did the trick. If the issue is resolved, it won’t cause any problems when the windows shut down.

How do I update the touchpad driver?

The update of the driver for the touchpad will also help fix the Elara application that prevents the PC from shutting down. Install the current Windows updates, and then try installing the driver for the touchpad.

You can check for updates and then install all the updates that you believe are necessary to your OS.

To update the driver for your touchpad, navigate to the device manager, and then under “Mice and other devices for pointing,” select the input device ELAN for updating.

In accordance with the Laptop model, you might see Synaptics PS2 as an alternative to the ELAN input device. If so, make sure that you update the.


How to remove the Elara app on safe mode with networking enabled?    


To complete this process, it is necessary to go through two separate steps: first, secure start your computer with network enable, then analyze your PC using TOTAL AV or another trusted antivirus software.

Step 1 (Apply safe Boot using networking)

You can choose between two methods to complete this initial step. First, (using system configuration).

  • Start the RUN dialog box and then type MSConfig.
  • This is the Windows System Configuration window that will be opened.
  • Click and click on the tab called Boot. On the boot tab, then look for the Safe Boot option.
  • Under safe Boot, select the network.
  • Make sure not to press “Apply.”

#(The alternative approach) is

  • Click the Power button while you are on your login screen. After that, press the “Shift” button and press ” Shift.”
  • Hit ” Restart
  • Choose Troubleshoot Advanced options > Start setting.
  • When your PC goes active, you can choose ” Enable safe mode using networking” in “Startup options.”

After you have completed this step, you have to eliminate the associated files to the malware. To do this, you have to download a reliable anti-malware application.

You can download with an internet browser as long as you’re on the network in an allowed mood.

We recommend that you run an extensive system scan with an effective anti-malware program like Total AVG and Kaspersky Total Security. When the antivirus software detects ELara in its malware scan, it will delete the Elara application.

Closing up

Be aware that Elara comes as a pre-installed application within Windows; therefore, eliminating it or deactivating it can cause issues with touchpad functions. Be sure to have a mouse in the backup.

However, Windows 10 comes with efficient drivers for touchpads, so there is no need for any application as a driver for touchpads that its manufacturer has used.

However, before you remove the Elara application entirely, you must verify the Windows 10 version is currently being used. I hope this guide will aid you in fixing the issue and then removing the Elara app from your Windows.

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