Do the Movie Cars have sidewalks?

Do the movie cars have sidewalks?

What’s happening in ‘Cars Land? This is the question I’ve been asking myself repeatedly, but I cannot answer it. If you’re happy with Pixar’s “Cars” films and the world the characters live in, then stop reading now. There’s nothing you can look at here. But Do the movie cars have sidewalks?

If you’re like me but find the real world lightning McQueen and Mater reside in utterly confusing and confusing, then you should join me on a ton of ranting that will likely lead you to think too deeply about a ridiculous children’s film.

The world of “Cars” is a complete mystery to me. I was recently dragged back into my crazed musings after I found some thoughts on the page of Locke Peterseim on Facebook. Peterseim is a film blogger who blogs for Redbox’s movie blog called the Redblog. After re-watching ‘ Cars 2 the film, he brought several questions back to the forefront of my head that I had first asked when I first saw the original ‘Cars film.

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Do the movie cars have sidewalks?

Questions like: Why do the place these cars reside within have sidewalks? This is a simple question that doesn’t have a definitive answer. Sidewalks aren’t needed in a world populated by autonomous cars, aren’t they? Particularly since the sidewalks appear to be the same size about the film scale as the sidewalks we have in the real world.

As we continue with the size issue, how large do stadiums have to accommodate thousands of parking cars? I’m not sure how big the stadium would need to be compared to the stadiums we construct with tiny seats arranged together. And then there are the bathrooms that cars move into as well as out. These must be enormous. That raises the question of why cars need bathrooms in the first place. Yes, it’s easy funny, but why do these vehicles line up in bathrooms? What’s the purpose of the bathroom?

Did there ever exist any organic animal species on the set of Cars World? In the very first film but they’re also cars. There are trees, plants and the like; therefore, there are some living organisms in this world. But, no living organism can catch up with cars to control the world with supreme precision.

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In a world populated by automobiles, how did they get their shape? Naturally, they have to be built by an outside party, don’t you think? There’s a plotline about Lightning McQueen being attracted to Sally in the movie’s first film, and that raises an entirely other question about whether or not cars appear to have sexual relations.

Are they? Are all cars made in some kind of factory operating like the God of the car? God? Why do we end up with so many kinds of vehicles, and who decides the kinds of cars they’ll be? All of this assumes that there’s no way for two cars to reproduce with one another. If there is a possibility, then I have difficulty explaining how it occurs. Something to do with the exhaust pipes and pistons, I’m guessing.

In the film ‘Cars 2’ there’s a reference to fossil fuels. Living organisms can have only made these in the Cars World at some point. What happened to these beings? Did they have dinosaurs? If so, could they have been engineered to look like cars if you were to meet them?

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I could go. I can go on and about this world which seems completely impossible. It’s even more unlikely than, for instance, an environment populated by superheroes or one in which monsters actually exist. The most important issue is that vehicles are not living beings and aren’t able to reproduce. If you think about it, this puts the whole world upside down.

Who is making the automobiles? Who is playing God on Cars World? To me, this is a much more intriguing story than a ‘Cars’ film rather than being able to watch Larry the Cable Guy pretend to be funny for the duration of 90 minutes.

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