Discord Error 96: How to Fix It On Your App

Discord Error 96

Unable to open file: Bad Activity result code: 96. For request code: 800

Are you seeing this Discord Error 96 code when you try to edit your profile picture, crop it, or change server icons?

You can now personalize Discord by adding a picture to your profile or changing your avatar. Why is Discord preventing you from adding a profile photo to your account?

This easy-to-follow guide will help you understand what Discord Error 96 is and what you can do about it.

What is Discord error number 96?

Discord Error 96: How to Fix It On Your App

Discord error 96 occurs when Discord attempts to use the in-app crop function to create a profile photo for your account.

This error code may also appear when you attempt to change the server icon.

An error code is when the information required to complete an action is not available to the Discord server due to a lost connection or a glitch in the app.

Why can’t Discord allow me to crop my PFP

Before we get into the Discord error code 96 when you try to crop your profile photo, please confirm that you haven’t tried to change it too often in a short time.

Discord allows users to update their profile pictures only two times in a matter of minutes. Once you hit the third time, your account will be locked.

How long does Discord PFP cooldown last?

You will need to wait 5 min until you can make any more changes if you realize that you have changed your profile photo twice.

How can I fix Discord error number 96?

Discord Error 96: How to Fix It On Your App

Discord error 96 is not an official solution. However, some troubleshooting options can be used to resolve this issue when editing your profile image.

Fix 1.

This error code is most commonly seen on mobile devices. Discord can be deleted to get rid of the problem.

Step 1. Open Files and locate the File Manager App.’

Step 2. Locate Photos’

Step 3. Now, search for the Discord File and delete it once you have found it.

Fix 2.

Discord can be removed from your device and reinstalled. This will restore any data that was downloaded.

Step 1. Take the app from your device

Step 2 Open your App Store to download Discord again

After the app has been downloaded, restart your phone and open the app again to disconnect the connection.

Fix 3. Use Google drive

According to reports, uploading your profile photo from Google Drive can help you avoid the error 96 code when you try to crop your image for your profile.

You can upload your photo via Google Drive, not from your camera roll.

Fix 4.

It is important that you have the most recent versions of Discord and your operating system.

Apps and systems continue to be updated in order to improve their performance and eliminate any bugs.

Click on the Update option for Discord to install the latest versions.

Fix 5.

Discord users cannot fix the Discord Error 96 because there is no official fix.

This will ensure that your app connects successfully to the Internet and is able to reach the Discord server without interruptions.

Discord can reset its network to improve its connection speed and get a cleaner connection.

To ensure that your internet speed is sufficient, you can visit this page.

Step 1. Reset the WiFi router by turning it off and unplugging

Step 2. Connect it back in after 2-3 min

Reset your internet connection if you are using your mobile phone. Enable Airplane Mode’ and wait a few minutes before turning it off again.

Discord is a service that allows you to communicate with other people.

Discord issues can manifest in many ways (e.g. Error 96).

Server issues are internal problems that you cannot fix.

This link will allow you to keep track of Discord’s server status.

If you’re a regular user, you can stay up-to-date with Discord’s status by clicking here and signing up to be notified when Discord goes down.


Discord is an app that creates communities among people from all over the globe. Users can interact with each other and play any game they want.

Discord is improving the user experience with in-game overlays. This allows someone to continue chatting to their friend even while they are playing a game.

You want to be able to set up your Discord profile the way you like it.

We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding why Error96 was displayed and how to fix it.

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