Differences between wizardry 7 and gold

Differences between wizardry 7 and gold

Wizardry VII, Crusaders of the Dark Savant, formerly known as Wizardry, Crusaders of the Dark Savant, was the seventh title in the Wizardry role-playing video game series from Sir-Tech Software, Inc., following Wizardry 8 (and succeeding Wizardry VI, Bane of the Cosmic Forge).

It is also part of the ‘Dark Savant Trilogy’. Sir-Tech published the game, which was originally developed for DOS. Sir-Tech remade it in 1992 as Wizardry Gold. It is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Macintosh and was distributed worldwide by Interplay.

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Crusaders of the Dark Savant has a first-person view. Each party member’s character portraits can be seen alongside the game world. Movements are tile-based. Players can only turn 90deg increments. The game had modern VGA displays. There were also sound cards and synthesized background music. The player could use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the user interface.

Differences between wizardry 7 and gold

The only difference I could see was that Wiz 7 Gold ran in Windows 98, while Wiz 7 required a Patch. And that the music for Gold was far more bad than the music that was available for the original. My vote remains for the original flavor.

Wizardry VII, Crusaders of the Dark Savant (or Wizardry Gold) has the same storyline. However, the interface and illustrations may differ slightly. Because there were several different ending points in Wizardry VI, this game has different starting points.

These differences do not alter the plot of Wizardry VII. One way or another, the party finds themselves on a spaceship landing in Guardia to search for the Astral Dominae, also sought after by an archvillain called the Dark Savant.

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They discover the artifact and are forced to give it to the Dark Savant as a trade for Vi Domina’s freedom. Vi and the rest of the party end the game on a starship that follows the Dark Savant onto the planet Dominus. There they will meet in Wizardry 8.

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