Did Moana Die in the Storm? Theory Explained  

Did Moana Die in the Storm

Since the film’s release in November 2016, Moana has received an astonishment of praise from critics. Moana grossed more than $645 million globally and won several nominations for awards, including Best Animated Feature. It’s safe to say that Moana is among the most loved Disney films. The reality that it’s based upon the actual history and culture of Polynesian islands makes it more worth the time to watch. The plot is about Moana, the strong-willed daughter of the Polynesian village chief who’s set to set sail on the ocean to find a goddess named Te Fiti and a mysterious Relic.

Did Moana Die in the Storm? Moana sets sail across the ocean in search of Maui but encounters a massive storm. After being damaged by the typhoon, Moana finds herself on an isolated island and can only interact alongside gods and non-human beings. This leads to a question that must be asked: Did Moana Die in the Storm?

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While Disney did not confirm it in the light of popular theories, Moana was killed in the hurricane that shook the island at the start of the film. This is because after being sunk by a ship, Moana only communicates with her grandmother’s deceased relatives and gods, demigods and other mythological beings ( such as Te Ka and Maui), which is a pretty clear indication that she may have died. Another possibility suggests that Moana is in purgatory or the mythological realm of gods and that Maui acts as her Guardian Angel. If Maui is indeed her guardian angel, this film may tell the story of her trip to heaven (Heaven ).

Although Disney is known for its children’s favorite all-time classics, There are usually more sinister theories that lurk below the surface. If you’re curious whether Moana is alive or dead is dead or alive, you’ve come to the right location. Read on to learn whether Moana passed away during the storm!

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So what, did Moana perish during the hurricane?

Through its focus on bravery and self-discovery, Moana is a movie that has dramatically changed from other fairytales. However, despite the positive messages of the Disney film, the people who watch it are frequently left thinking that it may be concealing a more dangerous message. In every film, an unsettling fan theory is developing – and not even children’s films are safe from these!

Did Moana Die in the Storm?

According to fandom theories, Moana dies in the film’s first scene when we glimpse her face in the wreckage. After we see her disappear into the dark ocean and then the next frame, we see Moana being stranded on an island along with Maui. Also, following the ship’s sinking, Moana is only seen interacting with non-human animals like demigods, gods and other mythological characters. Only one exception to this is her defunct grandmother, which could mean that she has passed away.

The notion of Moana’s apparent suicide is further supported because she can easily access places that mortals aren’t able to, like Lalotai and the Realm of Monsters. At certain points, Maui starts hinting that she could be a demigod herself because no normal mortal would be able to endure what she went through. There’s a choice – she did not survive at all.

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Not only is it true that normal human beings wouldn’t be able to withstand a typhoon aboard an ordinary wooden boat, but they wouldn’t be able to cover this distance with so ease. In the Movie, Moana demonstrates superhuman abilities and is never injured, even in circumstances that could kill humans of ordinary age.

Moana is led in the direction of the spirits of her grandmother’s passing, Tala.

Before confronting Te Ka, Moana is brought back to her late grandmother, who is showing her gratitude as the glowing blue ghost of a stingray. Tala, her grandmother and Moana frequently communicate. While this does not necessarily mean that Moana was dead because ghosts are believed to be able to reveal their ghostly selves to humans, it could suggest that Moana may have also passed away. What made the fans reconsider the situation was the possibility that Moana may have had a conversation with her parents in the aftermath of an event, which might prove that she was dead.

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After Tala’s demise, she offers Moana an item that is said to hold Te Fiti’s soul. The necklace is believed to be the one thing that could revive Te Fiti and thus, save Mott’s life. The necklace is believed to have the ability to create new life, which is a factor in the fan theories about Moana’s resurrection.

Many fans believe that Moana is dead in the middle of the film but is brought back into life at the film’s conclusion. The only remaining mystery has to be Hei Hei, Her chicken companion who is with her throughout her adventures through the Polynesian islands.

To unravel the mystery surrounding Hei Hei, The people have concluded that he may be a spiritual guide. Or even a god since the guy could be able to survive anything she went through. While he appears to be without issue, It is believed that the role he plays is significant in the story of Moana’s journey.

Moana with her chicken Hei Hei.


It is impossible to be 100 percent certain that Moana actually died at the start of the Movie since Disney has not confirmed the story in full. We can only speculate if she was dead and returned to life at the end or was dead all the time she was traveling across the Pacific Ocean. If the idea of Moana’s death at the beginning of the Movie is true, the theories that people came up with seem plausible.

It’s possible Tala, who was nearing the point of dying herself, was able to see Moana in the sky and was able to gift her a necklace that had the ability to restore her to the world. Also, if Maui was really Moana’s guardian angel mission of transporting the princess towards Te Fiti could represent the angel taking her to heaven. It’s possible that the entire movie was about her journey to the afterlife.

In the end, Disney likely chose to give this story a deeper meaning that is only understood by investigating the hidden metaphors and implications.

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