How To Delete POF Account | Can You Remove Your Plenty Of Fish Dating Profile?

Delete POF Account

Be sure to unsubscribe from any paid subscriptions with Plenty of Fish prior to deciding to remove your account.

  • You can remove the account on your Plenty of Fish profile by using your My Profile page on the site.
  • If you wish to stop for a short period of time using the service for dating You can remove your profile by using your Profile Setting for Visibility.
  • Make sure you unsubscribe from any paid subscriptions you’ve got before you cancel your account.

Plenty of Fish also called in shorthand POF, is a well-known dating site with both free and paid membership levels. Similar to most apps deletion, it does not erase your profile or end your account, therefore If you don’t want to join the site ensure that you take care to deal your account prior to deciding to end your use of the application.

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How do you delete your Plenty of Fish profile?

If you’re ready go away from Plenty of Fish for good then you can completely delete your account. It’s permanent -once you delete your account it is impossible to recover your account, so make certain that this is what you’d like to do. When you delete your profile, all of your conversations, connections as well as other information in Plenty of Fish are removed in addition.

1. Open Plenty of Fish in a browser on the internet and sign in to your account if you don’t already.

2. At the top of the page Click My Account followed by, within the drop-down menu, select My Profile..

3. Click the Settingstab.

4. In the Delete Account section, click Delete Account .

5. Complete the short survey on the reason you’re deactivating your account.

You’ll find the option to delete your account in the Settings section of your profile page.

A quick tip The deletion of your account will not cancel your subscription, so make certain to delete your profile prior to deleting your profile.

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How do you conceal Your Lots of Fish profile

If you’d like to move out of Plenty of Fish, but without eliminating the account completely, the platform offers the option to temporarily block your profile. You’ll be able to login to your account, however your profile is removed from the app as well as the website, which means that other users will not be able to view or connect to your profile.

1. Open Plenty of Fish in a browser on the internet and sign in to your account if you don’t already.

2. At the top of the page Click My Account after which, under the drop-down menu, select My Profile..

3. In the Profile Visibility section, on the right-hand part of the screen, select “Hide Profile”.

To temporarily take a break from POF, use the Hide Profile option on your Profile page.Dave Johnson

How can you end the of Fish subscription? of Fish subscription

You can end the Plenty of Fish subscription at anytime, but bear in mind that the cost of subscription isn’t prorated. This means that you’ll be able to access to the benefits of the subscription up to the expiration of the period that you’ve paid for but you will not be eligible for an amount back for any time that you haven’t used.

1. Open your Plenty of Fish account page and sign in when required.

2. Click Premiumat the top of the page.

3. Click Click here to allow your upgrade to expire.

If you have subscribed for Plenty of Fish on the iPhone or Android then you’ll have to cancel your subscription on the same device.

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If you subscribed with the iPhone:

1. Start the Settingsapp and tap your Apple ID name at the top of the page.

2. Tap Subscriptions.

3. Tap your Plenty of Fish subscription Scroll down to the bottom and then select cancel subscription.

If you subscribed to Plenty of Fish on your iPhone, use the Subscriptions option in Settings to cancel the subscription.

If you have subscribed with Google Play:

1. Start the Google Play Store app.

2. Tap your profile image in the upper-right corner.

3. Select Payment and Subscriptions before tapping Subscribers.4. Tap your Plenty of Fish subscription, scroll down, and then select to cancel your subscription..

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