Creditntell to Acquire MTN Retail Advisors

Creditntell to Acquire MTN Retail Advisors

Creditntell is a Great Neck, NY-based information services and data analytics firm that purchased MTN Retail Advisors, a Salt Lake City, UT-based company that provides research on grocery stores and data across the country.

The value of the transaction was not made public.

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Creditntell to Acquire MTN Retail Advisors

As a result of the acquisition, Creditntell will expand its data collection and analytics services to include store-level sales of groceries, providing a distinct advantage to its customers. Doug Munson and John Tippetts, Principal Owners of MTN Retail Advisors, will join the executive team of Creditntell. They will also grow MTN’s advisory services that provide deep-dive analysis services to the credit bank’s customer base.

MTN Retail Advisors is the market leader in research on grocery retail and data across the country. The company’s market analysis, including store-level grocery sales reports, is available to customers across the entire value chain of retail. The firm’s experts employ a boots-on-the-ground method to collect data at nearly every major grocer within the U.S., producing accurate data from more than 36,000 points of contact.

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Creditntell provides financial, credit, and geospatial data to customers, including retailers, consumer product companies, real estate owners in the retail sector, investors, and lenders. Alongside its twin companies, F&D Reports, ARMS, and AggData, The company’s offerings give customers a complete perspective of retail and retailer real estate’s performance and opportunities crucial due to the huge $4T U.S. retail and $2.5T retail real estate industries.

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