Create your next big idea using Cloudflare Pages

Create your next big idea using Cloudflare Pages

Have you ever experienced an idea that sparked your imagination to start a new project? It’s that feeling you get when you’ve got an idea that’s great that is bigthat you are unable to shake? All you can think about is sticking your fingers to the keyboard and hacking away? Making a website requires the courage, imagination, passion and determination. With Cloudflare Pages, we believe that nothing will be in the way of the goal.

Particularly not a price tag.

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Create your next big idea using Cloudflare Pages

Big ideas

We created Pages to be the heart of your developer experience . an opportunity for you to begin quickly without having to think about the burden of creating a fullstack application. Just a quick commit to your git service provider or an immediate transfer to our system and your powerful and rich website is pushed out through Our network of more than 270 data centers in just a few seconds. In addition, we designed Pages to grow with you when you expand exponentially, without having to pay an unexpected cost.

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The limit isn’t there.

We’re a platform that’s fully invested in your dreams however crazy and crazy (the most successful ones typically are!). For many areas of Pages, we want your experience to be unlimited.

Unlimited requests: As your idea grows, so does your traffic. While millions and thousands of users visit your website, Pages is prepared to manage all your visitors at no extra cost to you, even when millions become billions.

Unlimited bandwidth. As traffic expands, you’ll require more bandwidth. With Pages, we’ve got. If your website explodes in popularity on one day then the next day shouldn’t be a cause of panic because of a costly cost. This should instead be a time filled with celebration and joy. We’ll provide unlimited bandwidth, to ensure that you focus on moving toward the right.

Unlimited seats for free In the wake of a growing popularity of apps, it’s bound to require more people working on your project. We’ve seen it happen. good ideas don’t come from one individual but rather a group of individuals. We’re committed to being there throughout the entire process alongside every person you’d like to take this journey together. If your team expands, it doesn’t mean that your costs have to increase.

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Unlimited projects: With just one good idea, there are lots more to follow. With Pages you can create the projects you’d like. Keep the ideas coming! Every idea may not turn out to be the best one. We’ve seen this! Try out your ideas privately in org-owned repositories for no cost! Explore a variety of frameworks for development until you’ve discovered the ideal combination to your concept. Try your ideas locally with Our Integration with Wrangler to make sure you’re certain of what you are going to release into the world.

Simple, quick and no cost integrations that are quick, easy and free

Workers: Transform your concept out of static and into dynamic using Pages integrated connection to Cloudflare Workers, our servers-free functions service. Upload your functions to your folder of functions and place them along with your static assets with no additional setup required! We introduced the built-in functionality of Cloudflare Workers back in November. Since then, we have revealed framework-based integrations for Remix, Sveltekit and Qwik and are currently developing fullstack support to Next.js by the end of the next year!

Cloudflare Access working with more than a single team of developers? Make sure to notify marketing and product managers by using a unique preview URL for each deployment. What’s more? You can protect your preview links by using the native connection using Cloudflare Access for no cost. In one click, you can forward your most recent version without worrying about getting in the in the wrong hands.

Custom domains: For every Pages project, you will receive an absolutely free subdomain to launch the project. If you’re ready for the big event with built-in SSL support for SaaS take the idea to life using the creation of a custom domain on its own!

Web Analytics Web Analytics: When launch day arrives, make sure to check out how it’s performing with our comprehensive and secure connection to Cloudflare’s Web Analytics. Monitor every one of your websites’ progress and performance, as well as the metrics of your traffic and essential web-related information in just one click. entirely with our side!

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Fast and slick performance.

The greatest part? Our generous free tier never means compromising site performance. Your site will be closer to users during the first day of deployment, no matter where they are located in the world. Cloudflare network spans over 270 cities around the world, and your site will be distributed to each of them much faster than you could declare “it’s time to go”. It’s not necessary to pick a region for your deployments. We would like you to cover them all , and even more precise, so your idea is able to truly take off worldwide.

What else?

The development of your idea on Pages is only the beginning of what your project will evolve into. In the near future, you will be able to expect extensive integrations with our latest Cloudflare storage options such as R2 Our object storage service that has no fees for egress (open beta) and D1, the first SQL database that runs on the edges (private Beta).

We’ve spoken about the possibility of the creation of your entire platform on Cloudflare. We’re redesigning this experience to be more user-friendly and more effective.

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