Core Keeper Edge Of Map

Core Keeper Edge Of Map

Core Keeper is a colossal game that lands you on an unimaginative map. Every new world you design is generated procedurally by the game’s algorithm, and its position of bosses, resources, and locations shift around, making it feel fresh.

This guide will explain how large the world map of Core Keeper is, so it is easy to tell if you’ve gone far enough or not enough.

What is the dimension of the map that is in Core Keeper?

The map of Core Keeper is almost endless and we are unable to give a figure on the exact dimensions. It is possible to dig in any direction for miles and then continue. The only barriers that are not breakable are the ones that lead to areas that the developer Pugstorm hasn’t yet included.

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For instance, The Sunken Sea update included a huge new biome to explore, but it was not the final chapter in developing the game. Prior to the time when The Sunken Sea was released the players could not go through the wall that led to the new biome and even after the launch, players were not able to explore another biome.

This is due to the fact that certain biomes have been selected by hand to be the basis for new biomes which will be added later on in development, while other biomes don’t have this restriction, which means players are able to dig for hours in certain directions, based on the design of the bosses and locations named.

Is the map of Core Keeper infinite?

The Core Keeper map can be endless because it can be generated procedurally as an entirely new world that is filled with possibilities. It’s just a matter of digging to find the possibilities. In early access, some biomes will block certain routes, making the map feel smaller.

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But once the game is fully launched it will allow players to explore for a long time and never be able to come across an edge that hinders their progression. It could be changed in the event that Pugstorm decides to set an upper limit on the size of the world but it is unlikely to occur until the game’s final launch.

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