Today, many women are choosing to go to college and pursue higher education. These women are often single mothers or married mothers raising their children.

For most people, attending school can be expensive. It can also prove prohibitive for mothers with child-related expenses. Students can get student loans to help them pay for higher education.

There are many grants and scholarships available to pregnant mothers, as well as mothers with children. Scholarships and grants, unlike student loans, provide money for college that doesn’t need to be repaid later. It can be easier to get a college degree by looking into the various scholarships and grants available to pregnant women and mothers with children.

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Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships

Women who are U.S. citizens and meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the Jeannette Rankin Scholarships.

  • Are 35 years old or older
  • are low-income
  • Learn how a college education can benefit you
  • Are enrolled in or enrolled in a program leading to a technical certification, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

¬†Interested candidates can apply directly to Jeannette Ranin Foundation between November & February. The application can be completed at the foundation’s website at or submitted via mail.

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S.W.E. Scholarship Program

S.W.E. scholarships are available to women enrolled in programs focusing on engineering, computer science, or engineering technology. Each summer, there are many scholarships and grants available to students who are sophomore, junior, senior, or grad students in accredited programs. Endowed scholarships, corporate scholarships, grants, and grants are all options for financial support. provides information about scholarships and grants for interested women.

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Emerge Scholarship Program

Since 2001, the Emerge Scholarship program has helped women pay college tuition. This program helps women who have had important real-life experiences, such as stay-at-home mothers or women considering changing careers. It also assists women who did not have the chance to go to college sooner or who are otherwise non-traditional students.

The scholarships cannot be used to supplement living expenses and tuition. More information can be learned about the program by visiting

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Single parents who live in Arkansas’s 70 counties can apply for this scholarship. This program helps single parents with lower incomes find financial aid to pay for college and to find better jobs to support their families once they graduate.

Since 1990, more than 30,000 scholarships have been awarded. This amounts to $16 million in scholarship funds for students and potential students in need. provides information about the program and a way to apply for a scholarship.

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Patsy Takemoto Mink Scholarship to Low-Income Women

Congresswoman Patsy Takemoto mink founded this scholarship program in 2003. Congresswoman Mink has been a tireless advocate for education and support resources for low-income women throughout her career. Her foundation provides financial aid to low-income women who are enrolled in higher education or specialized training programs.

Each year, the number and Amount of awards awarded will differ. Five scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each will also be available for 2012. If you are interested in learning more about this program, you can visit

The R.O.S.E. Scholarship

The R.O.S.E. is available to single mothers and pregnant women who have been harmed by domestic violence. Scholarship. This financial aid is intended to assist survivors of domestic violence in improving their lives through the promotion of higher education.

This scholarship program is for students who are currently enrolled at a New England higher education institution and have completed one year of undergraduate courses. Only tuition and fees will be eligible for scholarship funds. Learn more about this program at

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Pell Grants

Pell Grants can be applied for by any college student who has demonstrated financial need. Pell Grants are a need-based federal program. This makes them best suited to low-income people. The maximum reward amount is $5,000 per semester for those who are eligible.

You can apply online for financial student aid by filling out the Free Application for Financial Student Aid. Students should check application deadlines to ensure funds are available for the next semester.

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Academic Competitiveness Grant

 The federal government offers students the chance to receive college funds through the Academic Compatibility Grant (or A.C.G.). This grant can be combined with Pell Grants. The A.C.G., unlike Pell Grants, is performance-based. This program is for students who are in their first or second year of college. All students can apply for financial student aid by submitting a free application.

Five top scholarships for Black women

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A scholarship is a form of financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. This makes it a great way to start your search for college funding. The best thing about scholarships? They are often tailored to specific skills and backgrounds. There are many scholarships available for Black women, including those for women who want to study science, medicine, engineering, and law. Here are some ways you can cover college tuition costs.

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