Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Raises Over $1 Billion For Inaugural Fund

Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Raises Over $1 Billion For Inaugural Fund

Climate Adaptive Infrastructure, an San Francisco, CA-based investment firm that focuses on control investments in large-scale real assets that are low-carbon in the water, clean energy, and urban infrastructure sector, has closed its initial Fund for $825 million in equity.

Alongside CAI, in addition to the Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Fund LP, CAI has an affiliated co-investment program worth more than $200 million and a total of more than $1 billion of equity that it can deploy.

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Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Raises Over $1 Billion For Inaugural Fund

The Fund was supported by an institutional set of limited partners that include foundations, endowments, insurance companies, pensions, superannuation fund, and the Fund of funds, prominent family offices, and wealthy individuals.

The vehicle is designed to target real assets that are low carbon in energy and water, as well as urban infrastructure.

So far, CAI has deployed 39 percent of its Fund on three investment types, including:

  • Intersect Power, a clean energy company that offers low-carbon energy, fuels, and other products to customers in North America;
  • Sentinel Energy Center, a Critical Peaking Power 850 MW plant located in Riverside, California; and
  • Rye Development is a US producer of low-impact hydropower generation and pumped-hydro storage for energy.

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In 2019 by its Managing Partners Bill Green, CAI became an infrastructure investment firm specializing in low-carbon real assets within the water, energy, and urban infrastructure sector. The company seeks investment opportunities across the core infrastructure assets to improve the health and sustainability of the world’s huge and increasing population.

CAI invests, finance and constructs, and manages its investments by using carbon-based screens and other metrics designed to boost the return on investment and reduce carbon emissions.

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