Cision Acquires Factmata

Cision, the Chicago, Illinois-based provider of an extensive communication platform, was acquired by Factmata Limited in London, United Kingdom. Monitoring and monitoring news media, social networks, and analytics software that uses AI.

The price of the deal wasn’t made public.

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Cision Acquires Factmata

Through the acquisition, Cision will broaden its offerings.

CEO Antony Cousins lead the company; Factmata provides a platform for technology that gives reliable and objective information that helps companies, brands and companies comprehend the internet and the conversations that are gaining momentum. The company uses AI to uncover the stories driving online conversations, allowing it to spot dangerous and dangerous narratives sooner than human eyes can and to determine the most influential people who are driving conversations and their stance.

Cision and Factmata Limited -showing the latest technology in news and social data monitoring for media and analysis using AI.

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Cision is a complete communication platform that enables more than 100,000 marketers and public relations experts worldwide to better understand the power of their own stories. Cision allows communication to operate strategically in media, where success for companies is directly affected by public opinions.

Cision is a portfolio company that is part of Platinum Equity, has offices in 24 countries across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and offers a variety of solutions that include PR Newswire, MultiVu, Brandwatch, Cision Communications Cloud(r) and Cision Insights.

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