Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias: Missing or Found: Where is Susan Zaharias Now?

Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias: Missing or Found: Where is Susan Zaharias Now?

If Louis Zaharias left for work in the morning of November in 1987, he did not realize that it was the last time he’d see his two young children, Christopher and Lisa Mae. Susan and his husband’s relationship had ended a few years ago, leading to her taking a major step, and disappearing with their two young children. Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries” refers to this incident while discussing about children who were abducted in the hands of their fathers. In light of the complicated circumstances surrounding Christopher and Lisa’s mysterious disappearance, we conducted some research. We’ve uncovered the truth!

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What Happened to Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias?

Christopher, as well as Lisa Mae Zaharias, were born to Louis and Susan Zaharias on March 25 1984, and August 18 in 1986, respectively. The family lived in Santa Ana, California; the oldest Zaharias child was 3years old and his younger sister was days old by the time they vanished. Louis and Susan had been in the midst of severe divorce for a long time and recently divorced. The former was reported to have blamed his ex-wife’s suspected drug use to their separation and claimed that it caused significant financial difficulties for the couple.

On the 20th of November in 1987 Louis as well as Susan seemingly were in a heated dispute in the morning and both went to work. Then, Susan reportedly pushed her ex-husband’s mom down the stairs, leaving the home with Christopher and Lisa Mae. According to reports, her aunt Shirley Cann, and her grandmother, Louise Hettinger, were able to help in the formulation and execution of the plan.

Later, they drove them to her destination at the airport. Susan and her children were transferred to another family member in Oklahoma. When Louis returned home to find the kids missing and the kids missing, he immediately called the authorities.

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Are Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias Found or Missing?

Unfortunately, Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias remain missing, and Louise is still searching for them with the help of the police as well as other agencies. However, there were a few glimpses of them with Susan during the time following their disappearance. An official source suggested that the group went from Lake Elsinore, California, shortly after their disappearance and then stayed with a family member in Pennsylvania. Additionally, they visited family members from Detroit, Michigan, from December 1987 until 1988.

Additionally, some people claimed that they saw Susan as well as her children at times in New Jersey and Washington. In addition, she was isolated throughout Oklahoma and Michigan as well, and the authorities suggest that she and her Zaharias siblings maybe with different relatives in Northern California as well as Canada. Incredibly, Klein Investigations and Consulting (KIC), a private investigative firm based in Texas, has also discovered evidence suggesting that Susan and her children may have been in the state.

Additionally, KIC believes she is still in contact with her relatives who could have assisted in tracing her trail. While the majority of leads have ended in an end in a dead-end, Louis refuses to lose the hope of finding them and has dedicated his entire life to locating Christopher as well as Lisa Mae and bringing them home.

It’s been 35 years since the last time he saw his children and he’s teamed with law enforcement officials, private investigators, and lawyers to look for every possible location that could be related to the missing. The moment is, Christopher is likely around 38 and his sister is 36.

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