Cheryl Perveler Murder: Where Are Paul Perveler and Christina Cromwell Now?

Cheryl Perveler Murder: Where Are Paul Perveler and Christina Cromwell Now?

Cheryl Perveler seemed to live the perfect life. She was only wed for seven days, and was anticipating having a blissful time with her partner. But a crime motivated by hate shattered the hopes of every woman she had ever had when Cheryl was hit in the head as she was planning to park her car within the Los Angeles, California, apartment in the year 1968.

When the police were investigating the killing of the 22-year-old the victim, they found out the slaying that occurred some time ago was closely linked to Cheryl’s death. The case is featured in Investigation Discovery’s “A Crime to Remember The Newlydeads Let’s dig into the specifics and determine where the perpetrators are now let’s get started.

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How Did Cheryl Perveler Die?

Cheryl Perveler was newly married and was just 22 in the year of her death. She lived in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and was looking at the possibility of a fulfilling relationship with him. Young and determined, Cheryl was known for being a kind and generous person who was always willing to help her fellow neighbors and welcomed everyone with a smile. There are reports that Cheryl worked as an instructor in physical education at a gym for women in Glendale However, she resigned from her job to relocate to Los Angeles with her husband.

Furthermore, as the husband of Cheryl, Paul Perveler, previously was employed by her husband’s position at the Los Angeles Police Department, their family was well acknowledged and well-liked in the community. On the 20th of April in 1968 John E. Miller, the director of the apartment in which Cheryl lived, walked into the carport at about 11:30 pm. When he got inside, he saw Cheryl’s car was running with the engine running, and he went ahead to investigate. This is when he discovered the woman bleeding from the driver’s seat . He then phoned the police.

Once first responders got to the spot, they discovered that Cheryl was alive. They did not waste time in transporting her to a local hospital. But she was unable to recover consciousness and died at the hospital on the 21st of April. The autopsy later revealed that Cheryl died after being shot twice in the head. Despite the fact that police found a gun in its purse unopened with the ammunition in good condition.

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Who is responsible for the murder of CherylPerveler?

Initial investigations into the murder of Cheryl Perveler’s death was quite difficult since the police didn’t have any suspects or witnesses to draw on. They conducted an extensive examination of the crime area, searched the surrounding area, and even questioned a few acquaintances of Cheryl but without success. Although no immediate suspects came to mind, the police had no idea why anyone would ever want to harm the young woman of 22. In the end, as a result of the investigation, police found out that Cheryl was an insurance policy that covered double indemnity and was owned by her husband Paul Perveler, was trying to get.

Although Paul appeared to be quite distraught over the loss of his wife, police investigated his past and found that he had affairs with someone called Kristina Cromwell. Paul was introduced to Christina as he began his career in the field of insurance claims and the show revealed that Christina purchased Paul two bars of alcohol to use. In 1986, one time since Paul and Christina began dating, her husband, Marlin Cromwell, met an unimaginable death after the couple’s Highland Park home was set to blaze. When the fire was put out the incident was turned into a homicide when an autopsy concluded that Marlin was killed before being burnt.

Even though Marlin Cromwell’s killers weren’t identified, Christina collected his life insurance and was not disturbed by the death of her husband. Naturally, this kind of background led police to think Paul as well as Christina of being the murderers of Cheryl as well, and their suspicions were further bolstered when Paul’s ex-wife contacted them and stated that she had been involved in an attempted to take her life. Therefore, convinced that they had sufficient circumstantial evidence to conduct an investigation, authorities decided not to delay for too long and charged Paul along with Christina for their involvement in the murder of Cheryl.

Where are Paul Perveler and Christina Cromwell Are They Today?

When they were brought to courts, Christina Cromwell and Paul Perveler agreed to not plead in the case brought against them however the jury wasn’t convinced. Christina along with Paul were each found guilty of the murder of Marlin Cromwell. Paul was also found guilty of the murder of Cheryl and his ex-wife’s attempt to murder him. In the end, Christina got a sentence of life imprisonment but with the potential of parole and Paul got sentenced to be executed in 1969.

It was in 1972 that California repealed the capital penalty in 1972 in 1972, automatically¬†altering¬†Paul’s sentences to life imprisonment and allowing him to be eligible to be paroled. In the years since, he attempted to appeal for parole several times however, the wife of his former partner was determined to hold him for life. While reports from 2017 state that Paul was not able to get parole and was presently behind prison, the current prison records do not mention Paul. However, since there is no information about his release or his death and no indication of his death, it’s likely that Paul remains in jail.

However the show noted that Christina was given parole in the year 1976. According to the show she was married to the name of Rex Rapier and settled down in Sacramento County, California. Even though Rex died in the year 2016 Christina continued to live for another year until passing away on the 16th of January in 2017, at the age 76.

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