Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 2 titled ‘Arrival in Tokyo,’ Makima takes Denji to the Tokyo headquarters of the government-sanctioned Public Safety Devil Hunters organization. After arriving she introduces him to Aki Hayakawa. The two eccentrics are assigned to collaborate. Even though they initially have a tiff, Hayakawa and Denji are soon assigned to confront an elusive thief. Here’s everything you should know about the end of the ‘Chainsaw’ episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Recap

When Denji accepts Makima’s invitation to join her team, he is snatched up to the Public Safety devil hunters. While they are on their way Makima offers him a black coat. She even offers food to the hybrid of human and devil as the devil feels hungry. But, just moments before eating the food, he collapses into Makima’s arms , probably due to blood loss. In all it, Makima is very patient and tender to Denji and extremely happy because no one has ever treated him this effectively throughout his life.

After a long trip, Makima and Denji finally arrive at their destination, the Tokyo office of Public Safety devil hunters. Makima explains to Denji that there are more than 1000 devil hunters in Tokyo, but those who belong to public safety Public Safety receive paid leaves as well as other benefits. Denji is then informed that he’ll work under Aki Hayakawa, who’s three years older than him and is not at all.

When the duo go for a patrol, Denji keeps bugging Hayakawa with inquiries about Makima. In the end, the Devil hunter is tired of him and sends him to an alley, where he beats him. He tells Denji to return and never go back, as people like him who join the Public Safety for ulterior motives end up dying very quickly. But, the rookie isn’t willing to relent and assaults his older brother just moments later.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Ending: What is a Fiend? Why Does Denji Refuse to Use His Devil Powers on One Despite Hayakawa’s Orders?

Authorities inform Hayakawa and Denji that an elusive thief threatening the public’s safety is believed to be at the vicinity of a Nerima residence. The pair immediately respond to the request and make their way to the area as fast as possible. Once they arrive, Denji and Hayakawa learn that the police have evacuated the area and that the criminal is in a second-story room.

Because Denji is still new to devil hunting He doesn’t understand what a fiend is So Hayakawa clarifies that they are devils who have possession of an unidentified corpse. Although they possess supernatural powers, their power is diminished compared to their initial devil appearance. However, just as devils can enhance their health by drinking blood, fiends can also recover like devils. There are instances where fiends are able to temporarily return to their devil-like appearance.

In addition, they all have distinctive heads, meaning that Denji isn’t one of them, since his human body does not display physical deviations. As you may have guessed the character of the fiend will be controlled by Satan. If Denji and Hayakawa discover the fiend, Hayakawa has Hayakawa instruct the former to transform into the devil and kill it , so that he can study his combat skills and determine whether he’s competent enough. However, despite his instructions, Denji uses the axe in his hand to kill the thief. Denji says to Hayakawa that he would like the demise of the thief to be painless, which is why the decision was not to pull the chainsaws.

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Who is Assigned As Denji’s Partner? Is She a Fiend?

Denji and Hayakawa are summoned to Makima’s workplace once more after their operation at Nerima. Then Denji finds out that he’s been assigned as a partner in the Public Safety’s patrol. This is when a frightened woman comes into an office, introducing her self as Power. While working with Power, Denji notices that she is possessed by a mysterious bloodlust, and discovers that she used be a dangerous demon prior to changing into a fend.

The ears on her head attract all the attention, the atypical pair is assigned to watch an area where there aren’t many pedestrians. When Power notices that blood is present in the air, she sprints to the spot together with Denji struggling to keep her pace.

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