CatalYm Closes EUR 50M Series C Financing

CatalYm Closes EUR 50M Series C Financing

CatalYm is a Munich biotechnology company based in Germany that has raised EUR50M as a Series C capital.

Brandon Capital and Jeito Capital, with participation from Forbion, Novartis Venture Fund, Vesalius Biocapital III, Bayern Kapital, BioGeneration Ventures, and Coparion, lead it. With the conclusion to the Series C financing, Dr. Jonathan Tobin, Partner at Brandon Capital, and Dr. Andreas Wallnoefer, Partner at Jeito Capital, will join CatalYm’s Board of Directors.

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CatalYm Closes EUR 50M Series C Financing

The company is planning to utilize the funds to help fund the ongoing positive clinical development of its leading candidate, visugromab. It is an anti-humanized monoclonal antibody designed to neutralize the production of tumors Growth Differentiation Factor-15 (GDF-15). GDF-15 is a major regulatory factor for the activation of immune cells and acts as an inhibitor for immune cell infiltration into cancerous tissue.

The CEO is and CEO Dr. Phil L’Huillier; CatalYm has identified GDF-15 as the central regulatory system for the immune system within the tumor’s microenvironment.

The company’s primary focus is reversed immunosuppression mediated by GDF-15 to produce an antitumoral immune response in tumors that are not responsive.

The company’s principal program, visugromab, will soon demonstrate clinical proof-of-concept for various cancers, which can broaden the scope of treatment for future immunotherapies and current ones.

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