Cargill Twins in House of the Dragon: Are the Actors Twins in Real Life?

Cargill Twins in House of the Dragon: Are the Actors Twins in Real Life?

Created by George R.R. Martin along with Ryan Condal, ‘ House of the Dragon is a prequel to ‘ Game of Thrones.’ Set about 200 years prior to the first series, ‘House of Dragon’ is a chronicle of a bloody civil war between 2 factions that make up the Targaryen dynasty. in ‘ Fire & Blood, Martin’s novel from 2018, upon which the series is the basis, the war was fought for two years and culminated in the complete destruction of the House Targaryen and the temporary demise of dragons.

The horrors of war inevitably affected the peasants and nobility. The hatred and enmity royal family members felt towards one another spread like a plague. Brothers murdered brothers, and families were completely destroyed. A subplot in the story is about the Cargill twins – Ser Arryk as well as Ser Erryk. This is all you must know about it. BOOK AND SHOW SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Who Are the Cargill Twins?

Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk Cargill make their debut in the premiere episode in the show however they’re not an integral element of the story till episode nine. In the wake of Viserys I Targaryen Otto Hightower’s death, the King’s Hand assigns the Cargill twins to find Aegon II. He is the second oldest brother of the former King and the daughter of Otto Alicent. As a result, Alicent sends out her second son Aemond and her sworn guardian Ser Criston to track down Aegon II. It’s only been a day since the death of the King. However, there’s already an ongoing power struggle. While the twin Kingsguards search for the next King from the Greens, Erryk mentions Aegon’s many vices to his brother. This conversation could create a conflict between the two brothers.

In the book, The Cargill twins take part in the event to celebrate Viserys arrival at Maidenpool in the year 105 AC and Criston is the one to unhorse them both in the jousting contest. 15 decades later, Viserys created Erryk the guardian for his daughter and the heir to Rhaenyra. For Arryk the man who was alleged to Rhaenyra and Daemon as they lay sleeping together in the year 111 AC According to the account by Septon Eustace. Court Jester Mushroom suggests that Daemon was instructing his niece how to be a sexy Criston. In any case, Viserys sent Daemon away within a short time.

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During the Civil War, Arryk pledged his sword to Aegon and Erryk was a member of the Blacks. Criston is the one who sends Arryk on a quest for Dagonstone. The story of the Song of Ice and Fire mentions that Arryk was instructed to pretend that he was his older brother the precise purpose is not known. In the end, Arryk came across Erryk and they are killed by each other.

Songs that were composed about the incident say that the battle with the twins went on for an hour. As Arryk and Erryk passed away, they talked about how much they loved each other, but Mushroom asserts that the battle did not last long and that the twins cursed one another as traitors before taking their final breath. Martin has stated that he was able to base on the Cargill twins after Balin as well as the Balan brothers from Arthurian mythology.

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Who Plays the Cargill Twins? Are the Actors Twins in Real Life?

Ark and Erryk are played in the roles of Luke Tittensor and Elliott Tittensor, respectively, in the show “House of the Dragon,” and, yes, they have identical twins in real life. The twins are reportedly seen in the same soap opera “Brookside. The twins played Carl Gallagher in ‘Shameless’ (UK). Following the departure of his brother from the soap, Elliott became the only actor to play the character.

Both brothers have been involved with the law throughout time. In 2009, Luke had to be dismissed from the TV show “Emmerdale” after pleading guilty to assaulting the teen. Elliott was involved in a collision with a student plumber in the back of a car that was not covered by insurance in the year 2010. Elliott later admitted guilt and ordered an astronomical amount in the form of damages to the victim in action in civil court.

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