CardieX Acquires Blumio

CardieX Limited (ASX CDX), a Sydney, Australia and Naperville, Illinois-based company in health technology, bought Blumio, the Silicon Valley-based developer of algorithms and technologies for heart sensors.

The value of the transaction was not revealed.

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CardieX Acquires Blumio

Through the acquisition, CardieX will improve its range’s clinical performance, including heart-health monitoring products. Blumio has also created an array of data analysis and visualization tools that help discover insights from clinical data, aiding CardieX’s ongoing wearable development efforts.

These tools will enhance the CardieX “Arty (TM) Heart Health Analytics Platform” to track, alert, and provide real-time health data from CardieX’s CONNEQT Pulse and CONNEQT Band devices, thereby providing patients and physicians alike with the ability to make better informed medical decision-making.

Directed by the CEO Catherine Liao, Blumio is an innovative startup in the field of sensor technology focused on developing wearable devices that can monitor cardiovascular health, including blood pressure estimation that does not depend on an inflatable cuff. Radiofrequency technology is used to collect an approved pulse pressure waveform that permits at-home, continuous, and night-time information on cardiovascular health to assist patients and physicians make informed health decisions regarding various health issues, including hypertension and the health of mothers.

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The CEO, Craig Cooper leads the company; CardieX is a health technology firm focusing on cardiovascular disease, hypertension as well as other disorders of the blood vessels. Its ATCOR division focuses on medical devices that measure arterial stiffness and central blood pressure waveforms based on its exclusive FDA-approved and patent-pending SphygmoCor technology.

As part of the CONNEQT brand, the company designs digital wearables, wearables, and devices that allow remote patient monitoring, decentralized clinical trials, and home health. CardieX has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: CDX).

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