Can I Have Multiple Characters in Elden Ring?

Can I Multiple Characters in Elden Ring

Elden Ring supports ten starting classes. Each class is an archetype that is unique to it. Let’s say you’ve made the ideal character for your first game, but you’d like to try another one later. Can that be done? Let’s see!

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Can I create multiple characters for Elden Ring?

Elden Ring supports multiple character slots. This means you can play with several characters. Making a new character won’t erase the old ones. You can save the original save. The game has 10 character slots. This allows you to make up to 10 different characters.

To play in a different way, navigate to your main menu and choose the game you wish to play as and then load the game. Each character will be listed in a list, along by name and their location and the time they played.

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How can I create a new character for Elden Ring

To create a brand new character, click on the new game button and then enter the screen for character creation. Utilize the tools for customization to make the ideal type of character that suits you. The game will not overwrite existing characters.

When you create a novel character are able to at any time alter the appearance of your character. The only thing you aren’t able to change is the class of your character.

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How do you remove a character from Elden Ring

To remove a character from Elden Ring Open the main menu and then scroll down through the characters to you. Choose the character you would like to remove. Select the option to delete the saved.

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