Can I Get Personalized Chime Card | Chime Card Designs

Can I Get Personalized Chime Card | Chime Card Designs

Chime is a mobile banking application giving traditional banks an uphill battle with its cutting-edge features and is free of charge. The thing that makes Chime more appealing is the unique designs available on certain Chime cards. Chime provides cool and luxurious cards such as those offered by the Chime Metal Card, which is only available to Chime Credit Builder Card.

Chime also has an exclusive Chime Metal black Debit Card (not currently available). This article discusses the different Chime Card designs, how to obtain them, and the possibility of getting a personal Chime Card.

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Chime Card Designs

Chime has been using basic minimalist designs for its cards, opting for a white shade for its Chime Debit Card and a green hue for its Chime Credit Builder Card. These are the basic designs you’ll get when you apply for a Chime Card.

Notice: Chime is a financial technology firm, not a bank. The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, NA, Members FDIC offers banking services. The Chime Visa(r) Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc. and can be used anywhere Visa debit cards can be used. You can check the bank that issued it on your Card’s back.

  1. Chime Debit Card White Colored Card made of plastic Card
  2. Chime Credit Builder Card Green Plastic Card
  3. Chime Metal Card Design

Chime offers premium, limited-edition metal card designs. The Black Metal Card design for Chime Debit Card was released in 2019 as an advertising campaign; however, it is no longer being offered (sadly). Then there’s it also the Green color Metal Chime Credit Builder Card that you can still obtain by making a set amount in purchases over 60 days (see the information below)

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Chime Debit Cardin Black. Metal Card

The Black Chime Metal Debit Card was launched in March 2019 as an exclusive edition that isn’t yet available. During the promotion, it was announced that the Chime Metal Black debit card was available only to Chime members who had referred at least five people to create Chime Accounts within a certain timeframe. Chime Account during a specific timeframe.

This tweet is by Chime in support of the Chime Metal Black Debit Card. Chime Metal Black Debit Card for 2019. The black Card has an elegant and simple design to it. It was issued to 5000 people as part of the campaign.

Given that many people will want to take advantage of this design, we are hoping that Chime will bring it back. However, it is certain that if this offer occurs again, the eligibility requirements will be significantly demanding, considering that Chime has been growing exponentially in the past year.

If you’re seeking a metal credit card, You can still obtain it if you apply for Chime Credit Builder Card. Chime Credit Builder Card is still available (in Green Color only). You must perform a certain amount of transactions to qualify for this.

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Chime Credit Builder Card in green Metal Card

The Green Colored Chime Credit Builder Card is the only available metal Card. To get it, you’ll need to register with this Chime Credit Builder Credit Card, which is a secured Credit Card, and you will receive an initial credit card that is plastic. You must complete 40 transactions in 60 days to be qualified to receive the best metal card that will replace the plastic Card.

How do you get a Metal Chime Card?

You need to enroll in Credit Builder to be eligible for a Metal Card. Once it’s via mail, you must activate the credit card using your plastic Credit Builder card. Then, you make a total of 40 purchases over in the next 60 days for it to be eligible. After that, Chime will mail you the brand new metal credit card.

Chime offers you concepts and a tracker when you have signed up and begun becoming a metal credit card. It is possible to use it for food delivery applications such as UberEats, DoorDash etc., as well as on your monthly subscriptions to Netflix or Amazon to begin the road to a new credit card made of metal.

How can I get a personalized Chime Card?

Chime is not offering personalization options at present. The only Card available is Chime Metal Card. Chime Metal Card is a standard metal card with a more luxurious feel and look, rather than a plastic card.

Although Chime doesn’t offer customized designs, It has encouraged its customers to express their creativity and personalize their Chime Debit Card look. The company ran an event #MyChimeCard, where customers could customize their Chime Card and submit an entry to win the top design based on originality, creativity and composition. The white background of the Chime Card works perfectly as an empty canvas for you to express your creative side.

Below are Facebook posts from Chime that showcased some of the winners. It’s a delight to see the incredible designs that were revealed, and it could be quite cool should Chime release any of these designs. However, everybody has their preferences, and it appears Chime is based on the premise that users can determine their preferences.

Wrap Up

Chime Cards sport a basic and elegant appearance, regardless of whether you choose the traditional Plastic Card or metallic Credit Card. There aren’t any customized cards. However, you can make use of your creativity and imagination to design your Chime Card in your manner.

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