Best California Small Business Grants in 2022

California Small Business Grants

A grant is a money that you don’t have to repay. Grants are appealing to business owners who don’t want to borrow from their savings or take out loans to expand their businesses. Some grants allow for the funding of ideas and not just existing businesses.

California Small Business Grants can be competitive, so you must spend time applying. Do you need funding for your business or project in California? You should be aware of six California small business grants in 2022.

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California Small Business Grants

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Things to Know Before You Apply

It can take a while to complete a grant application. But, there are ways you can speed up the process. One way to speed up the process is to have a single document that addresses all common questions you may face in a grant application. It is easier to apply for grants if you have the answers prepared in advance. Include the following information in your document.

  • The capital plan. What other financing methods do you have, whether you are a startup or a company with a history? Crowdfunding, loans and seed rounds are all options.
  • Business model. What kind of business are we talking about? E-commerce, membership, subscription model and SaaS are some examples.
  • Revenue streams
  • This is your elevator pitch. The problems your company solves, your audience and how you will spend the grant money. As the company owner, you must also answer how you can solve this problem.
  • Your small company brand. Include your logo, social media accounts, and a video about your company. Your small business should have a social media account that reflects your brand.
  • Target market. Who can your small business target? What’s an ideal client like?

A social media component is required for some grant applications. Small businesses with low numbers of followers may not be eligible for grants. However, companies with more followers will receive better engagement. Many grant committees realize this disadvantage and will often use the results for a social competition to narrow down its finalist before selecting a grant recipient.

Many companies employ grant writers in order to apply for grants. However, this is usually seen in the small- to medium-sized business or nonprofit sectors. Don’t let this deter you. A grant will not be granted if you don’t apply.

You should keep track of each grant you apply for. It is important to keep track of every grant you apply for. Grants are considered income even though they are free money for your organization. This is why preparing to pay taxes on any additional income is important.

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How to Find Small Business Grants, which is both an app as well as a website, makes it easy to find federally funded opportunities. has a wealth of useful tools, including the Grants Learning Center. Here you will learn all about the application process, policies and reporting required to apply for grants. is an organization that provides mentors and support to small business owners. U.S. Small Business Administration supports it. It provides small business resources and a learning platform that will help you succeed as an owner of a small business. The search tool can be used to find grants. Your assigned business mentor will offer valuable advice about your grant application and may also inform you about grants your business might qualify for.

Small Business Development Centers

The U.S. Small Business Administration oversees the SBDC. It can provide up-to-date advice on managing a small business and help you apply for grants. You may also find it helpful in marketing, production, organization, and engineering. The SBDC can be thought of as a private consultancy without the expense.

Your Local Library

The majority of librarians have a master’s level in library science. They are also masters at conducting research. They can help connect you with the Junior Chamber (JAYCEES) and local Chamber of Commerce to help you search for grants. Many of these organizations can help you find local grant opportunities.

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Government Small Business Grants

U.S. Small Business Administration

Amount Grant: Varies

Deadline Remaining

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers many grants. These include the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program and 7J Management and Technical Assistance Program.

Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner Program

Although it is not a grant, the Small Business Program offers 3% of government contracts for those who are eligible. For eligibility, a business must own 51% of its assets by a veteran or service-disabled veteran. This veteran must also manage daily operations and make long-term business decisions.

Private Small Business Grants

National Association for the Self-Employed, NASE Growth Grants

Grants: $4,000

Deadline End of each quarter

Grant applicants must be members of the National Association for the Self-Employed for eligibility for a Growth. The grant committee seeks out businesses that have a business need. It also considers details about how the grant will be used by the company and the likelihood that it will satisfy that need. The committee also examines the possible business impact of this grant.

Nav’s Small Business Grant

Grants up to $10,000

Deadline End of each quarter

Nav’s Small Business Grant is social. Applicants must post an In-Feed video or post about their business to be eligible. It should also include past challenges, current challenges, and ways that the grant can help. To enable your followers to vote, applicants will need to share a unique voting hyperlink. The final selection pool judges use to select grant recipients will comprise the top 200 businesses.

SoGalBlack Founder Startup Grant

Grants up to $10,000

Deadline Enrollment

Black women and non-binary entrepreneurs who want to find investor financing can apply for the SoGal Black Startup Grant. Your idea or business must be viable and scalable. The grant committee searches for companies that have the potential to become billion-dollar enterprises.

Walmart Local Community Grants

Grants up to $5,000

Deadline December 31

To be eligible to receive a Walmart Local Community Grant, an organization must either be 501c(3), 501c(4) or 501c(19). You can submit as many grant applications as you like and get up to 25 grants per calendar year. A grant administrator makes the decisions and recommendations.

Comcast RISE

Amount Grant: $ 10,000

Deadline January 15.

There are two types of grants that Comcast RISE offers: the Investment Fund and Marketing & Technology Services. For the chance of $10,000 and business support, applicants can apply to one or both. Support includes technology upgrades, marketing and advertising consultations, as well as a 30-second TV commercial that will be placed for 90 days.

Amber Grant Foundation

Grant Amount: – Up to $25,000

Deadline Final day of each calendar month

The Amber Grant Foundation offers a monthly grant amounting to $10,000 and an annual grant amounting to $25,000. This is one of the most straightforward grant applications. It doesn’t require complicated forms or participation in social media contests. Tell the foundation all about yourself and your business goals to apply.

GoFundMe Small Businesses Relief Fund

Grant Amount: $ 500

Deadline Until funds run dry

If COVID-19 negatively affects your business, you may be eligible to start a GoFundMe account. If you raise $500, your company may be eligible to receive the Small Business Relief Fund. Grant recipients must be independent small businesses. If you already have a campaign, fill out a form and include #SmallBusinessRelief.

IFundWomen Universal Grant Application

Grant Amount: Varies

Deadline Current

Complete the IFundWomen’s universal grant application. Once a grant has been awarded, you will be notified to apply for it. Examples of grants include IFundWomen First Women Grant Program and Comcast RISE.

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