Bret Taylor’s first big tech move as Salesforce co-CEO

Bret Taylor's first big tech move as Salesforce co-CEO

The sources: Salesforce COO Bret Taylor has told his close friends that he hopes to be promoted to CEO shortly. (Kevin McLaughlin/The Information)

According to sources, Salesforce CEO Bret Taylor said to people close to him that he hopes to be promoted to the position of CEO within the next few weeks. What is the future of Salesforce appear like when the co-founder of its CEO Marc Benioff, finally passes the baton over to someone else? The tech industry could come to know sooner than later.

There is a rumor about the possibility that Salesforce is set to be headed by Taylor instead of Benioff as the company’s CEO.

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Bret Taylor’s first big tech move as Salesforce co-CEO

Salesforce’s Bret Taylor has revealed to his close friends that he is expected to become the CEO of Salesforce in the next months. He will replace Salesforce’s famous founder, Marc Benioff, who was CEO for over two decades. With these changes, do you think Salesforce will succeed in its mission to change its reputation for prioritizing sales and marketing over product development to increase its market share?

Do you have a vision of what Salesforce could look like when Marc Benioff, the company’s co-founder, and CEO, passes the baton on to the next?

There is a chance that the technology industry will be able to find out sooner and not later, according to two people who have direct knowledge of the issue Salesforce’s No. Second executive Bret Taylor confided in his close friends over the past few months that he is expecting to be elevated to the position of CEO of the company in the next few years. If that promotion is granted, it will be among the most significant changes in Salesforce’s leadership throughout its past. Benioff has been the CEO of Salesforce for the last 20 years. During this time, the business has grown into a major player in cloud-based software, with a market capitalization of around $270 billion.

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A change in leadership could cause significant changes to Salesforce in the wake of the change in leadership. Because of the work of Benioff, Salesforce has grown into an organization known for its elaborate customer events, including its Dreamforce gathering held in San Francisco, which has accompanying music performances featuring artists like Metallica and many others, and other extravagant marketing events.

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