Bold and Beautiful Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks

Friday’s recap features Ridge and Taylor kissing. Brooke races to Aspen in a frenzy, and Donna tells Eric about a change of plans.

She doesn’t need to use the Spencer jet. Brooke decides to fight for Ridge. She takes the Forrester Jet and heads to Aspen. But what will she find there? Is Taylor Taylor the bitterest rival of Taylor? Could Taylor be the man she loves and be convinced she has betrayed him. Brooke will get an eyeful, if Steffy is to be believed. One tear.

This is not a good idea. Donna raises concerns to Eric about Ridge Brooke Taylor.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers, week of Oct. 3

B&B opinion: Bold & Beautiful has just laid the foundations to an affair…or two!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers, Monday, 10/10/10:

Monday’s recap highlights Brooke losing the race. Taylor makes Taylor’s kids very happy. Eric suggests Thomas stop celebrating yet.

You can see which side Donna is on in a heated dispute with Thomas over family.

How far will it take to get there? Brooke is on her way to Aspen to save Ridge’s relationship.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers, Tuesday, 10/10:

In Tuesday’s recap Thomas admits to calling the CPS, and Brooke demands that Ridge give her answers!

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Steffy worries about Brooke arriving at Mommy and Daddy’s reunion. However, it is funny that we feel she doesn’t have too. Why’s that? It’s because, in this episode…

Brooke fights Ridge’s heart and Brooke is overwhelmed by Ridge’s betrayal. It’s almost if he has forgotten all the times in their past when they betrayed each others. Ridge, dear friend, we created a whole photo album to remember all your past mistakes.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers: Wednesday, October 12, 2012

Sheila attempts to impress Deacon by making a bold move. Mm-hmm. Even if that move wasn’t out, we can’t imagine him being super impressed. Just saying.

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