Billboard Teaming Up with Twitter to create a chart of the Top-Tweeted Songs

Billboard Teaming Up with Twitter to create a chart of the Top-Tweeted Songs

The rankings will be the first time that Billboard doesn’t consider how many people listen to music.

Billboard the world’s most famous charts for music, is now publishing a list of the most well-known songs of the U.S. based on a completely new metric called Twitter chats.

Billboard will keep the chart updated daily and also create stories and video about the data, which will be published on its website as well as Twitter. Advertisers can choose to sponsor the chart, which is referred to as “the billboard hot Trending powered through Twitter,” or buy sponsorships in the articles and videos created about the chart.

Billboard is for years the primary source for the music industry for determining what’s most popular. It has the top charts for best albums and tracks and also rankings specific to genres like hip-hop and country. The company approached Twitter around last year about establishing the new chart, which will reflect the songs that people are talking about via social media. The two companies are planning to reveal the new feature during the Twitter event for advertisers on Wednesday.

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Billboard Teaming Up with Twitter to create a chart of the Top-Tweeted Songs

Music is the top topic for discussion on Twitter as per Sarah Rosen, the social-media company’s director for entertainment partnership. When a musician announces a new album, new merchandise or appears at a major music event and their fans take to Twitter to discuss the news. The chart is unique for Billboard because it doesn’t measure the songs people are listening or talking about. The most popular song on one day might not be the one that is most popular in the media or Spotify or even on the internet, but it could be trending due to an anniversary or performance in “Saturday night live.”

“This is all connected to conversations,” Rosen said. “This is yet another method of cutting and dicing music data that’s distinct from what they’re doing with the other charts available.”

Bloomberg has its own chart every month known as known as the Pop Star Power Rankings that track the most popular pop stars around the world, based on metrics like Spotify streaming and Instagram interactions. Billboard/MRC Data supplies Bloomberg their monthly Billboard 200 chart.

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Twitter Chart Twitter chart is a great tool for fans and a chance for both businesses to make into a profit. Charts is the most viewed area on the Billboard website and has the highest number of interactions via social networking. It’s the reason that the industry’s top executives to buy an annual subscription, as well as for fans of all ages join Billboard and increase its advertising revenue. Charts can also generate their own information — Justin Bieber moved into No. 1! -1! – Billboard plans to produce videos to analyze the movements.

“Advertisers are able to align themselves with the latest trends in music as well as the most talked about subjects,” Billboard President Julian Holguin told me during an interview. “Moving with the pace of change in culture is difficult to accomplish, and this chart will assist advertisers to take part in the process.”

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