Big Brother Spoilers

Big Brother Spoilers

Taylor and Monte spoke about Turner’s kicking in the final HOH. Turner has gotten his kicks. Turner won Part 1 on Thursday night. He will now move straight to Part 3.

Turner predicted Taylor would win this comp and Monte was too big. Part 1 is endurance. Taylor won the wall comp so this was Taylor’s comp. Turner had previously said he wasn’t good at spinning, so he was surprised to win.

Turner and Taylor had their first ever discussion about the endgame. They were just trying to persuade one another to accept the other’s final two. They should’ve had the conversation earlier. Turner believes Taylor would win over Monte due to his poor jury management.

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Taylor assured him Michael would vote for Taylor and Brittany believed he would win. She predicted that he would be able to get all of the votes Monte would. Turner disagreed. Turner believes Monte is loved & respected by the jury, while he deceived his allies. He believes he’ll have Kyle’s vote but not any of the other women’s (definitely, not Jasmine), which Taylor responded by saying he would have Brittany’s vote if Monte takes him.

Turner said Taylor will win America’s Favorite Player over Joseph and that Taylor could win the game and both because of her personal story. She said she could win AFP but cannot win the game. The jury might think she got carried.

They’re both underselling their threat level and it’s very funny. However, Turner may indeed be causing too many problems socially. Taylor also stated to Turner that Brittany finally ‘fessed’ to voting her out in the final hours of Thursday’s eviction. Turner admitted that she did doubt Turner was telling truth.

Taylor and Monte will now meet in Part 2 of the Final HOH. Turner will play the loser in Part 3 on Sunday.

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