9 Best Ways to fix WhatsApp not working on WiFi 

WhatsApp not working on WiFi

This guide will show you how to fix WhatsApp not working over WiFi but working well on cellular data. WhatsApp is the most popular social network app. WhatsApp is the most popular social app. It allows you to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.

The app began with a messaging service over the internet. It evolved to include voice and video calling capabilities.

WhatsApp allows for voice and video calling. These features are quick and easy to access. A fast and secure internet connection is essential for smooth voice and video calling. It is frustrating and disappointing to experience poor connectivity during peer-to-peer (P2P) interactions.

Whatsapp might not work if your phone is connected over WiFi. However, Whatsapp works as expected when your phone connects to the internet via its cellular data.

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WhatsApp may not work with WIFI Network:

WhatsApp not working on WiFi

WhatsApp not working on WiFi, but it might be working on cellular data. This could be because of accidental data usage control settings on your phone. Your Data usage control may be set to mobile-only.

It could be a problem with your WiFi connection. WhatsApp and other applications won’t work if your WiFi router is suddenly turned off.

Note – This is unnecessary, but you should ensure that your background data is in the app data use settings for WhatsApp.

What causes connectivity issues in WhatsApp

One of these issues can usually cause a WhatsApp connectivity problem.

  • WhatsApp server problem
  • You can use an older version of WhatsApp.
  • The problem still exists in the operating system (Android and iOS).
  • WhatsApp data files could have been corrupted.
  • Problem with cache memory

This problem is caused by either the application’s technical bugs or the connectivity issue. Below are some possible solutions to the WhatsApp WiFi issue.

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How to fix WhatsApp not working on WiFi

Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi before you can start. Next, confirm that the WiFi network is working properly and stable.

Whatsapp may not work properly if the server is down. You can use Whatsapp on a different phone. This could be a friend’s or a member of your family. If they aren’t connected to the same WiFi router and still have the same problem, it could indicate that the Whatsapp server has gone down. It is impossible to do anything except wait for the server to come back on.

Restart your router and phone first, and turn off your router and phone. Then, you can switch it on again. This is the simplest and best way to fix any problem with your phone. Simply switch it off, then turn it on again.

A restart is usually enough to fix any temporary problems with your phone. This is also true for the WhatsApp WiFi issue.

If the router is experiencing problems, you can restart it to fix it.

Update the WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp not working on WiFi

Series companies regularly update their apps to close security loopholes and improve security features. Many updates also bring new features that overwrite existing bugs.

You don’t have to update apps now and again unless there is an issue or you are looking for the most recent features. It’s still better to have the most recent version of an app on your phone.

Your WhatsApp may have a bug or not be compatible with certain scenarios (e.g., WiFi connectivity). Update the app to fix the WiFi problem.

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How to update WhatsApp for Android:

  • Tap on Google Play Store first.
  • Tap on WhatsApp to search for it.
  • If there is a pending update, it will be displayed.
  • Now, tap the Update button.
  • After the installation is completed, your WhatsApp will be updated.

Try connecting to your WiFi to verify that the application is functioning after updating it. If the problem persists, then you can move on to the next solution.

Clear WhatsApp Cache Memory

Your cache memory contains information regarding your applications. Your phone will run slower if more information is saved to the cache. Sometimes cache memories can cause more harm than good. You can resolve many issues by clearing your cache.

Clearing cache can also increase your application’s loading speed. Clearing cache can help improve the loading time of your WhatsApp app if it is not responding to WiFi.

Clear cache memory in WhatsApp

  • Click on Phone Settings.
  • Tap on the settings of the app to reveal them.
  • Scroll down to WhatsApp, and then tap on it.
  • Clear cache or tap on the storage option should be available under permission settings.
  • Now, tap the Clear cache button.

After clearing the cache, connect to the WiFi and use WhatsApp to verify that it works. Next, follow the steps if it doesn’t work.

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Upgrading your phone’s operating systems

WhatsApp not working on WiFi

Your smartphone’s operating systems can be updated to fix security problems and increase your device’s performance. This ensures your smartphone is running the most current version of the operating system (mostly), which will give you the smoothest and fastest experience.

You have a lower chance of experiencing poor performance, lagging, or even crashes with the more recent version. If you have a problem with WhatsApp connectivity, installing the most recent OS update can fix it.

To update your phone’s OS

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Click on Software Update.
  • It will search automatically for the most recent version of the OS.
  • Tap on Update or Install if available

If there are no updates found, the message will display stating that your device’s software has been updated. It is best to look for other solutions.

Check your WhatsApp connectivity status via WiFi to see if you can update the system software. If that fails, try the next solution.

Setup data management settings

Data use control is one of the most useful features on your phone. It allows you to monitor, manage and delete data from your device. This applies to all applications installed on your phone.

Sometimes, however, this could be why WhatsApp doesn’t work on WiFi issues. WhatsApp will not be able to connect to WiFi networks if the WiFi accessibility is disabled by default.

To fix WhatsApp not working with WiFi issues, enter data in management settings. Then, search for WhatsApp on the app listing. You must ensure that mobile data, WiFi, Background data, and roaming data are all enabled.

Enable WiFi access, especially as the main problem arises when the phone connects to WiFi.

After enabling this setting, make sure to test WhatsApp to see if it resolves the issue. If the problem persists, you can try the next solution.

Switch to another WiFi network

Sometimes, WiFi at work or university can be limited and may even restrict data transmission to certain applications. It could cause your problem if you’re connected to one of these networks. If possible, switch to another WiFi network/hotspot and verify that your WhatsApp is functioning properly.

Turn flight mode on and off.

This Airplane Mode can also be used to solve the WhatsApp WiFi problem. This flight mode completely disables all wireless signal transmissions on the phone.

You can also turn on flight mode to refresh all connections. A new connection to your WiFi router can be used to resolve the WhatsApp not working problem.

It is simple to turn on or off flight mode on your smartphone. You simply need to scroll down the phone menu and click on the Flight mode icon. Wait for a while, then turn it back on.

Check if WhatsApp is receiving messages when connected to your WiFi router. You can also try the next option.

Keep your background data on

You should check the settings of your application background data if you don’t receive messages from WhatsApp when it is running in the background and connected to WiFi.

Turn off background data for WhatsApp.

Go to Settings > Background app Management > Battery > Manage background apps

Note Different phones may have different background app settings, but this setting can be found easily. Make sure background data transmission is enabled for WhatsApp.

Stop WhatsApp

If none of the above steps work, force WhatsApp to stop and check if it fixes WhatsApp’s WiFi issue.

Go to Settings > Apps and Management > App info > Check out WhatsApp > Click on Stop forcefully option.

After stopping the app for a few seconds, you can open it again to connect to the WiFi network.

Wrapping up

These troubleshooting tips will help you solve the problem of WhatsApp not working on WiFi. Sometimes, the WhatsApp server might go down. This has nothing to do with your device. Wait patiently until it restarts properly in such cases.

If that is the case, these solutions will personally solve your problem.

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