Best Tachiyomi Extensions in 2022

Best Tachiyomi Extensions

Are you also an ardent Manga reader? Then what would be better than being able to read any popular manga comic right from the smartphone in your hand? Tachiyomi provides its users with the best manga reading experience, all you need to do is choose the best Tachiyomi extensions. 

Tachiyomi is one of the best applications that allows its users to read their favorite manga comics on their mobile devices. It is the fastest and the easiest way to read the manga if you have such interests. There is a wide variety of extensions of which you can pick out Tachiyomi best extensions and start reading through them. 

Are you not sure about what are the best Tachiyomi extensions that you should go for? This is normal because Tachiyomi provides such a vast range of extensive catalogs that it becomes hard to choose from them. 

If you are also wondering which are the best Tachiyomi extensions 2022, then you have landed on the right page. Here we will discuss each best extension for Tachiyomi. Keep reading. 

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What Is Tachiyomi Extension?

Best Tachiyomi Extensions

Since there is no content particularly hosted on Tachiyomi’s platform. The app is just so that you can choose your favorite manga and read it over there. But, for this, you need to add a Tachiyomi extension to it first. 

What is an Extension? An extension is basically something that helps connect your application to the required sources. Similarly, a Tachiyomi extension will provide you with the resources that you can get connected to your Tachiyomi app, by which we mean, hundreds of manga comics so that you can read them. 

There are so many Tachiyomi extensions out there that one gets confused which one to go for. If you have an idea about what are the good Tachiyomi extensions for you, then it will become easier for you to decide where to read from on Tachiyomi. 

What Are The Best Tachiyomi Extensions?

There are a lot of Tachiyomi extensions that you can use to read the manga. Based on your choice you can decide which one suits you best for you to read. However, for this, you first need to know which are the best Tachiyomi extensions. 

Here is a list of the top 10  best Extensions for Tachiyomi that you can go for. 

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1. MangaDex

Best Tachiyomi Extensions

Talking about the most popular Tachiyomi extensions, MangaDex has always been in the list. There is content available in any language you want on this extension. There are a lot of manga titles, probably all of them are present out there. 

The only loophole to MangaDex extension is that sometimes readers may have to compromise with the quality of the images. In such case, users prefer switching to another extension.

2. MangaBox

MangaBox or Mangakakalot is another popular and one of the best Tachiyomi extensions available for users. This has actually now become an integrated extension of MangaBox and Mangakakalot that has helped it gain more popularity. 

3. Mangasee

If you get a hard time managing Tachiyomi extensions, then Mangasee is the best choice for you which is clean as well as easily manageable. All the popular manga titles are available on this extension. 

With up-to-date chapters, good image quality, and a cleaner presentation, the Mangasee extension is definitely going to be your favorite extension once you try it. 

4. Mangahere

This is also a clean extension that is easy to manage. There is a huge amount of content on Mangahere. However, even after containing over 100 titles, there might not be available each of the manga titles you are looking for. Yet, you will get great image quality if you find the manga titles you are looking for on Mangahere. 

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5. MangaEden

Best Tachiyomi Extensions

You will find all the popular manga titles on MangaEden, be they older or newer ones. Especially if you are looking for old titles, then we recommend you to go for MangaEden extension for Tachiyomi. 

6. Webtoons

Here is another choice for you that gets you access to any webtoon you want to read on Tachiyomi. So, if you are a webtoons fan, then there can be no other better Tachiyomi extension than Webtoons. 

7. MangaPark

Just like Webtoons, MangaPark is the most recommended Tachiyomi extension if you are looking for manhwa titles. With an extensive content and great image quality, this Tachiyomi extension is a great choice for you as a manhwa fan. 


If you want a Tachiyomi extension that gets you content with good quality along with the updated list of manga titles as well as the latest updated chapters then there cannot be any other extension than 

9. Madara

Unlike other Manga extensions for Tachiyomi, Madara is a multiple source extension which means that if you use the Madara extension on Tachiyomi, it will install more than one source for you where you can read manga/manhwa. Due to this, sometimes it might mess up with other extensions on Tachiyomi. 

You should go for Madara only if you have some experience using such multiple source extensions for Tachiyomi. 

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10. ReadManhwa

Our last suggestion to you for the best Tachiyomi extensions that you can add for yourself is ReadManhwa. If you love to read romantic manhwa, then there cannot be a better option for you. 

Wrap Up

Now you are aware of all of the best Tachiyomi extensions. So what are you waiting for now? Go and read your favorite manga comics by adding one of these extensions to your Tachiyomi app and enjoy! 

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