Best Stats For Deathblade Lost Ark Guide, Stats, Skills, and Builds

Best Stats For Deathblade Lost Ark Guide, Stats, Skills, and Builds

Everything you must be aware of when playing Deathblade in the game Lost Ark PvE.

We’re pleased to present the Lost Ark Deathblade PvE Tutorial! We’ll go over all you’ll need to know before going to the game in the Assassin Advanced Class.

Overall Assassins, as well as Deathblade The overall Assassins and Deathblade are slightly different from the typical game you’d imagine. It’s not stealthy or Rogue-like. Instead, it is focused on pure destruction, fast combat as well as flashy animated scenes. The Deathblade specifically is ideal for players who are looking for quick-paced and combo-based combat.

Best Stats For Deathblade Lost Ark Guide, Stats, Skills, and Builds

Deathblade Essential Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Lost Ark is more of an instructional class than anything else, and you’ll have a pretty easy time doing almost everything. But, that being stated, there are a few tips you can take to maximize your experience of leveling.

To get the most damage from getting level, you must focus all of your points of skill on the following abilities you can:

  • Dark Axel (Unlocks at level 12)
  • Moonlight Sonic (Unlocks at level 24)
  • Blitz Rush (Unlocks at level 40)
  • Death Sentence (Unlocks at level 16)

Although these are the most preferred abilities, however, you can also level up to any level. The most important thing to remember for Deathblade is to select an AoE that is effective and a skilled single target that will enable you to defeat every type of enemy in a short time.

The Deathblade is among Lost Ark’s most dangerous Assassins.

Deathblade Shock or Resting Energy

Like every class, Deathblade can split into two distinct types of builds. The builds focus on the specific class engravings Surge and Remaining Energy. The Surge strategy is focused on attack power boost, which is achieved by increasing damage for the duration of time while simultaneously developing your Death Orb Meter as fast as you can. The Remaining Energy is focused on boosting yourself to reduce the cooldowns so that you can use as many abilities as you can within your arsenal.

Deathblade Priority Priority

Insurge Priority The Crit (60 percent) as well as Specialization (40 percent)

Resting energy Priority Crit (60 percent) and Specialization (40 percent)

Deathblade The Best engravings

SURGE Engravings

  • Surge
  • Adrenaline
  • Grudge (Must be at Level 3)
  • Ambush Master
  • The Cursed Doll (Must be at least Level 3)
  • A Keen Blunt Weapon (Must be at least Level 3)

Remaining Engravings for Energy

  • The remaining energy
  • Super Charge
  • Grudge (Must be at Level 3)
  • Ambush Master
  • A Cursed Doll (Must be at least Level 3)
  • A Keen Blunt Weapon (Must be at least Level 3)

The iconic Deathblade’s look features two single-handed swords.

Deathblade The Tripod and the Skill Buildings

Deathblade is a distinct class from other classes within Lost Ark. There are certain skills that are superior to other skills, which is to the point where Deathblade is a class with very limited choices for building. Therefore there are two main build options for Deathblade, with one built for each specific class carving.

These builds are still effective across all aspects of the game. You are able to be successful in PvE with a Deathblade. This isn’t to say that there’s a lack of choices in terms of builds. For both builds, you need to select the same awakening skill, Flash Blink.

For beginners, for those who are new to the game, simply check out which skills are highlighted and select the improvements based on the images beneath the names.

Here’s how you can make the most of your time:

Builder of Surge, Skill Points

Fresh Level 50 – 240 Points

5 Max Tripods – 284 Points

6 Max Tripods – 328 Points

7 Max Tripods – 356 Points

Maximum Skill Points: 400 Points

Remaining Energy Build Skill Points

Fresh Level 50 – 252 Points

Resting Energy – 252 Points

6 Max Tripods – 312 Points

The remaining energy – 312 points

7 Max Tripods – 356 Points

The remaining energy – 356 points

Maximum Skill Points: 400 Points

Resting Energy – 410 Points

Best Deathblade Runes

The Best Surge Runes


Wind Cut Rage

Earth Cleaver Overwhelmed

Soul Absorber Wealth

Spincutter Quick Recharge

Dark Axel Protection

Maelstorm Focus

Void Strike Wealth

Blitz Rush Galewind

Best Remaining Energy Runes


Earth Cleaver Overwhelmed

Soul Absorber Wealth

Spincutter Quick Recharge

Moonlight Sonic Wealth

Dark Axel Protection

Maelstorm Focus

Void Strike Wealth

Blitz Rush Galewind

The best Deathblade Gems

Attack Gems Cooldown Gems

Soul Absorber Soul Absorber

Blitz Rush Blitz Rush

Void Strike Void Strike

*[RERE Moonlight Sonic Maelstrom

*[S Wind Cut Spincutter

Dark Axel

*[RE]Moonlight Sonic

*[S Wind Cut

* [S] surge and Remaining Energy

Deathblade Card Decks

There are several choices to choose from for Cards Decks to play with on the Deathblade. When deciding what you’d like to choose and play with, there are some things to consider What effort you are willing to commit to acquiring the cards and which kind of style of play works most effectively for your needs. With this in mind, let’s explore the various Card Deck choices;

Light of Salvation is The best DPS, however, it takes a long time to get because of RNG

three Umar Families and The Lazeniths” Fate High DPS but also takes a long time

Lostwind Cliff – decent DPS; quite easy to get when you’re good at creating alts

“We’ll meet again” and Forest of Giants – Defensive and pure; perfect for those who are just starting out

The Deathblade’s PvE DPS Rotation

When playing Lost Ark, skills combo together to form a formidable sequence of moves that is much more efficient than attempting each move separately, this means that there will be a massive difference in the damage between players who understand how to make the most from their classes and players who do not.

This being said, many fights are highly fluid, which means you will not always be able complete your entire DPS rotation, as survival should be your primary focus. However, here’s how the core combo should look for both the Deathblade and Pool models:


  1. Wind Cut
  2. The class ability Deathblade (cast at least once)
  3. Spincutter
  4. Wind Cut
  5. Blitz Rush
  6. Soul Absorber
  7. Void Strike

Remaining Energy Rotation

  1. Spincutter (to apply a debuff)
  2. Maelstrom (to make you look better)
  3. Soul Absorber
  4. Dark Axel
  5. Earth Cleaver
  6. Moonlight Sonic
  7. The class power Deathblade (cast twice)

After that, repeat the combination from step 3, then apply the buffs and debuffs as they run out.

We thank you for taking the time to read the Lost Ark Deathblade PvE Guide! You should now be able to make the most of your class and advance towards the endgame of Lost Ark. We’ll keep this page updated in the event that any changes be made.

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