16 Best Sites Like Rotten.com

16 Best Sites Like Rotten.com

The article details Rotten.com, Rotten.com alternatives, or other websites similar to Rotten.com. Rotten.com is a site dedicated to strange, interesting, chilling, and fascinating media. It was founded at the end of 1996 by numerous artists and writers fascinated by the darkness of degrading art and culture.

It’s a site that focuses on something that cannot be found on the front page, bottom of any other search engine, or even in mainstream media. It’s hard to imagine how much simpler it could be; however, Rotten.com can make it happen. The content about Rotten is more than the obvious aspects of some of the most sinister individuals and happenings.

The bottom line is that Rotten.com is an amazing site to explore for an alternative. Its primary features are the dark and light options, the lack of log-in requirements regularly updated, regular updates, and numerous categories to browse through. And it’s accessible to everyone.

Rotten.com is an extremely gory or shocking site dedicated to bizarre and shocking terrors, including pictures of murder and images of sexually explicit acts, strange or misanthropic fantasies and many more. It is considered one of the best gore websites, featuring a huge collection of gore-themed photos and videos. The site started with a simple layout and has since grown in size to encompass hundreds of movies and photos.

The images and videos are divided into various categories. Each category contains videos and images that you can browse through. Rotten.com offers a recommendation system that recommends videos in line with your preferences.

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Sites Like Rotten.com


Deadhouse.org is an online site that allows you to¬†watch extreme videos¬†uploaded by users. It features a simple interface and a user-friendly search bar that allows you to locate the information you’re searching for regarding videos. You can find videos, news and other data that will blow your mind in a dark room.

Furthermore, numerous categories are utilized to assist users in finding relevant content. Users can also view many options, like Full-screen Volume Control and Full-screen Quality. Many videos are available, but several new videos are added each day. Before going to the website, ensure you’re 18 years old. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to access the website.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail Online is an excellent alternative to Rotten.com. The user interface is simple. It’s not as elegant and does not have Rotten.com’s style and design. However, the site is brimming with videos of all sorts. If you go to a specific video, you’ll be able to access a wide range of videos, which include news, video clips from sports and other popular channels. It’s not the ideal alternative to Rotten.com However; it’s worth checking out.

AOL Videos

AOL isn’t as well-known as Rotten.com because it doesn’t have graphic content. It’s a basic video streaming website that’s like YouTube. The AOL range of original content appeals to all kinds of users. Its user-friendly interface is straightforward and elegant. AOL has a broad selection of entertainment that’s engaging. You’ll always have something to look forward to, making it a great Rotten.com alternative.

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The next site in our list of top Rotten.com alternative sites is Theync. It’s an online platform that hosts the gore-related video. It’s a video-sharing platform that lets anyone sign up and upload videos. The gore-filled video clips include murder, torture incidents, injuries, wounds and injuries, and other videos. Every video includes an image in addition to the title. They can be watched by people who like or dislike them and then shared through third-party networks.

Users can share their opinions about the video in the comments section, giving it up to five stars. The results are sortable according to various factors like the length of the video, the rating it received, its views and originality. A search engine is also available to those looking to find particular videos. Unique features include a private account, log-in and user uploads, a monthly newsletter containing content highlights, active members display, and non-ground mode.


Goregrish is among the best websites similar to Rotten.com. It’s a website with everything related to gore in one location. It also has photos and videos of dead bodies as well as suicide attempts, accidents, murders, beatings and necrophilia. Anyone with an account can upload these photos and videos. They can be downloaded and shared via third-party sites. Every video or image has an enumeration title and upload date. Everyone can view it for free cost.

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Hoodsite is also one of the top websites similar to Rotten.com. Hoodsite is a site that contains all gore-related videos in one place. This includes torture, homicide, self-harming, and torture videos. The videos that don’t have as much violence and violent as fistfights can be watched on this website. The videos available on the platform can be accessed via the main tab, including highlighted content and the latest videos. Each video has attractive images, a title, a description, and a brief description. It lets users pick the movie they wish to watch.

Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Body Modification Ezine is a website that gives pictures and videos of changes you can make to your physique. Tattoos, scarifications, perforations of the nose, ears, genitals as well any other areas of the body are just a few examples. It is a fantastic option for those seeking to alter their appearance or seeking motivation. Users can also share their experiences through the platform that lets others communicate.

Documenting the Reality

Documenting Reality is an unfiltered website that lets you view real-life images and videos of people dying, human anomalies, suicides, and other incidents. The site is extremely offensive material. If you’re less than 18 years old, it is imperative not to visit it. This site does not advocate violence. It’s just an account of our World’s Reality, as our title implies. Naturally, this may include violent incidents from time to time. The site does not recommend violence. The site only documents the fact that these events happen.

Damaged Corpse

The next choice in our list of most popular Rotten.com alternatives is Damaged Corpse. The site lets you access uncensored content, including videos, pictures, anecdotes, and stories from people’s voices. You can view disturbing material unsuitable for mainstream content, yet it is posted on websites similar to this. The content is real-life pictures of suicide, human anomalies or illnesses, and accidents. The result is that Damaged Corpse is a fantastic platform to consider in the context of Rotten.com alternatives.


Veoh is a good alternative to Rotten.com. The video area comprises various categories, from sports to news and comedy. You can discover anything that will keep you entertained. The website doesn’t have as much video content as you would prefer, but you can look for something that contains the most recent information.

Ebaum’s World

If you’re a lover of funny footage, here is a most excellent Rotten.com alternative. Ebaum’s World is a hilarious collection of videos from all over the World. If you’re in search of content that is violent and full of violence, head on over to our video category, and there will be videos you’ll love.

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DailyMotion is an excellent alternative to Rotten.com. Although it’s not as impressive with the same quality as the way it did in the past, it’s a great alternative to Rotten.com. With stunning video and high-quality photos, It’s an excellent option to keep your attention while watching your most-loved shows.


The final choice in our list of most popular Rotten.com alternatives includes MyVidster. It’s a great alternative to Rotten.com, with similar content and an easy-to-use interface. It’s not difficult to find this alternative. It’s possible to follow users on Twitter to see the latest videos uploaded and to receive a steady stream of content that’s appealing to you. This site has all the videos available on Rotten.com. MyVidster has become a formidable competition for Rotten.com, and with the fact that Rotten.com is no longer operational, MyVidster may expand and become a deserved success.

Blood Factory

Blood Factory is a website and blog site that features HD horror films and made-up drama that doesn’t go through media that has been restricted. All content is free from restriction and is accompanied by gore blood, violence, and gore. The website has been running its weekly review of horror films since 2010 and infuriates viewers with its thorough review of hundreds of scary films.

Blood Factory also has a blog section. Blood Factory also has an active blog where they share their top selections across all genres daily. The blog is updated regularly with new content, including their most recent article, that is, which is designed to make you freak out. In the end, Blood Factory Ezine is an excellent platform and should be considered one of the options.

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Bestgore is a shocking site that provides shockingly violent news, photos and videos, which include author-written opinions and user-generated videos. The website’s creator, Mark Marek, hosts photographs, photos, and graphic real-life and video clips of occurrences such as murders, torture suicides, mutilations, accidents, and open surgical procedures. The content contains gore and violence, which is not appropriate for children. Bestgore offers a new, randomly-shot video on its site every day.


ShockGore is an internet-based platform for a film that offers you the most shocking online videos, including reality gore and other videos from all over the World. Similar to websites like Hootsuite, it’s limited to illegal videos. To access this site, you must be 18 years old or over. The site hosts more than 10000 videos, and regular updates include thousands of brand-new videos available to everyone worldwide.

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