Best Offers of Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada

<strong>Best Offers of Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada</strong>

There are a lot of reasons why people love to visit online casinos in Canada, like gambling online Ontario; the excitement from playing the games, the strategic thinking before making bets, the thrill of risking it all for a sweet win and other reasons but if we are being honest, one of the major reasons people visit online casinos is the mouth-watering offers from these low deposit casinos. There are many platforms for gambling online in Ontario if you want to dabble in the exciting world of gambling, and they are only a click away.

Low deposit casinos are those casinos that require players to stake or deposit small amounts of money for their games, this is very advantageous for people who cannot afford to stake big. It is a very good benefit of online casinos as it ensures that people of all social standing are welcome to play.

Types of Offers Available

  • Welcome Offer: Available only to new players on their sign up, comes in a variety of bonuses and promotions.
  • Cashback Offer: Allows players to get back a certain percentage they spent on their bet.
  • Loyalty Offer: Players get bonuses as a reward for playing regularly.
  • VIP Offer: Players get bonuses according to their rank in the casino.

Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada

Casumo Casino

<strong>Best Offers of Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada</strong>

This casino was created in 2012, and since then, it has been a host for a wide variety of games and a home to many casino enthusiasts in Canada. From your regular mobile slots to table games, blackjack games, roulette, baccarat and the live version of these games, Casumo casino has got you covered in all the right ways. It has a mobile app version that allows you to play the games with as much ease as possible.

Upon making a minimum deposit of C$20, new players are ushered into the exciting world of online gambling with a 100% bonus up to C$500 and 115 spins free. The first 15 spins are obtained immediately after registration, and the remaining 100 spins are spread out within the next 5 days from the day of registration. Players earn points depending on how frequently they play games in the casino. These points fill up the progress bar, and when it’s full, players can choose from bonus spins, deposit bonuses and bonus money too.

Existing players are not left out as they are given access to special rewards on specific days of the week. That’s not all, as special holidays also bring exciting bonuses too. It is important to note that for the Casumo sign up bonus, the bonus funds must meet a 30X wagering requirement.

Locowin Casino

This is a real money casino in Canada, and while it does not have a mobile application, the mobile website is very responsive and easy to navigate. It comes with a variety of games that players are sure never to get enough of, including free slot games and a live casino setup for some of the games. The table below shows a proper breakdown of the deposit bonuses awarded to new players at the Locowin casino.

1st Deposit100% bonus, up to C$350
2nd Deposit85% bonus up to C$350
3rd Deposit75% bonus up to C$350
4th Deposit50% bonus up to C$350
5th Deposit100% bonus up to C$350

The gravy train does not end here as players are guaranteed spins that can be used to play specific games, these spins are only free for the first three deposits. A great perk with the Locowin casino is that as players continue to enjoy games in the casino, they attain new levels, and this earns them level up bonuses which can be used in different ways. This is as enjoyable as watching the best casino films. As a rule, most bonuses offered in the Locowin casino must be used within 7 days of issuance.


<strong>Best Offers of Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada</strong>

This is one of the best dollar deposit casinos in Canada that boasts of a wide variety of games to its name. It has regular slots with amazing themes that make gameplay all the more exciting, you also get a chance to win big with its progressive jackpot feature, and scratch games are available too. On the downside, table games are not available here, but the casino more than makes up for it with its amazing and mouth-watering bonuses and rewards.

Winspark is one of the best online casinos in Canada that offers no deposit bonus. Once players sign up, they are immediately given a bonus of C$ 5. For this type of bonus, you do not have to deposit any amount of money to enable you to receive it. If you deposit money before wagering with this bonus, the bonus becomes forfeited. If you make this mistake, do not worry, as players get a 100% bonus on their first deposit, the minimum deposit here is C$ 10, which implies that your first deposit has to be a minimum or at least C$10 to allow you partake in this first deposit bonus.

Also, on specific days, players get access to certain perks. A good example is the cashback bonus of up to 20% offered to players every Monday. The casino values regular players and has created different levels depending on the frequency and value of wagers made. Players in bronze receive 5% cashback, while diamond VIP members receive up to 20% cashback. On Fridays, too, players can claim up to C$ 50 worth of casino rewards.

King Billy Casino

This is a real money casino and is also referred to as one of the best online casino in Canada. It offers a wide selection of casino games, including baccarat, keno, online slots, roulette, blackjack, progressive jackpots and a live gaming session for punters who love to feel like they are right there on the tables while playing online games. The website interface is great, and it is pretty easy to navigate.

<strong>Best Offers of Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada</strong>

They give new users a welcome package that offers them a 100% bonus on their first deposit reaching up to $500 and 100 spins free, a 50% bonus on the second deposit reaching up to $500 and 50 spins free, a 25% bonus reaching up to a whopping $1000 on their third deposit and a 75% bonus reaching up to $500 on their fourth deposit with 100 spins free. A 30X wagering requirement is tied to the welcome offer, and the minimum deposit required here is C$15.

If you’re looking to claim bonuses without wagering requirements, king Billy offers cashback bonuses ranging from 5% to 15% (the percentage of the cashback bonus depends on the player’s VIP status). Winnings earned from this bonus can be withdrawn anytime, as there are no restrictions or wagering requirements tied to this bonus. With that said, it is important to note that this bonus is a loyalty bonus and is only available to punters who play games in the casino regularly.

Additionally, King Billy is one of the casinos in Canada that offers no deposit bonus to new players, and this can be received immediately after registration. Activation of this bonus might require a bonus code, and a C$50 limit is placed on the winnings earned from this bonus.

<strong>Best Offers of Top Low Deposit Casinos in Canada</strong>

Before picking any low deposit casino, it is always a good tip to leave your options open and explore as many casinos as possible. To do this properly, you need a reputable source from which you can get all the information on bonuses and rewards. This site would help with that, it is a perfect guide on choosing a low deposit casino.

Tips for Using Casino Bonuses

It’s so easy to get carried away and make simple mistakes as soon as you receive your bonuses. Making use of bonuses the right way would help you to make the most of them and prevent them from being forfeited even before you get a chance at them.

  • For casinos that offer no deposit bonus codes as a welcome offer, always make sure to receive and use the bonus before you make your first deposit.
  • The validity of a casino bonus differs with each casino, but it is always good to use the bonus as soon as it is received.
  • Some casinos require that all active bonuses must be zeroed out before any withdrawal is made, act accordingly if this is the case for your casino.
  • Some bonuses can only be used for specific games. Ensure that you use them accordingly.
  • Check the wagering requirement to ensure that you use the bonus the right way. To beat wagering requirements, we’ll tell you all you need to know below.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

It is a common term used in online casinos. It simply refers to the number of times a player is required to wager their bonus before they are eligible to withdraw their winnings. For example, if you are given a bonus of C$15 tied to a 3X wagering requirement, this means you are required to wager that bonus three times to be able to turn it into real money that can be withdrawn afterwards.

Are Wagering Requirements Avoidable?

Technically, it is not possible to avoid wagering requirements when they are already tied to the bonus in question, but if you would rather not be bound by the hassles of wagering requirements, you could always renounce the bonus. However, renouncing a bonus isn’t particularly the best idea as bonuses are basically free money, and if you are a newbie to the world of online casino, a bonus is exactly what you need to familiarize yourself with the online gambling platform. Alternatively, you could always claim bonuses with no wagering requirements attached, these are rare, and they include:

  • Wager-free spins
  • Wager-free deposit bonus
  • Cashback bonus

How to Beat Wagering Requirements

  • Calculate the Wagering Requirements: Not every bonus comes with a clearly stipulated wagering requirement, you might have to do the calculation yourself.
  • Play Slots: Each time you play slots using your bonus, you get closer to beating the wagering requirement.
  • Bet Enough Times: This is needed to ensure that you meet your requirements, and then you can withdraw your winnings.

Can I Withdraw My Bonus?

When a bonus is issued, it is entirely for wagering purposes and owing to this reason, it is not possible to directly withdraw your bonus. (This is so even in the best payout online casino). In the casino world, there are terms referred to as sticky and non-sticky bonuses. Non-sticky bonuses can only be withdrawn as winnings from wagering with them, while sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn even after winning with them. They remain in the system and are to be used for other gambling purposes. It is always best to avoid sticky bonuses.


The right low deposit casinos know how to get players hooked on their games in all the right ways and with all the right bonuses. If you scour the web, it might take some time to find the one that is just right for you, but when you do find the best online casino that offers the kind of rewards you will enjoy, it will be all the more rewarding for you. As a rule of thumb, always read the terms and conditions. This would help your time in the chosen casino be more exciting and less frustrating.

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