15 Best Kodi Skins to Get a New Look

best kodi skins

Kodi is used every day, and sometimes it can be boring to look at because of its regular appearance. The good news is that Kodi lets you change the appearance of Kodi by using skins.

Kodi defaults to using Estuary skin, which is not too bad. Third-party Kodi skins can be highly recommended if you desire a brighter look with modern animations and a modern design.

These skins give you a fresh look and have handy features such as widgets, accessibility customization, accent picking, accent picker, and even built-in repositories.

Skins can be very useful and make your Kodi setup more appealing visually. This article will help you find the 15 best Kodi skins that you can install on Kodi.

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Best Kodi Skins to Use in 2022

Best Kodi Skins

I’ve listed the top 15 Kodi skins to make your setup more visually appealing. These skins all work well on the most recent version of Kodi, Leia. Don’t worry about compatibility or other issues. Anchor links have been added to all skins. To quickly jump to the skins you are most interested in, click the links below.

Before we move on to the list, let’s first look at how you can install these Kodi skins.

How to Install Kodi skins

Two ways to install Kodi skin are available. The official Kodi repository is the best option. You don’t have to download additional files. The other method is to use a ZIP file. You can choose from both methods by reading the following.

Install Kodi Skins from the Official Repository

  • Switch to Kodi. Click on “Search” to enter the name for the skin.
  • Next, you will need to open the skin you prefer and then install it.
  • It will ask you to update the skin after the installation. Just click on “Yes” to confirm.

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Install Kodi Skin from ZIP File

Best Kodi Skins
  • Download the ZIP file from the link below.
  • After that, close Kodi and navigate the “Add-ons tab. Click on the “Install ZIP file” button.
  • Find the ZIP file you downloaded on your device. Now, press the “OK” button to install the skin immediately.
  • You will be asked to choose a skin type. Just click on “Yes” to get the new skin.

We now have a better understanding of the installation process. Let’s move on to our list.

Our Top 10 Best Kodi Skins

Warning! Some websites that host Kodi skins might contain tracking pixels. VPNs are recommended if you do not want to share your IP address or personal information. Check out our article about the best VPNs that are free.

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Titan Bingie

Titan Bingie, a brand new Kodi skin, makes waves in the Kodi community. Its Netflix-like user interface is what makes it so popular. You can even customize your home screen to look like Netflix, with a spotlight, pop-up window, and trailer autoplay.

Titan Bingie is built on the Titan skin, so you can be sure of good performance. The home screen also displays a suggestion, which is amazing. Titan Bingie is a great way to discover Kodi from a different perspective. It is simply amazing to use and view. This is the best Kodi skin.

SiLVO: Aeon Nox

Best Kodi Skins

Aeon Nox: SiLVO is the redesigned Skin of Aeon Nox. SiLVO, the skin’s developer, has made some significant changes to make this skin look fresh and modern. The skin performed well in my tests.

It has a search bar, weather widget, and several sub-menus on its home screen. You will love the classic Aeon look. Aeon Nox was always one of the most popular Kodi skins. The redesigned version is still pretty good.

Eminence Mod

Eminence was a very popular Kodi skin when it was first developed by jurialmunkey. Although Eminence skin was eventually abandoned after a few more years, it still had a large following. Alanon, a Kodi user, has modified Eminence’s original skin to fit the Leia build.

Eminence Mod looks very similar to the original and performs well. It also provides synopsis and movie banners for local media content. It’s beautiful skin. If you have the default Estuary skin, you will be able to appreciate the unique look of Eminence.



Embuary is a skin that Emby users can use to customize their client-media app Kodi. It is very similar to Emby’s web UI. If you prefer the same look in a standalone application, Kodi with Embuary can be a good alternative. This skin is also available for users who don’t have Emby.

The interface looks sleek with a modern design. Every media content has a dashboard that displays movie banners, synopsis, and IMDb ratings. You can also use Kodi to display lyrics on the screen while listening to music. It’s overall one of my favorite Kodi skins.

Arctic Zephyr 2

Arctic Zephyr 2 lightweight Kodi Skin. It is elegant and simple in design. There are menus and submenus with rounded UI. Because it is similar to Aura skin, the developer jurialmunkey created both skins.

Although Aura and Arctic Zephyr may look similar, their performance is quite different. Aura has thick skin and is best when you have a powerful system running Kodi. Arctic Zephyr is recommended if you’re using Kodi on Raspberry Pi or a low-end system. It provides a modern, clean home screen and all the features you need.


Titan is the oldest skin available on Kodi. It has been updated year after year to be the most current version. It’s one of the most beautiful skins you will find on Kodi, both visuals and performance. Titan is a preview of the media categories and can be added or removed to your preference. The home dashboard can also be customized with weather and time widgets.

The Settings page, add-on browser, and settings pages are more unified to make it easier to find what you need. It also allows you to perform global searches and predictive searches. I find this useful. It’s quite heavy, so make sure you have a powerful device to get all the benefits of Titan.



Atlas, like Titan, was a very popular skin back then. It is still being updated to work with the latest Kodi version. The skin has been completely redesigned and looks great with a top menu bar and a light-themed design. It has a drop-down menu that many prefer to the categorized menu on the Settings page.

Overall, I liked the minimalist home screen. It is similar to Amazon Prime Video UI, with large banners showing movies and slideshows. I love how it works even on low-end devices. Atlas is a minimalist skin that you can use instead of Aura.


Konfluence was once the default skin for Kodi. It was easy to use, the library was accessible and intuitive, supported widgets, and provided a stable experience. Although Confluence is no longer the default skin of Kodi, users still love the old Kodi look.

The performance of the skin is also quite good, even after so many years of development. Jezz_X, an independent developer, is currently working on the Leia skin. It may look old-fashioned, but it works well without lag or hang-ups. Confluence is a great alternative to Kodi if you’re a regular Kodi user.


Although Mimic is an old Kodi skin, it still has a loyal user base. It is popular for its straightforward experience on Kodi. Mimic was inspired by skins such as Aeon Nox or Arctic Zephyr. Mimic will incorporate many UI elements taken from these skins. The interface has a lot of space for movies, music, and other media content.

The layout is similar to the current Kodi skin Estuary. It also features left-side navigation and a similar home screen. It is possible to choose the accent color of the entire UI. This makes it very interesting. Mimic is a great way to cleanse your skin. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and works well. It’s a tried-and-true experience that you should try on Kodi.


Andromeda is the final Kodi skin. It is simple and lightweight, with all the essential features you’d expect from a skin. The home screen has a top-bar menu that displays a slideshow with movies, music, and other media content. You can also find information about each media file, including video and image details, at the top.

The skin also includes an IMDb integration that can be used to help you sort your local library more efficiently. It does the job well and performs well. I experienced no lag or major stuttering problems. If you’re bored of the default Kodi skin, you can give Andromeda another chance. It will surely leave an impression.


The kind of Kodi skin most movie lovers would love to have is Chroma. You are correct! This skin is specifically designed for ultra HD TVs (e.g., 4K TVs). It is possible to have skin that enhances your TV viewing experience.

To enhance media viewing on an HD TV, Chroma provides high-definition images and fonts. It’s lightweight makes it easy to use. The add-on manager will help you install this skin. (Home screen -> Addons -> Download. -> Look and fall. -> Skins. -> Black Glass Nova. -> Install).


Adonic has a lot of things to love. The skin has a simple look with emblems for each category. This skin will give you important information such as rating, cast, year, and duration when searching for a title. It will make it easier to find movies that meet your needs.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right TV shows and movies that suit your personal preferences. Adonic is a great skin because it allows you to quickly check ratings and cast. This one will allow you to quickly sort through flicks.


Pellucid is a media-watching app that’s designed for the living room. Its intuitive and clean interface, combined with its high-quality background, gives it an advantage over other alternatives. The skin shortcuts support is what caught my attention in this skin. This allows for complete customization.

Skin shortcuts are great for those who like to tweak skins for a personal experience. You can start by installing the skin using the Add-on Manager. Then, you can fine-tune it to your liking. These are just a few reasons Pellucid is a great Kodi skin.


Box is a great choice for those who love customization. DjCisco created the skin, which inspired LightBox and nbox. It allows you to display your media in many different ways, avoiding monotony.

You can hide touch controlmodify the theme color, enable visualization, or even play a video in the background. You can also sort the movies, music, and TV shows using different displays. It can categorize your music using add-ons, organize TV shows according to genres, or organize movies according to the title.

Black Glass Nova

Another top-notch Kodi skin, this time for full HD TVs! Tgx created Black Glass Nova, which is ported to MediaPortal. It is fanart-oriented. It has a simple interface and a clean appearance. It works great on HDTV screens but can also be used on other devices.

The skin is full of cool features. You can hide certain movies and upload your images. The add-on manager is required to get this Kodi Skin. Black Glass Nova is a superior choice to many of its competitors in personalization and versatility.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend streaming pirated content. This could cause you to lose your privacy. We also believe streaming pirated content to be illegal, and we should not do so.

You have to decide whether you want to use a particular Kodi add-on. We’ve only attempted to provide you with a detailed guide so you can use the media player like a professional user.

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