List Of Best Character Base Elden Ring For Beginners  

Best Character Base Elden Ring, List Of Best Character Base Elden Ring For Beginners  

The Best Character Base Elden Ring – Elden Ring is a role-playing game that involves action. If you’re new to this game, then you need to learn about the best Character Base Elden Ring. It could be difficult at first, but to help, we’ve put together a guide for the best character base Elden Ring. Read it until the final.

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What exactly is Elden Ring?  

Elden, the Ring’s plot is more of a series. It is possible that not paying focus on the details can make you feel disengaged during school. Elden Ring is an open-world game in which destructions and myths aren’t new. Your character must combat and respond well to defeat the enemy. After the game is completed, the players will be directed to the second journey, where you’ll see more difficult bosses than in the earlier version. If your opponent is strong, make sure you move back and swipe across the blog to get additional Info to get a better understanding of the game.  

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Elden Ring Character Base  

The base character is the archetype you’ll pick for your fresh character for Elden Ring. The base character you select will impact your stats and weapons that you can increase and modify as you progress throughout the game. Selecting the right character base is crucial since it can affect your game strategy. It is possible to change your character’s stats as you advance; however, you aren’t able to alter the base stats you started with. These are the ten bases for characters within Elden Ring. Elden Ring game:

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Best Character Base Elden Ring  

Vagabond is ranked number 1 as the most popular character base in the Elden Ring.  


A knight who was removed from their home to wander. A strong, armor-clad ancestor. He is regarded as the top of the line. He is level 9, and he has 15 vigor. He has the best character base. He has a high endurance of 11, and his power is 14. Also, he is a strong range of motion of thirteen. His intelligence, faith, and Arcane are excellent at 9, while his brain is at 10. It isn’t necessary to employ lots of magic when playing vagabond. Vagabond is primarily armed with physical weapons.  


A warrior of nobility who fights to hold two knives simultaneously. A source of incredible skill. Warrior is the one with the highest starting strength of 16. He’s focused on the dual use of weapons. He is more flexible with weapons, so it is unnecessary to use any magic. The level of his character is 8. his Vigor is 11. He is strong as 10, and his endurance of 11. His faith was lower at 8,9 Arcane. He is intelligent at 10, while his brain is 12.   


At home, with a battleaxe, A stalwart hero ascended from a chieftain in the Badlands. Hero is the lowest that is physically based. It is a weak dexterity of 9 and a stronger power of 17. The endurance of the weapon is 12, the level of its strength is 7. and its Vigor is 14. If you are unable to move and you’re out of a wide range of weapons. Hero is a 17-year-old with an intelligence level of 17. its faith of 8, arcane is 11, and its brain is 9. 

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A dangerous criminal who attacks weak spots. Excels in ranged combat using bows. Bandit is more difficult when it’s level 5. It is both blessed and a curse. It is weak at the beginning. It is weak and has an intelligence level of 9. The endurance, as well as vigor score are 10, and its dexterity 13. It is a believer of 8 and an arcane score of 14. The mind of the animal is 11. 


A scholar who sees destiny in the constellations. A descendant of the school of Glintstone magic. Astrologers possess a high intellect of 16, and their mind is also 15. The faith of Astrologers is at 7, and their strength is low at 8. It’s among the most effective bases for starting. It is focused on summoning and spells. The endurance of the spell is 9; it has a dexterity of 12. It begins at a level of 6 and gains a vigor of 9. Its arcane number is 9.  


A seer is ostracized for unlucky predictions. Expertly trained with healing incantations. Also, it is in spell casting, similar to the Astrologer, and starts at 7. It has slightly more energy and strength than the Astrologer at 11 and 10. Its mind is a factor at 14. It has a lot of faith until 16. Its arcane number is 10. It has a low Intelligence of 7. The Dexterity score is 10, while its endurance is 8.  


A formidable fighter from the far Land of Reeds. It is adept with longbows and katanas. It’s a versatile and cool hybrid class. It has greater agility of 15 and an endurance level of 13. It starts at level 9. Its Virgo number is 12. Its mind is able to count to 11, and the number of faith and arcane are 8. Its strength is 12.  


A prisoner by the iron face. A student of glimmerstone sorcery being in the elite before sentence. The impressive starting dexterity and the intelligence of 14 make the prisoner an awesome rogue. It is extremely flexible with the strength and endurance of 11. Its Vigor is 11, and its mind is able to count to 12. It starts at the level of 9. Its faith level is low at 6, while its arcane number is 9. 

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A church spy skilled in secret operations. As skilled with a sword as they are when it comes to incantations. The confessor is strong and dexterity to be able to do the job at 12. his faith increases at 14. It starts at a threshold of 10. It’s Endurance and Vigor are 10, while its mind count is 13. The arcane intelligence of the creature is 9. it can be used to casting healing spells and utility spells. 


A miserable, useless tod, naked since on the day that they came to life. The club they have is the only thing they’ve got. It begins at the level of 1. It can be used however you like. Its Vigor, mind Endurance, Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, faith, and arcane are 10. If you are a fan of challenges, Wretch is the right choice for you.  

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