Best Apps Like Possible Finance

Best Apps Like Possible Finance

Possible Finance provides short-term loans and can be a great option to pay for a payday loan when you need cash fast, but the cost can range between $15 and $20 for each $100 you borrow, in contrast to other cash advance programs that report your transactions to the major credit bureaus, helping you improve your credit score. Additionally, it has same-day funding that is available when you own a Visa debit card.

However, it’s only available within 18 states. This means it’s not available to numerous customers. The apps listed below are Best Apps Like Possible Finance, but most are less expensive and have additional features, such as same-day transfers and credit card funding, as well as having a wider range of options and specific credit programs.

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Best Apps Like Possible Finance

5 Best Options to Consider for Finance

  1. Full-payroll advance: B9
  2. For frequent customers: Brigit
  3. For a total experience with banking: MoneyLion
  4. For low monthly costs: Dave
  5. To get a cost-free application: Earnin

For advances to full-payrolls For full-payday advances: B9

B9 app for pay advances

Best Apps Like Possible Finance

B9 is a monthly fee for membership of $9.99. However, it’s one of the few apps that let you get access to 100% of your pay 15 days prior to the date of your payday using a checking account with B9. Therefore, while you’ll have to establish an account at a B9 bank and maintain a minimum of $500 in monthly deposits to be eligible, it’s also among the most flexible options in comparison to Possible Finance. It’s also considerably less expensive over the long term as compared to Possible, but you’ll need to establish your income record with B9 prior to receiving the entire advance.

  • It is available in all states.

The loan amount to 100percent of your pay

Time to turn around instant

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For frequent credit card borrowers: Brigit


Best Apps Like Possible Finance

With the $9.99 per month cost for membership, Brigit costs a hefty $120 per year when compared with other apps such as Dave, for instance, which only costs one dollar per month. However, unlike other apps, the instant transfer feature is free when you have a qualified debit card that is linked to it. This makes it an excellent option in place of Possible Finance, which costs between $15 and $20 per advance. Additionally, Brigit is equipped with overdraft protection, as well as flexible repayment options. This includes the option to extend the due date by up to three times. The company also has a credit-builder program that costs $9.99 per month.

  • It is available in all states.

The amount of the loan up to $250

Time to turn around to three days or the same day under certain circumstances

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To provide a full banking experience, try MoneyLion.

MoneyLion Instacash from MoneyLion

Best Apps Like Possible Finance

MoneyLion is a financial app that grants cash advances of up to 250 per month. There’s also a no-cost checking account, cash advances, credit monitoring, and credit-building loans that can be as high as $1,000. The credit-builder program is $19.99 per month and is more expensive than credit-builder apps such as Dave and Brigit. You can make a repayment of your MoneyLion advance on your own or let MoneyLion pay it for you automatically via your account. Beware of bad customer feedback.

  • It is available for: Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

The loan amount$25 – is $250

Time to turn around3 – 5 Business Days for external checking account up to 12 minutes to RoarMoney account

To pay low monthly costs: Dave


Best Apps Like Possible Finance

Dave is a cost-effective option that can provide up to $250 in cash advances prior to the next payday. It costs $1 to access Dave; that’s a lot less than the amount you have to pay to Possible Finance each time you take out a loan. While Dave recommends that customers give a tip, it’s completely optional. As opposed to Brigit and Brigit, there’s no option to change the due date or the date the membership fee is paid out every month. However, it does offer credit-building services for $100 per year, and it’s free for a year if you establish a direct deposit into an account with Dave Spending.

  • It is available in all states.

The amount of the loan up to $250

Time to turn around same day business through 3 business days

For no fees: Earnin


Best Apps Like Possible Finance

Earnin is a cost-free application that allows you to access up to $500 per period of pay and optional tips that range from zero to 14. This means that, in contrast to Possible Finance and the majority of cash advance apps, which cost a fee per advance, or a subscription fee, you will not be charged anything to access the cash you’ve already received.

However, to benefit from this feature, you’ll need to upload your timesheet and permit Earnin to keep track of your location in order to determine when you’re on the job. The amount you can advance is restricted to a certain percentage of the amount you’ve made, meaning that the entire amount of $500 might not be available according to your take-home pay in the event that you require an advance.

  • It is available in all states.

The amount of the loan up to $500

Time to turn around2 to 3 days or in a flash 2 to 3 days with Lightning Speed

What is the difference between Possible Finance and Possible Finance compare?

The Possible Finance app is a costly alternative to many cash advance applications. However, there are a few advantages that you can reap from it, such as the possibility of improving your credit score through timely payments. However, you’ll have to evaluate the cost against the benefits it can provide you.


  • Payments are reported to all three credit bureaus
  • No credit check
  • A long-standing tradition of excellent customer service


  • Only available only in 18 states.
  • Charges of between $15 and 20 dollars per $1000 borrowed100$ for a loan of $500.
  • A minimum monthly income of $750 is required

Alternatives to installment and payday loans

We’ve not included installment and payday loans as alternative options for Possible Finance on our list since they’re usually a bit shady and have a high rate of interest, often in triple digits, that could cost borrowers thousands of dollars worth of interest in the long term.

Did you have any idea?

  • A typical payday loan of $375 includes $520 in fees due to repeated borrowing.
  • The typical APR on payday loans could reach as high as 650% for states that have no protection from shady short-term lenders.
  • The majority of payday loan borrowers remain in debt for a minimum of 11 months.

Cash advance applications could be a cheaper alternative to payday loans with high interest. Review cash advance apps to determine which one fits into your payment plan so that you don’t end up with more high-cost credit.

What else can I do to receive cash quickly?

Cash advance applications aren’t able to help everyone in need in every circumstance. You might also want to investigate these alternatives:

  • Short-term alternative loan providers. Providers like LendUp provide short-term loans at a lower price than payday loan lenders and offer the chance to increase your credit score. They can cost more than a personal loan.
  • Payday loans are an alternative. Some federal credit unions offer members payday loans that are loans for short-term needs up to $1,000. The rates are limited to 28% APR. However, they’re not ideal for those with a short-term need for cash since you can have to wait for up to a month to receive cash.
  • Cash advance credit card. If you have a credit card, you might be able to loan from an ATM in the event of an emergency. However, the rate for cash advances may be high, so you should have a plan of paying the advance off so you don’t have to make costly interest-based payments.
  • The auto title loan. If you own your vehicle, auto title loans make use of your car’s title for collateral. This makes them more affordable than payday loans. If you fail to pay your loan in time, your vehicle may be taken away.
  • Programs and Resources. Many local government organizations, non-profits as well as churches, and charities provide free financial assistance for those who are in need of help paying for items such as utilities or food. Explore our list of local resources in each state to find one close to you.

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