15 Best Anime Torrent Sites for 2022

Best Anime Torrent Sites

You are probably searching for torrent sites that offer anime TV series and movies. However, you may be frustrated at the lack of options available. We get your frustrations. But, we know you only need a trusted guide. We’ll now share our top ten anime torrent sites, both subbed and dubbed.

Before we get to the recommendations, we want to warn you. It is important to be cautious about downloading torrents. You should also protect torrenting with a VPN. This hides the IP of your torrent server.

We’ll be sure to discuss VPNs in this article. If you’re looking for suggestions for what to watch, our guides will help you choose the best action and romance. We also have guides to controversial and mind-bending anime.

Let’s get to it!

Are you going to need a VPN when downloading anime from torrent sites?

You require a VPN to download anime torrents. There are many reasons why this is, so let us highlight the most important ones.

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  • VPNs Block Anime Torrent Sites As mentioned, VPNs are the best way to access blocked websites and bypass Internet censorship. VPNs are free from any borders.
  • VPNs Protect your Online Privacy: A VPN can protect you against many online threats. However, its primary purpose is to protect your digital privacy. They prevent Internet trackers (which can be common in torrent repositories) and ensure that no one follows your online activities.
  • VPNs hide your torrenting-related activities: Once you have started routing your Internet traffic through a VPN, your ISP will not see what you download. This means you can download torrents with no fear of copyright trolls. While we recommend avoiding piracy, it is always a good idea to have a VPN to help with your torrenting activities.
  • VPNs Let You Secure the Web, Stream Media & More. Apart from allowing you to access the most popular anime torrent sites without restrictions, VPNs allow you to do more online. VPNs help you stream media and secure public Wi-Fi. You’ll have access to new streaming services and have more content than the ones you already use.


You should not use every VPN for torrenting. Our guide to the best torrenting VPNs is based on extensive testing and real-world experience. ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for torrent downloading safety.

Best Anime Torrent Websites

We have extensive research to find the best 15 anime torrent sites for downloading anime.

  1. SubsPlease – The Best AnimeTorrent Site Overall
  2. Shana Project Best for the Latest Content
  3. Nyaa – Best Long-Standing Anime Repository
  4. AniDex Best for Anime + Similar Content
  5. AniRena – Most Powerful Anime P2P Tracker
  6. Tokyo Toshokan Best for Japanese Media (In general)
  7. AnimeTosho – Best Ad-Free Anime P2P Site
  8. Anime Ultime – Best P2P Anime Community
  9. BakaBT – Best Private Anime Community
  10. Animation Layer Best for In-Depth Overviews
  11. TorLock Best for Verified Anime Files
  12. Pirate Bay Best Place to Find Healthy Anime P2P Files
  13. 1337X Best All-In-One P2P Repository
  14. TorrentDownloads – Best for Niche Anime Files
  15. LimeTorrents Best for Older Anime Content

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SubsPlease- The Best AnimeTorrent Site Overall

SubsPlease- The Best AnimeTorrent Site Overall


Prominent Features: Has a Discord community, Integration with RSS, Anime schedule; Intuitive organization.

ContentIndividual episodes of anime TV shows

Account Registration: Not necessary.

Access Restrictions: Available worldwide.

Monthly Visitors: 5,300,000+ visits.

Mirror URLs N/A

Visit: SubsPlease

SubsPlease is currently our top-rated anime torrent site. You can download the latest anime episodes from SubsPlease with its list-based interface.

After you search for a title, you will find a user-friendly interface that allows you to preview individual episodes. SubsPlease is simple and effective. You can also choose from different video quality options, including 480p to 1080p.

SubsPlease also has an active Discord community of around 12,000 members. SubsPlease is a great place to meet like-minded people and share your passion for anime.

Shana Project Best for the Latest Content


Prominent FeaturesRich content library; Intuitive interface; Rich UI; Lots of seeders; Automated downloads of anime; Instructions for setting up Torrent clients.

ContentAnimation movies and TV series.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsAvailable worldwide.

Monthly Visitors700,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Visit Shana Project

Anime torrent sites can be seen as niche communities. This means you won’t be able to just download torrents; you will also need to seed them for some time. This is the only way you can create a community that torrents.

Shana Project is a different kind of download. You don’t need to limit your downloads and use them as often as possible. This website is a treasure trove of anime content that relies on other sources.

When you open this anime torrent website, you will find a huge list of movies and TV shows. These can be sorted alphabetically or seasonally. Registering for an account is optional but will allow you to keep track of your torrent favorites and automate torrent downloads.

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Nyaa – Best Long-Standing Anime Repository

Nyaa - Best Long-Standing Anime Repository


Prominent FeaturesPopular; Easy filtering options; Many healthy torrents; Regularly updated.

ContentAnimation movies, TV series, ebooks, audio.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsCertain Internet providers target these users.

Monthly Visitors45,500,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Visit Nyaa

Nyaa is an anime torrent website that has been around for a while. Although it has seen some downs in its past, Nyaa seems to be back on track.

Many types of content are available here, all well organized and indexed. We also included this website in our top torrent website’s overall list, so we are sure you will love it.

You’ll find a complete list of torrents available when you open Nyaa from your Web browser. This list can be sorted by different criteria such as name, date, or number of seeders and leechers.

Nyaa will give you a brief overview of any anime torrent file you wish to download. It’s also possible to download the anime torrent files without creating an account. This is a nice feature.

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AniDex Best for Anime + Similar Content


Prominent FeaturesMany content categories; Active community (forums, chat channels); Regular updates.

ContentAnimation movies, TV series, adult videos, comics, and audio and software.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsAccessible worldwide. Some universities or organizations could block it.

Monthly Visitors720,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Visit AniDex

AniDex looks like a traditional P2P site. You will see torrent files with all the information you need about each one once you open this website.

This niche website offers a wide range of content, including anime movies and TV shows, music, videos, and comics. The website’s main navigation menu lists all of these categories.

AniDex, a new website, is also worth mentioning. You can typically count on many seeders when it comes to torrent repositories. Some files, however, may take longer to download.

AniRena – Most Powerful Anime P2P Tracker

AniRena - Most Powerful Anime P2P Tracker


Prominent FeaturesDiscord has a wide range of content. Personal profiles are also available.

ContentManga, audio, ebooks, and TV shows featuring anime.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsAvailable worldwide.

Monthly Visitors550,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Visit AniRena

AniRena was once one of the most popular repositories for anime torrents. It was taken offline, much like many other P2P sites.

We are confident that monthly visits to the site will increase as the domain name has been renewed. We are happy to add AniRena back to our list.

You can see that AniRena has a large number of P2P files. This makes it easy to find something you like. This website also aims to create an online community. We are truly impressed by this effort.

Sign up for an account, which is not required, or join the website via Discord. The new AniRena is well worth your time if you are an anime lover.

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TokyoToshokan Best for Japanese Media (In general)


Prominent FeaturesThis is a great resource for advanced users. There are many RSS feeds available. Customization is possible.

ContentAnime & Hentai – movies, TV shows, and comics.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsAccessible worldwide. Some universities or organizations could block it.

Monthly Visitors3,600,000+ visits.

Mirror URLstokyotosho.se

Please visit TokyoTosho

Tokyo Toshokan is an ideal destination for advanced P2P users. You can view its RSS feed to keep up with the latest anime. This allows you to integrate the web site’s RSS feed with your RSS reader. It is also a convenient way to view newly published anime torrents.

You can also use the website to search for specific terms. This allows you to pinpoint the content you are looking for and makes it easy to locate healthy P2P files.

We recommend Tokyo Toshokan to anyone who is interested in Japanese media. This website is a success because of anime, so be sure to visit it.

AnimeTosho – Best Ad-Free Anime P2P Site

AnimeTosho - Best Ad-Free Anime P2P Site


Prominent FeaturesActive community; Provides subtitles. Plenty of healthy P2P files; Current news.

ContentAnimation movies and TV series.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsAccessible worldwide. Some universities or organizations could block it.

Monthly Visitors1,500,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsmirror.animetosho.org

Visit AnimeTosho

AnimeTosho has the largest anime community online and is more active than any of the other suggestions in this article. This website is dedicated to anime torrents and has many loyal fans.

This means you will not only find lots of anime, but you can also download files quickly (due to a large number of seeders). We can assure you that there are plenty of P2P files here to help you make the most of your Internet connection speed.

AnimeToshno has a simple interface, although it is a little rudimentary. It’s also in English. You can expect to find a steady stream of anime torrents. This includes different media types such as movies, TV shows, books, and any other media.

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Anime Ultime – Best P2P Anime Community


Prominent FeaturesFrench. Complete anime series. Provides media streaming. Regular updates. Uniquely designed interface.

ContentAnimation movies and TV series.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsAvailable worldwide.

Monthly Visitors500,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Visit Anime Ultime

Next, we have Anime Ultime. This anime torrent tracker, based in France, was created by true anime lovers. Join a vibrant community that is always changing.

You can sort anime torrents quickly from the home screen. If you wish to join this community, you can also create an account.

Two main problems exist here. Anime Ultime is available in French. However, it can be easily translated into English. Adobe Flash is used to display the website, which can be quite heavy on your device’s resources. These minor issues shouldn’t stop you from using this P2P website.

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BakaBT – Best Private Anime Community


Prominent FeaturesMade by true anime enthusiasts; Restricted community. High-quality torrent files. Plenty of new content.

ContentAnimation movies and TV series.

Account registration is required.

Access RestrictionsAvailable worldwide.

Monthly Visitors370,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Visit BakaBT

BakaBT could be described as a secret anime community. You can’t register freely. Instead, you must be invited by the website team.

You will need to complete an interview with the administrators to ensure that only anime fans are included in their community. You don’t have to worry, though it sounds serious.

BakaBT has two channels, #BakaBT or #bakabt support. You will need IRC to join. You should keep an eye on this group and be invited to an interview soon. This process is worth it.

Animation Layer – Best For In-Depth Overviews


Prominent FeaturesRussian. Long-standing torrent site. Includes a forum. Regularly updated. Plenty of new torrents.

ContentAnimation movies, TV series, comics, audio.

Account registration is required.

Access RestrictionsAccessible worldwide. Some universities or organizations could block it.

Monthly Visitors170,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsN/A

Go to Anime Layer

Although most torrent sites offer a simple list-based interface, it is nice to see websites that provide something more.

Anime Layer, a Russian website with a beautiful UI, is available. Each torrent is detailed with screenshots and information, including the number of leechers and seeders.

The website provides useful descriptions and information about P2P data related to anime TV shows and movies. These should help you determine whether torrents are worth downloading.

The website is in Russian. You will need to use a live translation service. This shouldn’t prove to be an issue. Create your user account now.

TorLock is best for verified Anime P2P files.


Prominent FeaturesVerified P2P Files; Large library of content.

Content movies, TV series, games, music, and applications.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsBanned in Australia, the United Kingdom. Possible other locations.

Monthly Visitors3,000,000 + visits.

Mirror URLstorlock2.com

Visit TorLock

TockLock’s best feature is its ability to bring verified P2P files. Malware is a major problem in the P2P community, as you likely know. It’s always a big benefit to having a website that tries to remove malicious torrents. TorLock is one reason TorLock is the best anime torrent site.

TorLock is well-known for its large library. There are many categories available here, with anime being the most popular.

TorLock is a great way to access a lot of P2P sites simultaneously, considering that it gathers torrent files from all around the Web.

The Pirate Bay is the Best Place to Find Healthy Anime P2P Files


Prominent FeaturesAmazingly popular; Supported by magnet links; Simple navigation.

Content movies, TV series, audio files, and games. Software, ebooks, adult content. Comics, anime, and many more.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsBlockage in some countries or by specific ISPs

Monthly Visitors28,000,000+ visits.

Mirror URLsproxybay.xyz / pirate-proxy.me

visit Pirate Bay

Although it isn’t an anime torrent site, The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site that offers everything you need.

It will find anime content and allow you to download it, which is not surprising. You will need to use the site’s search engine – this is why TPB is so great if you know what you want to watch. However, an anime search should return a large number of files.

TPB is the most popular torrent site. However, it can also be dangerous. Before downloading any files, make sure you read other users’ comments. This is a great way to prevent malware infection. 

1337X Best All-In-One P2P Repository


Prominent FeaturesHighly regarded tracker; Rich torrent collection; Simple navigation; Lots of new stuff every single day.

Content movies, TV series, games, music, and applications.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsBanned in India and Australia, Austria, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. It may also be banned elsewhere.

Monthly Visitors71,800,000+ visits.

Mirror URLs1337xx.to / x1337x.se / x1337x.eu / x1337x.ws

Visit 1337x

Although 1337x may not have the best UI, it is still one of the oldest torrent sites. You can browse TV and movies, as well as music and software. You can also find niche categories such as anime.

You can either search for anime manually or check out the trending torrents.

The best thing about 1337x? It is used by millions all over the globe. It’s easy to find anime torrents you can download quickly. This is precisely why 1337x has become one of the most popular anime torrent sites.

TorrentDownloads – Best for Niche Anime Files


Prominent FeaturesBeautifully organized content. Rich anime section. Plenty of healthy torrents. Plenty of seeders.

ContentAnimation, TV, movies, music, and software.

Account registration is not necessary.

Access RestrictionsBlockade in the United Kingdom

Monthly Visitors4,070,000+ visits.

Mirror URLstorrentdownloads.cc / torrentdownloads.info

Visit TorrentDownloads

Torrent websites can often be overwhelming. Many torrent websites combine multiple types of content, making it a confusing interface. However, the TorrentDownloads website is a great example of a well-designed UI.

A simple index of millions upon millions of torrents will be displayed. It can be sorted by type and can filter torrents in multiple ways.

As you already know, we’ll discuss the top P2P sites to download anime here. TorrentDownloads has a section dedicated to anime, as you might expect. More than 70,000 anime torrents are available right now. They are divided into 25+ categories.

LimeTorrents Best for Older Anime Content


Prominent features: One of the oldest. Plenty of torrents. Simple UI design.

Content movies, TV series, music, software, and games.

Account registration is not required, but it is recommended that you use a torrent client.

Access Restrictions It is banned in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

Monthly Visitors16,000,000+ visits.

Mirror URLslimetorrents.asia / limetor.com

Visit LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a well-known name among long-term P2P enthusiasts. It is one of the oldest websites of its type, but it still makes a mark in the online world.

LimeTorrents has a wide selection of anime content. You can find almost any anime movie or TV series, even older ones.

Although the website has a rustic look, it is still very easy to navigate. To download the files, you will need to use the website client. The software is extremely useful, so it’s not a major problem.

How do you choose the best anime torrent site?

Let’s start by giving you a checklist that will help you choose the best anime torrent site for you. Here are some things to look out for when looking for an anime torrent site.

  • First and Foremost – Anime Content Although many torrent sites provide anime content, it’s unlikely that you will be satisfied with an all-in-one repository. You’ll need a torrent site specifically designed for anime, with movies and TV shows. You should aim for a niche torrent site.
  • Support & Community: The best anime torrent sites have active communities of anime lovers and users eager to share and discuss their thoughts. Many torrent sites offer discussion boards that allow you to register and keep in touch with others. You’ll also find niche anime sites that offer Discord communities. This gives you another way to keep up with the latest content.
  • A regularly updated P2P library: The anime world is fast-paced, with new episodes every day. You should ensure that you only download the most recent episodes from torrent sites that allow you to do so as soon as possible. Check that the torrent site lists the most recent files to see what you find.
  • Easy of Use and Extra Features: Unfortunately, many P2P sites are difficult to use. This does not mean they aren’t focused on the content but on their design. It pays to choose a website that is easy to use.
  • Reputation and Age: Last but not least, remember that most anime torrent sites have a very short life span. These sites are mainly managed by volunteers who are constantly under legal threat. We’ll show you a few long-standing torrent sites. Before you download any files from any site, verify its reputation and age.

Are Anime Torrent Sites Licensed?

Yes, torrent sites for anime are legal. Many of these sites offer illegal content that can make it difficult to download. Let’s find out what this means.

You are not guilty of anything if you use your Web browser to access torrent websites. Accessing torrent sites via your Web browser is legal. Many of these sites will be blocked, and warning messages will be replaced on their home pages depending on your location.

This is because torrent sites often share copyrighted material, including anime movies or TV shows. Copyrighted content downloading is considered piracy in many countries.

We recommend that you check your country’s laws about downloading torrents. Some countries are quite strict regarding copyright infringement, but there are many countries where piracy doesn’t seem so serious.

e to Download Anime Series and Movies from Torrent Sites?

It’s generally safe to use anime torrent websites to download files, as long as you are careful about what you download. It is important to exercise caution.

Torrenting allows you to become part of a “swarm.” Your computer will be connected to many other devices once it has downloaded a torrent file. This is how you both upload and download data.

This is also why malicious actors use torrent websites. They can access “swarms” by injecting malicious code or serving malware.

That said, malicious files are often related to P2P-shared applications and games. You are less likely to find corrupt files for TV shows or movies.

Why are some AnimeTorrent sites blocked? How to Unblock Them

Most anime torrent sites are blocked because of piracy. Some sites have been blocked for offering copyrighted TV shows or movies.

These blocks are often based upon DNS- or IP-related mechanisms. VPN services are the only way to bypass them. This is because a VPN will change your IP address to make it appear that you are somewhere else.

A VPN allows you to browse the Web as though you are in another country. This is how you can unblock almost any website, even anime torrent sites.


It is important to do your research before purchasing a VPN. Here’s how VPNs work and if they are worth the money. And finally, here are the top VPNs on the market today.

Are You Need a Torrent Client to Download Anime Files from Anime Files?

To download anime files, you will need a torrent client. This applies to all torrent files, not just anime.

Your computer does not come with a torrent client. This means you will need to search for one and then download it to your computer. There are many options available, and most of them are free.

For more information, see our guide to the best torrent clients. You’ll find many options for Windows PCs. A guide to the top torrent clients for macOS is also available.

It’s also important to know that there is another way to download files from the internet without using a torrent client. A new digital service allows you to download files.

You can upload torrent files from any device and wait for them to download. Then you can transfer the file to your local storage. These are usually premium services, and some of the best examples are seedr or bitport.

Do you need to download anime using magnet links or Torrent Files?

Although magnet links are quicker to initialize than torrent files, it doesn’t matter if you use magnet links to download anime.

Meta-info files are torrent files that contain metadata about the files and folders they associate with. This means that torrent files don’t contain the actual content but only the information about where it is located.

Because they don’t contain any content, magnet links can be used as torrent files. They do not contain the same information as torrent files. This means that magnet links don’t include a list of trackers. Instead, it relies on a protocol that allows BitTorrent clients to search for the content you are looking for.

Magnet files are therefore more likely to be downloaded quickly. They can be downloaded faster because they use a different content search engine. If you cannot find a magnet link, you can still use a torrent file (provided it has lots of seeders).

How can I spot fake torrent file downloads?

You must take a close look at the file that you are downloading to identify a fake torrent. This is what you should pay attention to:

  • Check the File’s Contents. Many torrent sites will allow you to inspect the contents of any file before downloading it. A list of files should be included, which will allow you to see the file’s name and extension. (More details about that are below). If you want to download a movie, one video file should be available.
  • The File Extension: Each file type can have a variety of useful extensions when downloading torrents. Video files can be saved as MP4, MKV, or AVI extensions. Applications come with EXE (Windows) and DMG (Mac). If you find a video file that isn’t compatible with video files, something is wrong. Our guide to opening torrent files provides more information about file extensions.
  • View the comments: Finally, read what others have to say about torrent files. There are good chances that another person will alert you if malware has been detected.

We have highlighted the most important points above. If you’re interested in diving deeper, our guide to spotting false torrents will help.

Is it possible to watch anime online without downloading it from torrent sites?

You can stream anime from a media streaming site if you don’t want to download it from torrent sites.

You will need to choose a streaming service focused on anime, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, or has a large library of anime TV shows or movies (such as Hulu).

The provided link will give you more information about the best streaming anime services. If you don’t want to pay for streaming, these best websites for streaming anime are for you.

These are the top 15 anime torrent sites. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment below. You can also share this article with anime lovers. Thank you, and have fun watching anime

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