Becky Brosnan Murder: Where Is Uriah J. Brosnan Now?

Becky Brosnan Murder: Where Is Uriah J. Brosnan Now?

Becky Brosnan was shocked and anxious to find out that Becky had not turned up at a family gathering in January 2009. She initially filed a missing person complaint. However, the police investigation quickly revealed a sinister secret that suggested a homicide. Investigation Discovery’s “Grave Mysteries, Mother Gone Missing” chronicles Becky’s murder and the police investigation that brought the perpetrator to justice. We have all the information you need to learn more about this case.

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How did Becky Brosnan die?

Becky Brosnan was 32 years old at the time she was murdered and lived in Spokane Valley (Washington). Although she was married to Uriah for a long time and they shared two children, their relationship was in danger of ending. In fact, they were in an argument over custody and had filed for divorce in January 2009. Becky, ever optimist, was looking forward to a better future and determined to bring her children with her. But fate had other plans. Her loved ones find it hard to accept such an empathetic individual’s sudden and unexpected death.

Becky was scheduled to attend a family gathering on January 29, 2009, but she failed to show up. Becky was a good friend to most of her closest family members, and this behavior was very unusual. Becky’s stepmother noticed her absence, and once she realized her stepdaughter couldn’t be reached by phone or text, she called the police to report the incident. Even though the police conducted a routine investigation, Becky was not notified for several days.

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On February 2, 2009, Becky’s number sent a text message to the stepmother, in which she stated that she was fine. Becky’s boyfriend at the time received a text message in which she stated that she was leaving town. Even though they were outlandish, such texts made it more difficult for the police to investigate. They found Becky’s body under a pile near Ark Commercial Roofing Inc., Spokane Valley. The victim’s legs and hands were held together by the police, but an autopsy revealed that she had suffered blunt-force trauma to her head multiple times, which clearly indicates that she was a murder victim.

Who Killed Becky Brosnan

Becky’s stepmother reported Becky missing initially. The police then contacted Uriah, her estranged husband. He seemed unconcerned and suggested that Becky might have left town. Becky’s family rejected this claim. However, Uriah’s bizarre behavior was found by the police, and they could not tie him to the crime. Becky was also active on her Myspace page, sending text messages to her stepmother and her then-boyfriend days after the incident.

However, Becky’s family confirmed that she was being impersonated after they checked her Myspace and messages. Further, Uriah seemed to contradict himself when he was asked the same question a second time. This further raised suspicions. The police also learned of Becky’s relationship with her ex-husband and found that 11 years prior to the murder, Becky had received a no-contact order against Uriah. This was later dropped days later.

Besides, Uriah’s boss Tom claimed that Uriah arrived at Ark Commercial Roofing Inc. offices on January 28, 2009, to find Uriah late working. Uriah turned Tom away and refused to allow Tom into the building. This statement was sufficient to search Uriah’s office. They found blood on a chair and drag marks on the floor.

A police team searched nearby and found Becky’s body under a pile of wood scraps. It was easy to connect the two. After a forensic specialist discovered that Becky had been hacked on Myspace, Uriah was arrested and charged with murder.

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Where Is Uriah J. Brosnan Today?

Uriah J.Brosnan, after he was presented to the court, weighed all of the evidence against him and determined that it would be wise for him to accept a plea bargain. He pleaded guilty to second-degree killing and was sentenced in 2010 to 18 years imprisonment. However, prison records indicate that Uriah isn’t eligible for parole at this time and is currently in jail at Cedar Creek Corrections Center, Littlerock, Washington.

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