Bandit Mask Elden Ring | How To Get It?

bandit mask elden ring

It is the Elden Ring White Mask is among the most sought-after items in the game. Elden Ring provides players with a variety of options to construct their characters. One of the most powerful methods to accomplish this is to use bleeding damage.

A build that bleeds can do massive amounts of damage to bosses with a huge pool of health, so The White Mask is an ideal method to capitalize on this. For more information about the reason and how to acquire the mask, read an overview of Elden’s Ring White Mask.

You’ll require a quality bleeding weapon to pair alongside the White Mask, and there aren’t many, if none, that are superior to this river of Blood katana. For more information on how to obtain it, read about the steps to locate Elden Ring Rivers of Blood in our guide. Elden Ring Rivers of Blood in our detailed guide


There’s a reason that people who create bleeding-effect builds within Elden Ringrecommend the White Mask so much. While wearing the mask your character is more vulnerable when the bleed effects occur close to the mask. Bleeding builds typically require a quick, agile weapon to enhance the effects. This makes your character more vulnerable to damage.

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When you’re battling using your katana, you whip whatever weapon that you prefer to make use of, you’re creating the bleeding effect. If it gets activated the effect, you instantly begin to do even more damage to your weapon, resulting in an ever-growing snowball of damage that continues to grow making any boss stupid enough to spill blood.

If you’ve been ever a witness to someone shouting “blood for the blood god!” and thought, I’d love to be like them Then look no further. Check out our Elden Ring Bandit build.


To acquire an Elden Ring White Mask for yourself is mostly through the side quest of a character. This isn’t an adventure that many role-playing gamers like to undertake since it leads through a dark and dangerous path, but you don’t have to complete the quest and commit to it. The quest is centered around Varre the creep who wears a mask who you meet when you into Limgrave at the beginning of your game. Yes, you must deal with the man who mocked you for not having a maiden. I’m sure it’s worth it.

Varre will remain on The First Step until the player is defeated by one of the demi-gods, for example, Godrick The Grafted. Return to his place after beating one of the bosses and discover a note that he left behind. The message states that he is now located in the Rose Church in Liurnia. The church is located in the southwest region of the region, to the south of Raya Lucaria and west of Academy Gate Town.

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You can talk to Varre at the entrance of the Rose Church and he will offer you a number of Festering Bloody Fingers. These can be used to enslave other players. To complete the quest you must infiltrate three players. Whatever your results in the battles, finishing three battles is sufficient to move on. Return to Varre, and He will offer him the Lord of Blood’s Love. You must paint this fabric with the blood of a woman, however, you don’t have to kill anyone.

  • A large part of the quest is visiting Elden Ring, the Church of Inhibition, and the journey to get there is no easy task. For more details regarding how to reach the church find out how to locate Elden Ring Church of Inhibition. Elden Ring Church of Inhibition.

There are two maidens who died that you could get blood from. One option is to make use of one of the Four Belfries to return to the beginning point which is the Church of Anticipation – wherein you can obtain the blood you require from a deceased maiden. Alternately, you can go toward the Church of Inhibition, which is located in the northeast region of Liguria. It’s a bit difficult to access as you will have to go by The Frenzied Flame Village and you are surrounded by the Church, however, you can deal with it using the instructions above, and you’ll be able to discover the maiden you’re looking for within the church.

Go back to Varre wearing the bloody cloth. He will perform two things. The first is that he will gift you a reusable, permanent model of the Festering Bloody Finger. Talk to him more and you will be presented with an item called the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This is the most important item needed to obtain the White Mask, so for all practical purposes, we’re finished with Varre right now. It is possible to activate the Pureblood Knight’s Medal can be activated in your inventory, bringing players into Mohgwyn’s Palace. When you arrive in the area It is advised to go up the steps and locate the Dynasty Mausoleum’s entrance place of grace, since dying earlier will bring you back to the surface.

From this place of grace, walk back up the stairs and walk south, past the giant skeletons summoned by enemies and then turn west towards the blood-saturated lake. When you reach the lake you will be surrounded by 3 Nameless White Mask NPCs. You must tackle them one at a time, however beating three Nameless White Mask rewards you with the War Surgeon armor set, which includes a White Mask. It is crucial to take down these Nameless White Masks before doing anything else in the area because they will not show up after you have killed the boss of the region, Mohg, Lord of Blood.

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This is all you have to do to acquire an Elden Ring White Mask. For further Elden Ring guides why not take a look at our series of designs:

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