Australian teenager convicted of using Optus data to blackmail Optus customers

Australian Federal Police (AFP), has arrested a Sydney 19-year old man for allegedly extorting Optus victim's money.

Australian Federal Police (AFP), has arrested a Sydney 19-year old man for allegedly extorting Optus victim’s money.

The teen, who was not named, is accused using some of 10200 stolen Optus online to blackmail customers. AFP reports that the man requested $2,000 in cash transfers to a bank account, or their personal information to be used for financial crimes.

“At present it appears no one of those who received the message transferred money to that account,” the AFP stated. However, they were able to identify him because the bank account was held under his name and a search warrant found a phone that was tied to the messages.

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Justine Gough, assistant commission for AFP Cyber Command, stated that the man is not suspected of being behind the Optus hack.

Optus had to pay $1 million for all the data. A hacker with the moniker “optusdata”, posted some of the data on the Breached forums on Sept. 23. Optus refused to give in to the demand and instead joined law enforcement efforts to investigate the breach.

The data breached includes names, dates and births, phone numbers and email addresses as well driver’s license and passport numbers. According to the company payment details and account passwords were not affected.

The man will face two charges in Sydney on October 27: Using a telecommunications system with the intent to commit a serious crime and dealing in identification information in contravention to the country’s Crime Act. He could face up to 10 Years in prison.

Gough announced that AFP is examining hacking forums and determining if criminals are trying out the leaked data.

“This is my first arrest… I used Optus data breach material, and we don’t think it will be my last,” she said.

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