Are You The One Season 3 Matches

Are You The One Season 3 Matches

If you’re searching for the full schedule of Are You The One season 3 matches, you’ve come to the right page!

Are You The One is among the last decade’s most popular reality dating shows. The current season of the popular television series.

The show’s release Are You The One on streaming services is watched in the millions by new and avid viewers.

Are You The One season 3 is streaming now on Hulu. You can check out the complete schedule of games below!

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Who are the Are You The One season 3 matches?

We released the complete set of Are You The One season 3 perfect matches via Fandom:

  • Zak Lango, and Kayla Brackett
  • Alec Gonzalez and Amanda Garcia
  • Tyler Johson and Cheyenne Floyd
  • Austin Sheets and Britni Thornton
  • Nelson Thomas and Stacy Gurnevich
  • Chuck Mowery and Melanie Velez
  • Mike Crescendo and Kiki Cooper
  • Connor Smith and Chelsea Perkins
  • Hunter Barfield and Hannah Rathbun
  • Devin Walker-Molaghan, Rashida Beach

We also have the complete list for Are You The One season 1 and Are You The One season 2. The two seasons of Are You The One are available on Netflix currently. We’re not sure when the seasons will be on the air, but you’ll want to watch them as soon as possible.

Is You The One season 3 Season 4, season 4, as well as season 6 is all available online on Hulu today.

Is Zak and Hannah are still together?

It’s unclear if any of the characters on Are You The One season 3 are still together after a deeper look into their social media profiles and some online research. As per In Touch Weekly, Hannah and Zak continued to be in a relationship after the show and split after a couple of years.


Who are the Are You The One season 3 matches?

  • Zak Lango, and Kayla Brackett.
  • Alec Gonzalez and Amanda Garcia.
  • Tyler Johson and Cheyenne Floyd.
  • Austin Sheets and Britni Thornton.
  • Nelson Thomas and Stacy Gurnevich.
  • Chuck Mowery and Melanie Velez.
  • Mike Crescendo and Kiki Cooper.
  • Connor Smith and Chelsea Perkins.

Is anyone still together from Are You The One season 3?

In Touch and The Truth Booth said Connor and Chelsey were a great couple, however, they have broken up. In December 2021 Connor was detained in Indiana for rape, In Touch confirmed. The Times of Northwest Indiana involved a girl who was 16 years old.

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